MEDICINE WHEEL: ‘Disease Demystified’, Allowing the Body to Cure Itself…Naturally (Archive)

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“…All human cells die off only when oxygen and nutrient supplies are depleted, or are subjected to persistent parasitic attack, or under heavy chemical intoxication, but certainly not of aging. It is the imperfection of their environment that causes them to fail, rather than our illusory perception of the passing of time”:

Disease Demystified

The mainstream discussion about every disease is so overblown; it is flooded with fatalistic statistics rather than the honest exploration of the solution itself.

The overall effect is the birth of unwarranted fear and panic which would then create a “need for institutionalized expert advice” followed by chemical and invasive interventions. The conventional modalities effectively bypass intelligent and scientific home-based alternatives.

It is important to understand that there used to be only three (3) general causes of human ailments. But recent findings indicate a new and deceptive cancer inducing weapon has arrived:


All live organisms feeding through our body for their own survival are considered collectively as parasites. We keep accumulating them from the day we were born, and throughout the years we’ve been breathing life on this planet.

Toxic Chemicals

Any chemicals that are taken excessively, or those that should not have been in our body in the first place, are considered toxic and should be removed by a method that truly neutralizes them for good.

Energy Depletion

Inadequate rest and bad nutrition deplete the energy supply which the immune system and all other systems require for their proper and optimal operation. These are the primary causes by which our body’s auto-defense and auto-repair mechanisms become dysfunctional.

Electromagnetic Pollution

The use of mobile or wireless gadgets, e.g. cell phones and laptops, has brought us convenience in the way we intercourse with society. But the grave dangers of its prolonged use are just starting to surface. more »

There is no such thing as spontaneous cellular deterioration.

All diseases are caused and our body has the ability to cure itself from them. In fact, mainstream scientists have recently discovered a dwarf tapeworm causing cancer tumors in one patient.

Every cell in the body, being the fundamental unit of life, has enough intelligence to take good care of itself. It has the ability to breathe in from freshly oxygenated blood, feed from available nutrients flowing with the blood and excretes wastes by itself which are then carried away during the blood’s return trip into our bio-filter system, i.e. liver, kidneys and the spleen . It also has the versatility to transform itself into whatever tissue that any organ requires, e.g. wound and bone fracture healing.

All human cells die off only when oxygen and nutrient supplies are depleted, or are subjected to persistent parasitic attack, or under heavy chemical intoxication, but certainly not of aging. It is the imperfection of their environment that causes them to fail, rather than our illusory perception of the passing of time.

The human body could suffer only when there is:

  • a sustained parasitic replication,
  • massive chemical intoxication, and;
  • inadequate supply of energy,

… in which time all three critical systems (i.e. auto-immune, homeostasis, and auto-regeneration) start to fail and diseases start to manifest.

The only logical solutions are those non-toxic, non-invasive treatments that the mainstream institutions could not provide, or are hesitant to do so, aside from the fact that some of these drug companies are fully documented to have deliberately contaminated their vaccines with live viruses and toxic chemicals, while relevant institutions turn a blind eye [here].

Worse, these institutions are even making these deadly vaccines mandatory through state legislations and outright blackmail via threat of public school defunding!

I worked in the Pharmaceutical industry that do nothing but annihilate the population of this world. Dr. John Rengen Virapen

Does it make sense if i told you, “You’re really sick. I’ve got an idea, let me poison you?” Dr. Thomas Lodi


The most logical treatments for any disease, of whatever severity, should exclude the use of toxic chemicals and radioactive diagnostics. They should not include invasive surgery either because it would affect the normal operations of the organs as delicate nerves are needlessly cut-off and neural communication is impractically severed.

The most logical treatments should have the following characteristics:

  • They should enhance the operation of the immune system and not hamper the normal operation of the organs, which should make recovery possible..
  • They should promote chemical balance rather than aggravate the dire condition any further through trial and error, “carpet bombing” scheme via measured doses of poison casually labeled as antibiotics.
  • Above all, the treatments should respect the inherent expertise of our body in restoring its normal condition by itself.

    All the cells that make up the whole organism called human being have already mastered the art of survival long before we even discovered their existence and identified some of their functions. In fact, we have yet to fully determine and understand what they are truly capable of.

Allow the body to cure itself naturally…

… as it is more intelligent than our conscious mind will ever be in defending itself from any diseases, and only use those interventions that avoid worsening the condition. Stay away from those concoctions which may have caused the ailments in the first place.

Do these logical treatments exist?

Yes, they’ve been here all along, and some of the reasons why they are not made available are that they are too easy and less costly to implement which would surely affect the profitability of the “healthcare” industry, consequently reducing the tax collection of the government.

Beyond good and adequate nutrition, sufficient rest, and regular exercise, which should eliminate energy depletion as the primary factor contributing to the reduction of our resistance to all forms of infections, the most logical treatments only involve the right application of Basic Science, like so:

Chemical Neutralization

There are at least three (3) most common causes of chemical intoxication:

  • high level of acidity
  • heavy metals
  • radioactivity
Neutralizing High Acidity & Radioactivity

If a person is sickly, there’s a very high chance that his blood pH is lower than normal, i.e. acidic. In fact, most cancer patients do.

Based on the chart below, the antidote to acid is alkaline or base. So, in order to raise your pH towards alkalinity you need to have an alkaline diet, or a controlled intake of alkaline salt like baking soda.

The idea is to strike a pH balance as recommended on the chart below.

Normally, our urine pH should be between 6.5 to 8.0 pH.

Range of urine pH values.

Normally, our blood pH should be a bit higher than neutral; 7.41 pH is recommended.

Range of arterial pH values.

Remember, the above values will be maintained automatically by your own body through a process known as homeostasis, and it is only during organ infection and energy depletion when this useful mechanism could fail, in which case the following intervention should become necessary.

Shown above is a procedure to verify that acid, vinegar in this case, can be neutralized with alkaline salt like baking soda. The mixture will result to bubbles of carbon dioxide and salty water, both of which are easier to flush out from the body.

Any acid can be neutralized with baking soda. With careful monitoring,  your acidic blood pH can be normalized by taking in appropriate amount of baking soda solution, making the blood inhospitable to any parasite.

It is also being used in hospital patients intravenously when undergoing chemotherapy to protect them from excessive drug toxicity. So, why not bypass chemotherapy altogether?

70% of the doctors surveyed don’t even want to take  chemotherapy in case they themselves are afflicted with cancer. In fact, they’d be better off using sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, and expect much higher survival rate as Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s 1000+ patients experienced first-hand…

Beyond that, baking soda molecule NaHCO3 readily binds with uranium atom, thereby protecting the kidneys from the effects of radiation during a nuclear fallout.

Neutralizing Heavy Metal Intoxication

Another problem causing chemical intoxication is heavy metals, and there is a saner approach on how to effectively deal with them that isn’t subject to erratic availability once the gadget is already in your home.

This gadget is called ozonizer.

Ozone Generator
Ozone Generator

Ozonizer produces triatomic oxygen (known as ozone) on demand,  and it is very useful in oxidizing or breaking down any metal upon contact. That is the reason why we need to put oil on any machinery to prevent them from exposure to oxygen in ambient air, thereby avoid oxidation or rusting.

If an entire metal train car disintegrates with constant exposure to air containing oxygen, why not the heavy metals causing cancer inside our body?

Ozone is triatomic oxygen; it has one unstable atom that readily attaches to other element to oxidize that same element. Ozone is produced in nature through lightning discharges, without which, we would have already drown from the pollutants we have emitted into the air we breathe.

It turns out we’re not only neutralizing heavy metals but can also suffocate any parasite just by ozonizing our drinking water. Parasites have smaller capacity for handling oxygen than the host.

Ozone is guaranteed to neutralize not just Ebola but all other viruses and beyond.

Moreover, we are also neutralizing acidity even further by the addition of more oxygen atoms into the whole equation.

So, how great would that be when components of the whole protocol work in complementary to each other to achieve a common objective?

Even better, the whole protocol is the most natural set of complementary treatments there is, i.e. baking soda, ozone, electricity, they all exist naturally.

Even our own pancreas is producing sodium bicarbonate to regulate acidity in our own digestive system, aside from producing insulin. When the pancreas is infected by parasites, it won’t be able to perform these functions effectively.

Diabetic patients should, therefore, explore the possibility of directly reinforcing the supply of sodium bicarbonate into their system, while actively electrocuting the worms colonizing their pancreas and nearby organs.

Parasite Neutralization

In 1903, Edison publicly electrocuted dozens of animals including an elephant to prove his point that Nikola Tesla’s alternating current is deadly and that his direct current power system is safer.

In the same process he also proved our thesis, i.e. if an animal as big as an elephant can be neutralized at will without chemical intoxication but by using electric current instead, why not use the same method with those tiny parasites lurking inside our own body?

We just need to know how to deliver the current into the parasites using the safest electrical tension, or voltage.

Topsy electrocuted by Edison in 1903
Topsy, a harmless circus elephant, was electrocuted by Edison at the new Luna Park, Coney Island, in 1903.

Unfortunately for Edison, he lost the “war of the currents” to the more economically and technically superior alternating current [AC] system that we still use to power our homes and run our industries today.

It is important to understand that when blood is freed from all types of parasites, more than 2000 neuropeptides will return, among them is interferon which interferes the growth of cancer cells. When this happens, the normal capability of the auto-immune system could return ensuring complete remission later on.

Allowing your own immune system to recover first and let it work naturally is always your best healthcare strategy.

One should also understand that having the blood thoroughly cleansed off from all parasites is just half of the task. Through a regular physical workout that suits your current physical condition, your blood must be delivered to all extremities and deep recesses of your body where it could perform its functions, i.e. deliver nutrients, detect presence of and neutralize parasites, extract wastes and toxins, more effectively.

Based on our own experience, the strategy fails only when patients take detoxification procedure for granted. Neutralizing parasites is the easy part; drinking ozonized water generously, doing regular physical exercise and avoiding defeatist attitude are hard for some patients, and they are bound to fail.

Electrocuting Parasites

There’s only one feasible way of neutralizing all types of parasites with one treatment, and that is the use of electric current, and we only need a weaker voltage to accomplish it, and not the dangerously high electrical pressure that Edison employed.

The smaller the parasite, the weaker the voltage needed to put the adversary into a devastating electric shock, giving ample time for the liver and kidneys to flush the parasite out of the system.

The beauty of this method is that, it won’t have adverse effects on our healthy blood cells and tissues, and it won’t discriminate any certain type of parasite. It neutralizes them all.

So, who needs to know what specific infection one might have?



Who needs undergoing radioactive diagnostics?

Just electrocute them all!

Shown above is a simple diagram of parasite electrification. In practice, alternating DC pulses will be used.
Shown above is a simple diagram of parasite electrification. In practice, alternating DC pulses will be used.

Realizing that you can electrocute all types of parasites on demand at the flip of a switch, for what do you need vaccines for?

Electrification of the blood alters the protein layer of any type of parasites flowing thereto, effectively neutralizing and preventing them from replicating any further until all of these parasites are flushed out through the liver and kidneys.

WARNING: It is very important to flush all toxins, e.g. neutralized parasites, out from the body before the next treatment session. This can be done by drinking generous amounts of ozonized water. Otherwise, permanent liver and kidney damage are to be expected due to the accumulation of neutralized parasites and other toxins clogging these organs.

So, don’t ever try this procedure if you are not fully committed to the whole protocol.

The proof is hard to ignore when you are experiencing it by yourself.

All chemicals and parasites can be neutralized at will using Elementary Science. When the body is freed from all primary causes of disease, i.e. quick replicating parasites and toxic chemicals, the body could focus more on the healing process and complete remission is thereby guaranteed, as what we have actually experienced, and the reason why Dr. Kaali was awarded a U.S. patent for the validity of such similar method.

The Dr. Kaali patent for arterial blood electrification. Click on the above image to download the actual patent from Google Patents repository.
The Dr. Kaali patent for arterial blood electrification. Click on the above image to download the actual patent from Google Patents repository.

As you can see from the left, Dr. Kaali was awarded with this US Patent 5188738 on February 23, 1993 for a method that could “attenuate any parasite including AIDS virus… but does not make the blood unfit for use in humans”, or doesn’t affect healthy human cells.

This is an official recognition that since 1993 there’s already a cure for AIDS, and yet somehow we haven’t heard the big news from the mainstream media . Why?

Let that sink in for a moment. Then, realize that both cancer and AIDS are just two sides of the same coin, i.e. both conditions manifest themselves when the immune system is finally defeated.

Of course, as can be expected from a medical doctor, he employed an invasive method of electrifying the blood during one implementation of his proven method of restoring the core component of the immune system to its full functionality.

There is, however, a smarter approach that won’t involve invasive blood extraction, and we have written an entire eBook describing, in non-technical terms, how you can effectively do it on your own, and all other information that you might need in order to implement the whole protocol successfully.

The advantage of these methods is very profound since we are not using prescription drugs, nor are these treatments invasive in nature, we are therefore not required by corporate law to be a medical doctor first before we can administer these treatments to anybody who’s willing to follow the protocol strictly.

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