THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: ‘Heavy Weight’, Mohammad Atta, Islamic Fundamentalist or Lieutenant in an Arab Drug Cartel? (Archive)

Source –, By Daniel Hopsicker

“…The Pentagon has a 1600-man battalion that does nothing but psyops. And H.L. Mencken said: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”:


WE GET LETTERS13076649_10154124984752433_5852072426428752336_n“But isn’t all of this Outside job stuff just going to benefit the Neo Cons? GlobalCorp?” someone emailed. “Did the Saudis put the (alleged) Hijackers in Rudy’s flight school? Give them Govt Credit cards? Schedule identical Drills the morning of 911? Tell Cheney to run the stand down? Operate the cover up? I don’t see anything coming from this. Shot over the bow of the kingdom by Economic hitmen…”

My website’s down till later this week. Was hacked in January, so I’m switching hosts. Things happen. I’m not blaming the Illuminati.

I’ll give this a shot. A last shot, hopefully. Otherwise I’m bored with it. Anyone who’s seen as much obvious disinformation being parroted back at them as holy writ by people whose reasoning facility is on a par with that of George W. Bush–if that–probably feels the same.

What I saw in Florida: The Saudis were running it. They were everywhere. Tell me: who’s got more money to pay bribes than Saudis? No one. Who’s taking bribes in America? Everyone. Everyone whose name you already know, and everyone whose name you don’t. It’s a corrupt country. Deal with it. It’s Rome in 200 AD.


Islamic fundamentalist or lieutenant in an Arab drug cartel?

13051523_10154124997557433_2663242999935154464_nIn 1999, there were a handful of Arab flight students in SW Florida. In 2001 there were thousands. At a big AFB base in the Panhandle, a trainer told me, “It used to be Iranians. Now its all Saudis.”

Were they there by themselves? Hell no. Did the CIA know? Hell yes. I asked an old hand, in a highly irate tone of voice, how could the CIA not have known blah-di-blah blah. His answer was mild. Why, I’m sure that they did know. He said, “It would have been impossible for them not to.”

Venice and the surrounding region was teeming with spooks. The Sheriff in nearby Charlotte County—where Atta lived for a time, though you won’t find that in the 9/11 Commission Report—told me that, because of the 40-year history of covert activity that he had seen been run through Charlotte County, which he and everyone else in the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department had been powerless to stop, he believed the CIA was responsible for 9/11.

Was one of the bigger shocks of my life. A Southern cracker Sheriff telling  me he thought the CIA was responsible for 9/11. And hey. Maybe he’s right.  But I couldn’t go there. I might believe that. But I never had proof.

Despite that, I heard a lot, saw a lot, and learned a lot in Florida. For 18 month Venice Florida was the home base of the terrorist hijackers. It was the biggest 9/11 crime scene that wasn’t reduced to rubble. And I uncovered more evidence about the terrorist conspiracy’s activities there than anyone, more than every other reporter in America… combined.

Because there were no reporters or investigators or researchers in Venice. Except me.

I drove 1000 miles in the dead of winter in a 15-year old car with a faulty heater to find and interview Mohamed Atta’s girlfriend. Nobody else knew he’d even had one. Except three tiny local newspapers in SW Florida. I posted the entire interview.


43 lbs. of heroin is known in the trade as “heavy weight”

12993444_10154125001837433_331584548453243824_nI discovered the most important secret that’s come out so far about the 9/11 attack. The owner of the flight school that trained Mohamed Atta had his Learjet busted just three weeks after Atta arrived, carrying 43 lbs. of heroin.

Because of this, in 50 or 1oo years, or maybe a thousand, depending on when the truth finally comes out, someone will be grateful that I did. That makes me feel good. I was, at least, useful.

One of the reasons being put forward to release the 28 pages involves testimony from Z. Moussaoui. In Welcome to TerrorLand there’s testimony from a cabbie who picked up Moussaoui in Venice, where no one else reports that he was. He’s been visiting some of the boys at an apartment in Venice. The cabdriver (there’s only two in Venice) had been to that address a dozen times, taking Arab men to the airport in Orlando.

The cabdriver’s asked to help carry luggage to the cab. He says okay. Its a trunk, and it weighs almost more than two people can carry. That’s all he knew. Later I asked an ex-NSA agent what could weigh that much. He answered without even pausing to think: “Gold.”

Welcome to Terrorland" book cover


Saudis in San Diego…and Florida

13062167_10154125011657433_8978574065590037235_nIn a brief one-week trip to Southern California, I uncovered and exclusively reported evidence—with resources an assistant manager at McDonald’s would sneer at—about the man the Chairman of the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee investigation into 9/11 called “the “best chance to uncover the Sept. 11 plot before it happened.”

The New York Times said, “Of all the people who had contact with the 19 men, perhaps no one found himself closer than Dr. Shaikh, 65, a gregarious retired educator who has lived for years in this working class suburb of San Diego.”

The paper reported, “Dr. Shaikh was quite proud of his positions of civic responsibility, particularly on a citizens review board at the police department.”

9-11_hijackersHistory Commons says: “Despite much scrutiny after 9/11, little information will emerge on Shaikh’s background or why he came to the FBI’s notice.”

Abdussattar Shaikh was identified in wire reports as “a retired professor of English at San Diego State,” and “Vice President for International Projects at American Commonwealth University.”

I discovered he was nothing of the kind.   Every single detail in his biography was a lie:

He never taught at San Diego State; He has never been a Professor of English… anywhere;  He has a phony PhD purchased from a bogus diploma mill run by people with U.S. military and intelligence connections; The “University” where he was supposed to be “Vice President or International Projects” does not, in fact, exist.

Oh, and Abdussattar Shaikh is not his real name. (His real name is “Abdussattar Chhipa.”)

So when someone sneeringly asks me a question about something or other concerning 9/11 containing the insinuation that he or she (almost always he) has divined the truth with a superior ability to avoid being a sucker that is otherwise nowhere in evidence–with gaps in logic big enough to fly a 767 through without leaving marks– my response is, really, no response.

The Pentagon has a 1600-man battalion that does nothing but psyops. And H.L. Mencken said: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

You can see the problem.


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