THE PEDO-FILE: The Clinton Foundation, Political Blackmail & ‘Pizzagate’

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“…It should be stated that illicit and arranged sexual encounters coupled with blackmail capability are, and have nearly always been, an essential function of backdoor politics”:

Clearing up the Half-Truths of “Pizzagate” & Political Blackmail

With many recent headlines suggesting upcoming warfare in Syria, research trends like the investigation that has become known as “Pizzagate,” are quickly falling by the wayside. The investigation currently rests heavily on speculation and circumstantial evidence. Yet, this speculation and circumstance has been cultivated from a certain thread of undeniable facts involving political sex blackmail at the highest levels. Which is why the only thing being asked for in regards to this case, is that an official investigation be conducted, and there is more than enough to justify such an investigation; Ben Swann came to a similar conclusion.

Yet, there are many threads within this line of research that suggest not only misinformation, but intentional sabotage by the very individuals meant to protect the people from such atrocities. Which is why it is absolutely imperative, given the severity of these allegations, that those genuine in their intent to expose this malevolent sub-culture existing within our own, hold true to the data points that cannot be dismissed as mere speculation. This is of course referring to the Podesta emails, Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis. All of which are certainly relevant, and even damning, yet cannot be proven, hence, must not be the focus lest the speculation continue drowning out that which should have the culpable individuals in chains

The Last American Vagabond has reached out to researchers such as Tim Tate and Josh Zeman, both of whom are involved in similar degrees of political blackmail research. These two are not inclined to give Pizzagate the time of day, likely due to its currently heavy, and likely orchestrated reliance on the unproven points mentioned above. Driven by disingenuous researchers such as David Seaman, the ongoing “research” of those intent on misleading is careful to never stray from the currently unproven and wholly emotional data points. All while there are highly damning and entirely verifiable connections that are completely ignored, ask yourself why?

While anyone can set this aside as the mere voices of two men, it is of importance to note that these two names (Tate especially, in this case) have helped pioneer modern research into these matters, and their critiques should not be taken lightly. The main critique is the lack of validity of the evidence found in the Podesta emails, which does not mean that what was found is not important, or not incriminating, it simply means that, at its current state, all that can be ascertained from the emails is that there is a code being used, but not what that code is actually referring to. Yet, when taken into consideration with all the other data points, it becomes hard to ignore. Beyond these emails however (which are still very strange, either way), there are other noteworthy points that are still unaccounted for in this field of research.

(Tim Tate’s banned documentary made for Discovery Channel: Conspiracy of Silence)

It should be stated that illicit and arranged sexual encounters coupled with blackmail capability are, and have nearly always been, an essential function of backdoor politics. This is such an obviously credible statement, that any sensible detective in largely populated areas could tell you as much. Case in point, consider former NYPD Vice Detective Jim Rothstein.

His career began with the investigation of sex crimes and drugs on the streets of New York. This eventually led him throughout the decades to his own verifiable documentation of sex blackmail and backdoor politics that had infiltrated levels as high as the United Nations. Again, this is not a conspiracy theory, it is a function of government at this point. The idea of child prostitution/pedophilia is also, unfortunately, a heavily documented and reoccurring theme—but is only one aspect of these blackmail tactics. Sex of any kind can be used to blackmail someone if the person is put in a “socially compromising” position.

With this out of the way, Pizzagate in specific can be addressed further. In a discussion with Jim Rothstein about his brief statements of the Pizzagate theory (among many other things), Rothstein elaborated with great detail what he had previously mentioned in an interview with James Fetzer. Rothstein’s overall perspective was this: the theory surrounding the Podesta emails seems incredibly viable at face-value—and there are still certain pieces of evidence that lend credibility to the skeletal framework of research that eventually morphed into Pizzagate (which are unrelated to the Podesta emails and will be addressed momentarily). However, the main point is that the Podesta emails are ultimately circumstantial, while sources like Jim Rothstein are living embodiments of far-reaching primary source material with even larger implications.

While the former detective has been enjoying a certain sense of retirement for some time now (his work never being done entirely), he still remains alive and well, and speaking with journalists. Clearly, there is some sort of informational disconnect here. It is a mark of improvement that the Pizzagate theory helped more people understand the basic methodologies and protocol of these blackmail networks, but what it has ultimately done is obfuscate the difference between primary source material and lesser sources in the mind of the common public. Yes, Pizzagate as an overarching social statement has become nothing more than a “limited hangout,” a “red-herring,” or whatever phrase one should choose, and chasing down this trail is like following a carrot tied to a stick. This seems evident enough, and even the most voracious of Pizzagate researchers must be feeling momentum give and the dust settle. There will never, ever, in this current political structure, be a trial for the “crimes of Pizzagate.” Ever. As even those “on the side of good,” (whatever that means in modern politics) will never allow this to fully come out, as it would effectively bring down the proverbial house, on both sides of the aisle, and that will never be allowed. 

However, the FBI is still reportedly looking into a variety of cases that have helped fuel research into this investigation, such as the Anthony Weiner emails, Laura Silsby and the Clinton Foundation, and, of course, allegations persist that both of the Podestas are heavily involved in this network of sex blackmail. And throughout these cases there has been an incredibly long history of journalists being harassed and even mysteriously dying, two facts of which persist to this day. Yet, are the Podestas teaming up with the Clinton Foundation, James Alefantis, and Comet Ping-Pong to lock children in a basement-dungeon to be stowed away as party-favors for whenever they have their extravagant pizza joint “Eyes Wide Shut” parties? As anything is certainly possible, this clearly seems to be an exaggerated narrative designed to cast doubt on a very serious topic, yet is likely based around some level of validity. Which is why the mainstream media went into hyperdrive to discredit and intentionally omit damning facts about what they claim is a “far-fetched conspiracy theory.” 

The deeper truth of the matter might just be that the Podestas, Clintons, Weiner, and Alefantis all enjoy some type of odd sexual proclivities and are very concerned about the public finding out (some more concerned than others)—and bohemian-themed sex parties (bohemian in the traditional sense of the word) are never out of the question when dealing with the rich and powerful. A researcher does not need children in a basement or a pizza joint cover-story to consider the likelihood that these characters are involved with certain scandalous activities, possibly under different circumstances. Certainly, it has been proven with documentation that the Clinton Foundation has been involved with what can hardly be anything other than smuggling children into the country for some ulterior motives of some kind, and both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been heavily implicated in their own sex scandals over time—the most recent of which involving both men with felon Jeffrey Epstein.

At this point, the only thing really left considering is this: How did this “Pizzagate” carrot become tied to the stick, and who or what dangled it in front of the public?

WikiLeaks only releases documents given to them, and while there are some interesting running theories as to who gave the Podesta emails to Assange, no one knows for certain. Given the incredible amount of data in the release, it is highly doubtful that this leak would have been done directly because of any codewords in the emails, whether these code words hint to sex blackmail activity or some other scandal entirely. The idea that codewords are used within these emails does not seem implausible, and seems fairly evident. The specificity of the code is a bit more open to speculation. It is entirely possible that the Podesta emails could have been leaked by an altruistic “whistleblower,” with designs to expose exactly what has been revealed, but it is at least equally possible that these emails were leaked by someone in a direct position of power that had been given an order from someone else who wanted a dirty spotlight to cast on James Alefantis, Anthony Weiner, Hilary Clinton, John and Joe Podesta, et cetera. Even though Alefantis is not a politician, his stature in Washington DC and his colleagues surely make him powerful enough to consider blackmailing—and, surely, he felt he had something to lose since he so vigorously and voraciously contacted researcher Ryan O’Neal about research done into the Pizzagate theory on Voat.

It is also of interest to note the level of low-key leverage the Trump campaign subsequently gained from these emails that scathed Clinton and her cronies. Whether this was the intention of the email leaks, it is certainly a consequence of them. It’s also not unfair to say that a large portion of the independent media and activist groups were anxiously awaiting Trump’s supposed crackdown on political sex blackmail and the results of his isolationist mentality, only to see Trump completely ignore any Pizzagate research, and continue forward with traditional American imperialism in the Middle East. It is almost as if Pizzagate were some sort of hook-and-bait for the more radically-minded citizens while Trump situated himself into office. Again, whether this was a direct intention or not, it certainly does seem to be a consequence that has unfolded.

In any case, everyone can rest assured that political sex blackmail is still a thriving industry, that President Trump will do nothing about it, and that Pizzagate will never gain any more momentum than it somehow managed to already acquire, until we see a drastic change. With the rest of the world considering warfare, backdoor politics will remain … at the back. It seems likely that, for whoever wanted those emails released, the leak has now run its course and served its purpose, and will eventually fall back into the annals of media lore like basically everything tends to do.

Instead of hunching over computers, bending hell to bring all political pedophiles to justice in one swoop and “ending political sex blackmail,” a more realistic approach presents itself. Wherever politics in the postmodern day is concerned, sex blackmail is involved to some extent, and—more or less—these categories can hardly ever be separated. Even in the grand scheme of the word “politics,” is a wife catching her husband in an affair, and getting a new car out of it, not the same age-old concept? Thus, if society settles for this type of corrupt political culture, it will also have to settle for the increased capacity for these dirty functions that comes along with it—and all that can be done is assess the situations on a case by case basis. Certainly, no one should settle for any scandalous activity from a politician, and there should especially be no settling when it comes to sex crimes, but until humanity does away with government, or finds the Platonic Ideal of the noble Philosopher-King, the capacity for these heinous acts in society will always remain; and remain just behind the scenes.


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