RAINBOW WARRIOR: ‘A View from Marrs’, Appreciating Leading Research of Jim Marrs (1943-2017) – By Carl Herman

Source – jimmarrs.com

“…In our case of being Human on Earth in 2017, we have game-changing Emperor’s New Clothes facts that human beings must recognize to evolve beyond controlled work animals..One of Jim’s quotes on how researchers should move forward…We learn much more all together than anyone on their own.” – – The research, documentation, and communication of this information is only and always a team effort”:

Appreciating leading research of Jim Marrs (1943-2017) – By Carl Herman

Jim Marrs was a multiple best-selling author of crucial historical events demonstrating the presence and domination of a .01% rogue state empire class dominating government, economics, and media/education.

Jim in his own words from last year courtesy of InfoWars’ (10 minutes):

I personally learned much from Jim. I read six of his books and watched perhaps a dozen lectures on YouTube. Jim’s work on JFK’s assassination caught my attention in 2004; I purchased and watched multiple times his 2002 dvd Proof, and was struck by his journalistic professionalism, command of objective data from unsubstantiated spin, and sense of humor (my best effort on JFK).

Jim’s humor especially struck me: he found paradoxical ease to accept our factual conditions of domination, and do what he humbly could to understand and communicate.

One of Jim’s quotes on how researchers should move forward:

We learn much more all together than anyone on their own.

‘Catch and Pass’: leveraging leading research

Research moves forward through collaboration to help each other with best available objective data, freedom to communicate perspectives on what that data means, and open consideration of policy preferences of what we should do about our factual conditions.

In our case of being Human on Earth in 2017, we have game-changing Emperor’s New Clothes facts that human beings must recognize to evolve beyond controlled work animals. The research, documentation, and communication of this information is only and always a team effort.

From being among leading writers on these conditions, I offer expert testimony that this is how we work: we all do a lot of reading and/or other research from various contributors, do our own thinking and contributions to this understanding, organize/prioritize in writing (with increasing use of video), then publicly share our findings in a type of informal peer review with intent to optimize quality. Jim Marrs’ work is both among the best I’ve found for quality and importance, and among the first to go into factual discovery for initial presentations of important topics.

Being at peace, resting in peace

For whatever reasons (here’s my best guess), those of us pointing to rogue state empire in all its forms (perhaps 100 game-changing areas) are too few to yet affect policy (apparently), but in abundance to offer humanity the choice to learn and express care as they see best. While many of us are ready, willing, and able to express policy leadership to build a brighter future, as Jim found, decades of work mellows us to find peace within an Earth condition that so far limits our contributions as relatively isolated voices pointing to these Emperor’s New Clothes conditions.

Jim has a new adventure we all return to.

Thank you, Jim.


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