SACRED GEOMETRY: The Universal Order of Creation of Matters (Book #1) – By Dr. Mehran Keshe

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THE UNIVERSAL ORDER OF CREATION OF MATTERS: In this book nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe discloses in a very logical way that the initial fundamental building blocks of the universe find their origin in a cosmic magnetic soup that contains an uncountable number of magnetic fields of different strengths. In this soup magnetic fields of similar or equal strength can meet, interact and entangle into a larger dynamic spherical packs. The interaction between different dynamic packs, leads to the creation of Gravitational and Magnetic field effects and properties in their given environments. Due to the differences in their magnetic field strength each spherical pack will possess a different strength, while each magnetic field strength will be in the order of magnitude of the three basic types of Matters (Dark Matter, Antimatter and Matter).


As these three Matters being made of magnetic fields, they also interact, inter-balance and can interlock with each other, these interactions of three Matters results in a larger integrated dynamic system, called the Initial Fundamental Plasma, or the Neutron. By the natural decay of this plasma, the proton and the electron come to be generated and to co-exist, where plasma of each proton and each electron still contains the Trinity of the three Matters of the original plasma.

The discovery of these new first principles will open for mankind a large number of benefits, since the interaction of three basic Matters and their field forces in their environment leads to the creation and control of matters (solid, liquid and gas).

In this book, new first principles and criterions for the creation of Gravitational and Magnetic field forces of the planet Earth are explained. Similarly it is explained how safe, simple, nuclear reactors, which have been build to replicate the structure of the planet inner cores, confirm the Keshe theory of creation of gravitational fields of the planet, as these reactors can produce fields which can cause reduction in weight, cause motion and lift of the reactor system, and produce an independent magnetosphere around such reactors. The interaction of the dynamic plasmatic magnetic fields of the magnetosphere around these reactors with the planetary magnetic fields creates light around the reactor. This light-effects confirms the Keshe’s theory of creation of light through the interactions of plasmatic magnetic fields. These systems will open new ways of Space Travel.

By this knowledge it became possible to design, develop and test new low cost reactors that can dilute plasma and achieve fusion of plasmas in a simple and affordable way. So it now becomes possible to create vast amount of energies (like electricity and heat) and motion without the need of burning any fuel and

without creating any waste. These reactors can create at any point-of- demand matters like air, water, food, medicine, and new materials, also at nano-level.

This new revolutionary technology can help to solve a number of global problems, like of the climate change, since Keshe reactors can be build to attract greenhouse gasses like C02, or the global issue of water shortage and water pollution since it becomes now possible to create water and to attract hazardous elements out of the polluted and contaminated waters.

15… a Reflection


Mans intelligence has reached levels that through the use of modern technologies that anyone can

peer the knowledge he reads to verify its logic and validity.

I firmly believe that this work has to be understood by all Men and not judged by a few whose

self-interest might, and has been, obstructing the release of such a knowledge as disclosed in this book.


This book is written in such a way that anyone from any background field of science, and interest in the workings of all Matters of the universe, can understand the full new knowledge and be their own peers in receiving such a disclosure, which is at the edge of science and technology.


In this book a synthesis is given of the understanding of new first principles in physics that are gathered

for over more than thirty years of independent research and development, where several working proto-types and numerous tests with different loadings have confirmed their correctness and operativeness.


Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 2009


In Mans technological and scientific evolution over thousands of years, conversion of the Earthly state of matters and energies from one state to another has been the key to his progressive success^

For man to progress further in the path of this evolution, man has to learn, understand, and unravel the powers of the initial fundamental particles of the Matters.

In the following pages, simple new theoretical principles and results of tests done to unleash the powers of the initial fundamental particles forces will be released and discussed.

In my writings, the simplest form of language is used so that every man, from all corners of the world, can read and will be able to comprehend the fundamental orders of their physical creation. Therefore, every man on Earth will have the same groundwork knowledge and opportunity to build his own environment and so be in control of his future and destiny.


This simple transfer of knowledge gives every man, by understanding the principles of his world of creation, the possibility to utilise and enhance the fundamental powers of creation for his advancement in his path of evolution.


Through appropriate use of this new knowledge, one can generate as much clean power as one needs for survival at any location in the universe. This is energy production capability, without the production of any further new wastes to damage the environment and to endanger the future generations ‘chances’ of survival.


This new knowledge allows man to produce food and medicine through the natural process of the construction of his cells’ initial fundamental plasmas.


Therefore, no child, woman or man should go hungry and rely-upon others for his survival.


This new knowledge gives man the opportunity to produce all his materials’ needs, without him being tied-up to the Earthly resources, or environmental conditions, or the place or a position in the universe, wherever that might be.


This new knowledge brings about the capability for man to be able to move and travel in his environment and in the universe with universal magnetic fields protection, in any atmospheric or space conditions.


This new knowledge, gives man the freedom of motion irrespective of the medium whatever his medium, and wherever he might be in the universe. For man to be able to use systems for travel that is at all time in protected magnetic fields levels and gravitational field levels as on the Earth. As his physical body has become accustomed to the atmospheric condition around his home planet.


Which up to now, this has been a dream and unattainable in all dimensions, with his present level of scientific development and knowledge.


Men will build on this new knowledge, and they will add their own scientific and technological flavours and unique additions and discoveries to overcome their present natural problems and limitations.


Our hope is that, Men, irrespective of their race, colour of skin, creed or religion, will use this new knowledge collectively and in unity, for advancement of the human race. We pray that, Man uses these new knowledge and information’s for creation of peace and justice among their fellow men and other of Gods’ creations and creatures, whom they will come to be in touch with, irrespective of their appearance, technological progress and intelligence.


Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

It can be said: Man has come from, He exists, operates through and He shall return to the Light

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