THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: How we KNOW an airliner did NOT hit the Pentagon – By Craig McKee (Flashback)

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– The government and the media have told us that a Boeing 757 airliner hit the Pentagon at nearly 9:38 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.

But we know it didn’t.

For the Pentagon to have been hit at by the allegedly hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, the laws of physics would have to have been repealed. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the only time that this appears to have happened that day.

I believe that any reasonable person who is willing to look at the evidence (photo and otherwise) will have to conclude that there was not enough damage to the Pentagon for it to have been hit by a Boeing 757. Not enough damage to the building but apparently enough to vaporize the plane.

There are many elements of the official Flight 77 story that need to be picked apart. These include the inexplicable failure of air defenses, questions about the flying skills of the alleged hijackers, and why the hijackers names did not appear on any 9/11 passenger lists. In this post, we’ll start with the physical evidence.

According to Boeing’s own web site, the 757 is 155 feet, 3 inches long. It has a wing span of 124 feet, 10 inches. And it is 44 feet, six inches high at the tail. It has a capacity of 11,276 American gallons of jet fuel. Its maximum takeoff weight is 255,000 pounds. It can reach Mach 0.8 (just over 600 mph) and has a seating capacity that can range from 186 to 239 passengers. On Sept. 11, it had just 58 passengers and six crew members on board.

Flight 77 took off from Washington Dulles International Airport near Washington D.C. bound for Los Angeles at 8:20 a.m. – 10 minutes late. It is supposed to

have remained airborne for one hour and 20 minutes before crashing into the Pentagon.

It is believed that the hijacking took place shortly before 8:56 a.m. because that’s when the plane’s transponder was switched off. Incredibly, the plane flew around the northeast United States – on a morning when both World Trade Center towers had been hit by hijacked aircraft – for nearly 45 minutes without fighter jets making any effort to intercept it. Jets were scrambled four minutes before it crashed but they were sent out to the Atlantic Ocean. At the time of the crash, they were farther away than they had been when they took off.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I want to start with the crash scene.

After leaving radar and remaining out of contact for some time, the plane reappeared as it approached Washington. But hijacker Hani Hanjour, who had supposedly taken over control of the plane, didn’t fly straight at the Pentagon. Instead he initiated a 330-degree loop and hit the building on the other side.

The plane is alleged to have hit a newly renovated and reinforced part of the building that had only minimal staff present. Had any other part of the building been hit, thousands would have been killed. As it was, the death toll in the building was 125.

The hole created in the outer ring of the Pentagon by the supposed impact was less than 20 feet in diameter and was just a few feet above ground level. The upper floors, which should have been hit by the tail section of the

plane remained intact. Most windows were not even broken, although the upper floors did collapse about 20 minutes after the crash.

There was no damage to either side of the 20-foot hole where the wings would have hit except a small amount of additional damage at ground level. There was no damage to the grass, which should have been gouged by the engines dragging on the ground.

All of this is physically impossible, plain and simple. The wings of a 757 can’t hit a concrete building at more than 500 mph without leaving a mark. And they certainly won’t be vaporized by exploding jet fuel.

There is NOT ONE piece of wreckage that has been positively tied to Flight 77. The engines, virtually indestructible, were not recovered. There were no bodies, no seats, no pieces of luggage. There was a small piece of fuselage but this was big enough that one person could pick it up. There’s no proof it came from that plane.

Are you still willing to buy the idea that the plane was incinerated in the explosion? The problem there is that photos of the damaged Pentagon clearly show offices with their side wall sheared off. Visible are wooden desks with computers on them and other office furniture. There’s even a wooden stool with an open book sitting on top of it just a foot or two from the ripped off wall.

The heat was intense enough to vaporize the plane but not hot enough to set office furniture or books on fire.

The thing that seals the deal for me is just looking at the photos. Keep in mind the dimensions of the plane. And the opening in the building was about 75 feet wide after the upper floors collapsed, and less than 20 before.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Pentagon, one of the most secure buildings in the world, was hit supposedly without one clear image being captured on a security camera. According to the Washington Times, the heli-pad, which is very near where the impact happened, is under 24-hour surveillance. They also report that the FBI has admitted it has 83 different videos of the crash. But all that has been released are five non-sequential frames that are totally inconclusive.

The Times also reported that the FBI confiscated footage recorded by cameras at a nearby Sheraton hotel, and from the Citgo gas station right across the street within minutes of the crash. The gas station attendant told the newspaper that the video footage would surely have shown the impact.

If a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, where is the plane?

If a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, why haven’t they released clear video evidence?

If a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, why didn’t the wings damage the building?

And, why would the pilot go to such lengths to make sure he hit the one part of the building where there would be the least loss of life?

If you can’t answer at least these four questions, then you’re well on your way to doubting the official story. Look at the photos and make up your own mind…

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