MIND GAMES: Chemtrails and the Subconscious Mind in the Matrix – By Arno Pienaar

Source – zengardner.com

“I am about to expose another massive point that has been left out of our conscious acknowledgement to our own detrimen”  Arno Pienaar  

This reality is a matrix and can be programmed with any kind of imagery for your eyes to perceive and witness by the mainframe PC that can influence the matrix through copies of itself in the form of biological robots, the soulless beings we are all familiar with that crawl this planet.

So, you have the source of the sorcery, millions of transhumanistic humanoids on the planet, and you have the sorcerer, an Artificial Intelligent virus that is one with those controlled by the mind… and can through them, give rise to any matter it wishes.

New programs can be added to bolster its arsenal of tricks that can serve to bring those prone to using primarily their five senses off course by giving into a program of the mind that came from without!

It is well known already that the aeroplanes that apparently flew into the world trade centers were digital holograms projected out of our own unconscious minds, and the bombs planted within the buildings were timed to go off as the exact time of “false impact”.

“Re Haarp. This device is able to in effect give rise to matter through conduits of millions of mind units… By projecting an image into the mind that humanity are not consciously aware of,  military forces are able to use the power of the mind in the matrix to their advantage.

“For example, let us say there is a Russian submarine in the ocean somewhere and the USA are not very comfortable with this, and they want to get rid of it without being traced or victimized.

“Via haarp technology, they are able to project the co-ordinates and imprint of the submarine into millions of minds, and from there, tweak a crucial mechanical part of the submarine within the hologram.

“In reality this causes the submarine to malfunction and the crew probably think they have entered some kind of Bermuda triangle. This example of the power of the mind and how it gives rise to matter / the hologram of the matrix is probably the best in order to come to terms with the depth of the deception on Earth.

“You are programmed from birth to join the army of belief constructors that shape reality. The problem of the mind that you must come to grips with is that it can only generate a reality that you are enslaved to, not in charge of, it is the tool that the creator created to control his creation.” – Excerpt, Knowledge Kills – Deprogram The Matrix.

The Senses

This digital hologram of the mind that we are all conscientising together via the 5 senses (that lie to us and betray us) is the primary cause of all the fear we experience which paves the way for mass mind-control. Whatever lives in your inner-domain controls.

The status quo of the soul working for the five senses is over, as the five senses lose their host, the soul, in powering the illusion we are subject to, we will pierce through the illusion deeper than ever before, in order to finally put away the darkness once and for all.


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