COSMIC COWBOY: Journey to the Light – By George Noory & William J. Birnes

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Chapter Three: Intuition:

Of all the calls I get on the air and the letters we’ve received, and
with the sole exception of seeing angels and the spirits of the departed,
nothing, not even UFO sightings, is more prevalent than personal tales of
intuition and premonition. In fact, the consistency of stories I receive about
people exercising their intuition and premonition is so great that I would
come to believe, even if I’ve not had my own personal experiences in this
regard, that this is a sense that all of us have and all of us can exercise at
will. And in
Worker in the Light
, we made a point to train people in learning
to exercise their intuition so as to receive premonitions of things that are
about to befall them.
My belief in the immediacy of the future and our natural ability to
determine it, is so strong that even if there weren’t years and years of real
psychological testing and –I mean heard science
to support me in this, I
would still bet on this as a reality. Simply stated, all of us have the ability to
foretell our own future even though in most of our daily comings and goings,
we negate what we feel because we’re either too afraid to take responsibility
for our own futures or because the reality of our having that ability is so
overwhelming, we reject it and cast our fates to the wind.
, I said that if I could do anything to help people’s lives,
teach them what I know, it would be to help people see their own futures,
which are all around them, and get them to take responsibility for inhabiting
those futures. I am not original in this belief. For thousands of years, people
have appeared, in ancient literature, in the Holy Bible, and in vast lore of the
paranormal, who have been able to tell the future. Some tell it through the
interpretation of dreams, like Joseph in Pharaoh’s prison; some tell it
through communication with spirit guides, like President Lincoln’s medium,
Nettie Coburn; some are astrologers, like Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s Joan
Quigley, and some simply go into a trance state to shut out their analytical
overlay from daily life and then see the future very clearly, like President
Woodrow Wilson’s Edgar Cayce and President Roosevelt’s Jeane Dixon. Yes,
American presidents, exactly like just about every political leader and the
great kings in the Bible, take advice from those gifted with heightened
intuition, seers, prognosticators, and, even prophets. And what all of these

gifted people with so-called
second sight
can do, my callers-in, our
contributors, and I assure you, you can do yourself in your own life.
Do you think for even one moment that people get to the top by
accident, that some of the great minds of industry and politics, that the
world’s greatest inventors and artists, make their incredible leaps just by
chance or a throw of destiny’s dice? I have said it on the air and I’ll say it
again here that there are no coincidences. I believe, and I know that I can
demonstrate this, that people succeed in all their endeavors by intuiting the
future, listening to that intuition exactly as if they were tuning a radio or
television signal, and then acting on that intuition instead of denying it.
Denial is defeat, embracing your intuition and your premonitions of the
future are the keys to success. And this I can illustrate.
Among the key books that came out of the turn of the century was
Napoleon Hill’s
Think and Grow Rich
, a title far more inspirational than
simply a manual for making money. Hill’s philosophy, which you can still find
promulgated on late-night infomercials today, was that becoming successful
was not just a matter of birth, of luck, or of behavior, but of thinking that
you could succeed, and acting upon those thoughts so as to make them
come true. Norman Vincent Peale picked up on this with his
Power of
Positive Thinking
in which he said, very simply, that thinking positively will
make good things happen to you. And as we’ve all seen in the Law of
Attraction literature, which has become so popular, this is their philosophy
as well.
What they’ve said, we’ve said in
Worker in the Light
, and that’s what our
readers and contributors have said to us, that there are practical, basic ways
to determine what is in your future. There are simple exercises to train
yourself in listening to that intuitive signal that all of us receive every
moment of our lives, even when we’re fast asleep. These are practices which
some of he world’s largest corporations have adopted to train their
executives into using intuition as well as bottom-line accounting to figure out
what’s best to do. Intuition has become so important in business that, a few
years ago, when I read an article in the
Harvard Business Review
on trusting
your intuition even when it seemed that you were paranoid, I know the
world had changed for the better.
All this having been said, how can you learn to listen to your intuition, trust
it, and become sensitive to premonitions even if you’re not going to be a
precognitive seer? Are there any really simple exercises you can do –non-
stressful– that will train you to see just how powerful your intuition can be if
you can only learn to separate that intuition from the negative, skeptical,
judgmental thoughts that the world imposes upon you? Here are a few from
Worker in the Light
that our own contributors have used to guide them.

First step is to learn to connect with a universe in which all things exist and
all time is one. If you can begin to see not only that what you do today
creates the future tomorrow but that the future that exits tomorrow has
already created the things you do today, you can begin to effect changes.
Sound paradoxical? Look at it this way, for there to be a past, there has to
be a present and then a future. What if, rather than the past’s creating the
future, it’s the future that creates the past? How can you test this out?
We demonstrated both here and
how one connects to the universe
by choosing a mantra –a special phrase or word or prayer that only you
know and which has meaning and resonance for you– then practicing
reciting that mantra to focus you and keep your mind from getting scattered
all over the place. Then, we illustrated what controlled and focused
breathing was and how by practicing it you would learn how to energize
yourself and focus yourself at the same time. And we explained how reciting
your mantra, over and over again, while you were doing your controlled
breathing would begin the connection process. And then we added the
technique of casting off negative thoughts by imagining that they were
leaves floating down the stream. A negative thought comes in? Float it
away. Now your mind is free to encompass the universe. In this state, you
have but to imagine someone, a face, a voice, a personality, and you will be
able, after some practice, to hear that person speak to you in an unguarded
You see, your mind already encompasses much of what that person is, albeit
that things are in constant change. Much of what you believe true you
simply deny because it is illogical to think that you can tune to a person’s
thoughts or personality. But as illogical as that sounds, by practicing this
simple breathing and visualization exercise, you will see that logic is its own
illogic. But this is only the first of many simple exercises.
Add to your breathing and visualization, the practice of asking questions of
the universe. Visualize your life years from now. Visualize the way you enter
relationships or the ways you deal with your job or your children. Don’t
forced these things, but let them flow in such a way that around different
thoughts, images will pop up. This is the universe talking to you. Once you
see this, don’t deny what you see.
You will read how one of our contributors was in exactly this same situation.
He had the impression from the future that something was wrong with his
ceiling and that it was about to fall down. Nothing the contractor could tell
him about the soundness of the ceiling could convince him that his
impressions were wrong. Very soon after his conversations with the
contractor, conversations that got him nowhere, the ceiling fell down.

Another one of our contributors writes about how she was having
premonitions of violence. In particular, she says, she saw her girlfriend
getting ready for her senior prom but saw a cloud over her face and had the
feeling that violence would befall her. Sure enough, that evening her
girlfriend was murdered. This contributor’s grandmother said to her that her
gift was something that the Romany Gypsies call
The Veil of Death
Not all intuitive moments and premonitions have to be violent, however. And
your inhabiting your future physically doesn’t have to be the result of
prolonged exercises. Many times you can practice intuition
by throwing a
question out there, inhabiting a space where that question can be answered
for you, and by not considering the answer that you get very seriously as a
particular future creating its own past.
For example, my friends were looking for an apartment in Manhattan. They
scanned the newspaper for rent ads in the
Village Voice
and in the
found nothing they really liked. And everything was crazy expensive. Then a
friend told them about an old brownstone apartment at the very northern
end of the Chelsea neighborhood on the west side. So they made the trip in
to take a look at it. On the one hand, it was perfect– something you’d never
find in Manhattan: three bedrooms and a living room fireplace. On the other
hand, my friend’s wife pointed out, the entrance of the building looked
weird, spooky, like a scene out of the silent movie,
The Cabinet of Dr.
. The walls seemed to come together near the ceiling, what should
have been parallel walls meeting to form an enclosure. She shuddered at the
thought of having to go in and out of this hallway many times a day. As they
were leaving she told her husband that she had a vision she couldn’t erase
of an ambulance crew making their way through the lobby with him on a
stretcher and her adult children coming to the apartment to pack her up.
Sure my friend contemplated the insanity of this remark. But he also knew
that when his wife had a premonition that strong, listen to it because it was
always right.
How you can apply this kind of lesson to your own life? You do it by simply
going to open houses, real estate showings, which are open to the public.
Just look for them in the real estate section of your local newspaper. Even if
you’re not looking for a new place, try this out. Find ads for places in
neighborhoods where you’ve always wanted to live. Then simply show up at
those addresses and walk in as if you want to rent or buy the place. Once
inside, tell yourself you’re now living there. This is your kitchen, your
bedroom, your bathroom. This is where you get dressed to go to work in the
morning, where you park your car, where you plop down at night to watch
TV or cruise the internet. These are your closets.

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