KILL THE MESSENGER: Assassin Who Killed Malcolm X Lives Free In New Jersey

Source –, By M. David and M.A. Hussein

– After the recent Anniversary Million Man March, a lot of people commented on Louis Farrakhan and his assumed role in the assassination of Malcolm X. While Farrakhan has been implicated in a conspiracy which he seemed to acknowledge to some extent in a 60 Minutes interview with Malcolm X’s daughter Attala, we know one thing for sure: he was not the actual killer of the beloved anti-racist leader and revolutionary.

The man who did actually kill Malcolm is today living free and in plain sight. Worst of all, while we point the finger at Farrakhan – perhaps he deserves this, perhaps he does not, that is beside the point – the actual triggerman is evading justice and even scrutiny.

That killer, 76-year-old ex-convict Al-Mustafa Shabazz today lives in a gated two-story home. Financially he is set. We spotted him driving a Mercedes Benz, living in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Newark, New Jersey.

The gold E-Class sedan is often seen with both him and his wife, one of the city’s most prominent civic leaders, riding around.

What’s going on?

How could the murderer of one of the greatest minds of the 20th century end up living in these conditions, while Malcolm’s family has been plagued by poverty and tragedy?

According to the author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Malcolm X, Al-Mustafa Shabazz was the primary assassin who pulled the trigger at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights on Feb. 21, 1965.


In his book, ”Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,” Manning Marable, a Columbia University professor, identifies Shabazz as being responsible for the first and fatal shot that killed Malcolm.

“Here’s a man who’s walking the streets of Newark with impunity, a teflon don, and nobody’s doing anything about it,” Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a historian and writer, said to the New York Daily News. He was the first to publicly identify Shabazz as the primary triggerman.

“It’s an affront to justice and an affront to the legacy of Malcolm.”

When asked about his role in the murders, the affluent murderer said, “I don’t have no comment. You can call my lawyer.”

When he was leaned on harder, he said, “It’s an accusation. They never spoke to me. They just accused me of something I didn’t do.”

If you haven’t heard of Al-Mustafa Shabazz by name, that’s because the original man arrested was Thomas Hagan, who went by the name Talmadge X Hayer. His role was not in doubt to anyone who has examined the evidence.

He was captured at the scene of the crime and even confessed to being involved. He even maintained that the other two gunmen – Muhammad Abdul Aziz, then known as Norman 3X Butler; and Kahlil Islam, then Thomas 15X Johnson – played no roll in the shooting.

After confessing, Hagan identifying the shotgun-toting assassin who fired the first shot as Willie X. Hagan’s lawyer claimed Willie X was a man named William Bradley.

It took over three decades, but William Bradley has now been positively identified as Al-Mustafa Shabazz.

Marable writes that Shabbaz/Bradley “elevated his sawed-off shotgun from under his coat, took careful aim, and fired. This was the kill shot, the blow that executed Malcolm X.”

As for his background, the Daily News writes the following:

A baseball star at South Side High School, Shabazz was one of three masked gunmen who robbed a bank in nearby Livingston in April 1968, court records show.

Shabazz and a second man, James Moore, were hit with bank robbery charges the following year. But while Moore was ultimately convicted, the charges against Shabazz were dropped.

Marable believes that Shabbaz/Bradley was a government asset. The special treatment he received “raises the question of whether he was an FBI informant, either after the assassination of Malcolm X or very possibly even before.”

He was jailed from 1977 to 1980 on conspiracy charges, officials said. Shabazz returned to prison in 1984 after being indicted on charges that included threatening to kill an East Orange cop, raping a woman and drug dealing.

In the court records, the name “William Bradley” is listed as Shabazz’s alias.

He emerged from prison in 1998. By then, Shabazz was known in Newark’s black Muslim community as an enforcer not to be trifled with.

“He was like a street legend. If you mention his name, it would invoke fear for blocks,” an anonymous source said. “He was notorious.”

Shabazz’s wife said the allegations are false. “We know nothing about that,” Kelley stated.

“It’s a shame,” she continued, speaking of Malcolm’s murder. “We loved him. We wish he was here.”

But when Shabazz was asked if he agreed, he seemed unable to bring himself to praise the slain leader. “I already told you how I felt, sir,” he said.

(Article by M. David and M.A. Hussein)

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