GLADIO: Is CIA Behind the Manila Resort ‘Lone Nut’ Terror Attack?

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“…This is not the only what the Deep State has in store for this government. With reference to the Oust Duterte blueprint written by the then US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, the Deep State is aiming at removing Duterte within the next “one and half years”:

Is CIA Behind the #ResortsWorldManila Lone Nut Terror Attack?

The unidentified “Caucasian” 6-footer male who went inside a casino resort in Manila last midnight [GMT+8] fits the profile of a lone nut being perpetually used by the CIA for their false flag terror attack. And just like other lone nuts before him, he died after a successful mission.

It was the smoke coming from the burning Room #510 of the facility which led to the suffocation of 38 others who hid inside the restrooms when the rampage happened prior to the suicide. It’s interesting to note that there no one died as the lone nut was firing upwards or at the appliances in the building while shouting “Get out!”, PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa said.

According to one witness, the gunman was firing upwards for 30 minutes before he started setting on fire the tables in the betting area of the casino at the second floor of the building. Another witness also said that there were two attackers at the beginning of the incident, instead of one, who were wearing bonnets and were engaged in a shootout with a police in the ground floor of the building. The police is now trailing covertly for this second “person of interest.”

The police theory is that it was a botched robbery by a deranged man, whom they have already identified, but is unwilling to divulge “until the investigation is completed.” Said deranged Caucasian man peppered the door leading to the chips room where he pulled the equivalent of $113 million denominations.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines are also denying that it’s the handy work of the ISIS, who already jumped at the latest opportunity to project their presence worldwide.

What is more intriguing about this incident are the following:

  1. POTUS Trump is already calling the incident in Manila as a terrorist attack, and;
  2. US senator Cory Gardner paid a courtesy call to the Philippine president 2 days ago, to stress about the importance of human rights.

Above, is a snapshot of Denver Post article from this link:


We don’t think that Donald Trump would just call this a terror event event if he has not received any information to that effect, prior and during the event.

Based on the police accounts that the attacker had shown signs of a “deranged man,” and based on the resort spokesman’s description that he was wearing a military uniform, and that of the many witnesses who said that the attacker was shooting upwards and shouting “get out!” on many occasions, we can deduce that this attacker has indeed a military training based on his built and how he carried his “baby Armalite” rifle.

We can also speculate that he was under an MK-ULTRA type of mind control during the whole operation. Why?

He burned himself in a room with a gallon of gasoline, after he had completed his mission.

Only an operative under the influence of drugs will burn himself after a successful operation.

If you are new to MK-ULTRA program, please refer to the MKULTRA Materials and Methods document below:

What is the motivation behind this recent “lone nut” attack?

The successful military operation in Marawi City which has avoided the total occupation of ISIS-mate is a major defeat for those who want to plunge this country like Syria.

As many of you may have known already, the Duterte government is just restarting the country’s march towards full industrialization with its Duternomics’ “Build, Build, Build” massive infrastructure program with funding from China and Japan, after the program was halted with the ouster of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.

In short, the country is still very much dependent on Tourism and BPO income, and Overseas Filipino Workers’ remittances, to sustain its present economy. Injecting terror now would be the best option to sustain its servitude to the West and Middle East kingdoms that are all benefiting from cheap technical, medical and household labor from OFWs.

With the tourism industry greatly affected, Duterte’s economic programs may suffer a setback. And this is not the only what the Deep State has in store for this government.

With reference to the Oust Duterte blueprint written by the then US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, the Deep State is aiming at removing Duterte within the next “one and half years.”

The paper outlined, among others, the Ambassador’s “strategies to be employed” such as:

  • Political and economic isolation of the Philippines in the region by engaging the leaders of Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and by “highlighting the basic question of the risk of doing business in the Philippines.”
  • Blackmail neighboring countries so they would turn against Duterte by reducing trade with the Philippines in favor of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
  • Deepen ties with Philippine officials (the opposition), the police/military and leaders in the region who share the US concerns over Duterte.
  • Track corruption cases and highlight the failures of Duterte.

They were hoping that the Duterte government will fail against ISIS-Maute in Marawi City. They are proven wrong in that instance.

The Deep State also wants to sow division between Duterte and his partymates, and with the communist leadership who are now in exile in the Netherlands.

Goldberg also recommends, “change the political landscape by dividing the core leadership of Duterte” by “sowing discontent among (his) partymates.” He observed that some of the President’s allies are privately becoming concerned over his shift in foreign policy and the twist in the character of his economic and social agenda that veers closely toward the Left.

The former US Ambassador underscores the need to stoke the fire between the “defenders of the rule of law and Duterte’s Leftist group” by highlighting the demands of the Left to free all political prisoners in the country even before a formal peace agreement could be signed between the government and the CPP/NDF/NPA, and an end to US military presence in the Philippines.


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