RIELPOLITIK: ‘Assassin’s Creed’, The New Face of the God of War

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“…I hold no love of old iconic trinkets and symbols, especially as they pertained to the horded, absconded wealth of Rome. But as we are pulled directionless into the manipulations of competing influences and power centers, we risk once again bowing down in servitude – except this time to an unfeeling, faceless, full-spectrum technocracy”

‘Assassin’s Creed’, The New Face of the God of War

For God & Country:

Safely one can conclude that the defining underlying value system that underpinned the West’s torrid rise to global dominance during the past half millennium has effectively drawn to a conclusive, if not uneventful end.

The moral imperatives and social mores which defined Western Christian cultural beliefs and practices, however flawed, provided a bedrock to anchor its citizenry through rapid social upheaval, and turbulent and conflicted times.

To clarify, let’s not pretend that the fevered religious embrace of yesteryear had anything really to do with ‘godliness’, let alone ‘brotherly love’. Striking the right patriotic cords, we marched off to war by the tens of thousands, equating duty to western values to be interchangeable with the concepts of freedom and liberty, most especially religious freedoms. Who could rightly morally object to a system ordained by God (…it even says so on our dollar bill), against the tyrannical, godless Communist hordes?

A look back through the WWII era publications, show a carefully crafted steady hand of state propaganda easing the nation towards inevitable war. Duty to God and country were unquestionable ideals, and some 60 million ravaged souls would be sucked into the violent abyss of another war to end all wars. Lost in the fury of battle was that Christian Europe was at each other’s throats… again, with a keen-eyed Christian America tactically waiting in the wings to rightly assume the global mantel of power.

For their part, German’s were hard working, God-fearing ‘Christian’ people, whose devotion and love of country was without question. At the end of the carnage, luck would have as much to do with sorting the victors from the vanquished, as classified post-war intelligence reports show that the Nazi atomic bomb was but days away from deployment.

Assassin’s Creed: The New Face of the God of War

Gone are all the symbols that defined that day. In fact today one is quickly singled out as ‘racist’ for displaying what was once sacred and revered. I hold no love of old iconic trinkets and symbols, especially as they pertained to the horded, absconded wealth of Rome. But as we are pulled directionless into the manipulations of competing influences and power centers, we risk once again bowing down in servitude – except this time to an unfeeling, faceless, full-spectrum technocracy.

If Communist socialist dogma deployed the ‘iron fist’, and the West’s ‘participatory’ democracy its ever-present ‘invisible hand’, then this new global Corporate monstrosity has seemingly perfected the art of the ‘hypnotic hand’ – a much more subtle, trance-like, psychotronic manipulation of its intended targets.

Where the post-war years were defined be a general sense of future optimism, this new mental corporate psychosis is best defined by falling expectations and the constant need to re-invent one-self for fear of becoming like so many marginalized, obsolete or disposable commodities.

What really matters most today is which side of the dividing line you fall. Capital, is the ‘thing that defines us’, and we know it rests in temperature control guarded vaults while societies castaways shiver as they sleep at its feet on subway grates.

The allure and potential for the accumulation of great wealth is ever subconsciously present and real for those who can adhere to the demanding corporate policy dictates of the day. Simply, in a world of two diverging economies, one that races exponentially to the heavens and the other a mad dash to the bottom, you want to be taking the ‘A’ train to opportunity, even if that comes at the price of personhood and individual thought.

Rule No# 1 of *1: Always tow the party line regarding anything and all things corporate (Note:. Personal freedoms are reserved for outlandish dress, strange haircuts and sexual promiscuity. *Strictly after office hours – Cell phone always at the ready)

Thunderbolts of G.O.D:

Our current technocratic age has little need for hearts and minds, especially those hearts that would harbor even the slightest degree of apprehension of the very calculated, efficient manner of modern warfare – which in most cases resembles something akin to a good ‘ol fashion turkey shoot.

New Drone Medal’s Rank ‘Degrading’, Say Veterans, Award for remote control operators outranks combat medals like Bronze Star  – https://www.newser.com/story/163042/downgrade-drone-medal-veterans-urge.html

Fact is, this is not your daddy’s war. Vietnam might as well be the Franco-Prussian turf battles of the late 1800’s in terms of relevance to the modern ‘cyberized’ mind. What increasingly defines the modern battlefield of today is the ability to kill on command in a autonomous state of suspended animation, mostly from yourself and any functioning moral-reasoning capacities. This robotized death from above cannot be romanticized in any way, and the effects are beginning to be self evident.

A chilling new post-traumatic stress disorder: Why drone pilots are quitting in record numbers: A raft of data suggest our remote-controlled war games are taking a steep psychological toll on their players https://www.salon.com/2015/03/06/a_chilling_new_post_traumatic_stress_disorder_why_drone_pilots_are_quitting_in_record_numbers_partner/  

Today, many ‘soldiers’ report to active duty, beginning and ending their day, trans-fixed to real-time computers, modules and simulators, scanning for potential threats and enemy targets that can be eradicated on command like so many cockroaches. Take away the need for K-rations, dysentery, and any and all human face to face human interaction, and you have what can only be described as ‘full spectrum domination’ able only to function by reaching deep into, and neutralizing, the core of its selectively lobotomized apparatchiks.

Army Recruiting Video Gamers for War – https://www.cbsnews.com/video/army-recruiting-esports-gamers-for-next-generation-of-us-soldiers/

Long gone is the belief that one is engaged in the honored and sacred duty of defending one’s homeland, or protecting one’s loved one’s from potential or impending threats. The only moral compass left to gage one’s actions in this faceless technocratic brave new age, is a tired and worn ‘warriors code’, along with the complete and total understanding that there is no longer right or wrong, but simply…the powerful and the weak.





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