MEDICINE WHEEL: Is Turpentine One of the Wonder Remedies of an Industrialzed Planet?

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“…Tony Pantalleresco….He’s a herbalist who has a lot to say about the corruption of the health food industry and offers a lot of information on making your own supplements and saving money. He’s quite funny and I think in one of the above videos he knocks back two shots of ‘Pure Gum Spirit’ Turpentine just to show that it didn’t kill him”

The Healing Benefits of Turpentine (Pure Gum Spirit) & Essential Oils – By Don Genaro

I’ve been studying herbal medicine for a couple of years now and although I kept reading that this herb or that herb was good for removing parasites, I still couldn’t seem to find any kind of decent protocol that would be cheap and easy to follow. I understand that bitter herbs are the way to go, particularly Verbena, Centaury and Elecampane. Verbena and Centaury, (also Wormwood or Artemisia absinthum), being bitter herbs make a lot of sense, since they are bitter and tend to cancel out sugar cravings, which are parasites preferred food, as well as the fact that by creating a bitter environment, parasites aren’t going to be happy. I understand that many of you were using antibiotics but these aren’t always easy to come by for some folks. So I thought I’d share some of the information I came across, in particular the work of Jennifer Daniels, who, last I heard was living in exile in Panama since she stepped on some Big Pharma toes. I haven’t tried this particular protocol but I have been using a lot of bitter herbs plus my own intention and recently went through a series of symptoms which I’ve seen described by numerous people who have tried the Turpentine protocol, namely, severe panic attacks with fear of imminent death. Advocates of the turpentine protocol say that this is normal as your brain is picking up on the panic attacks of the parasites, in the same way they send messages to our brains to give them a nice dose of ice cream or chocolate cake!

I’ll also mention, although I haven’t studied it too much yet, that I believe similar results might be achievable through the ingestion of food grade essential oils, for example Mediterranean Oregano and Thyme oils. Castor oil and Diatomaceous Earth are probably another couple of things worth exploring.

It’s my feeling that the regular consumption of such herbs as Verbena and Centaury, Gentian and St. John’s Wort might be of great benefit in “maintenance” but I think that stronger remedies such as Turpentine and Essential Oils might be necessary to nuke the critters first.

Anyway, here’s a short interview with Jennifer Daniels and below I’ll post a few other links to get the ball rolling 🙂







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