END OF DAYS: Are You Sure Doomsday Preparation is for Nut Jobs?

Source – livefreelivenatural.com

– I can’t help but pity the fools who mock and belittle the skeptics of the world. I guess I understand to an extent why they do it. It’s certainly easy to call somebody a nutcase for having alternative or “far-out” perspectives and ideas. And it certainly makes sense if you live in the fantasy world the television immerses the average American in.

Conspiracy theorists, doomsday preppers, and even the average activist are subject to mockery and ridicule for their way of life and thinking. In the end, everybody is mocked for something. But belittling and dismissing skepticism only locks people in their safe little boxes. In this case, let’s talk about doomsday preppers. Doomsday preppers are the folks that invest large amounts of money into building bomb shelters, doomsday bunkers, bug-out bags, etc; people gearing up for a potential fallout. We’re not just talking about the average joe, we’re also talking about the rich and super rich. I’m not sure exactly what is legitimately laughable about that, especially when you consider the fact that nuclear bombs are not a myth, but rather very real weapons that could absolutely be used in the near future. Would they be used on American soil? I couldn’t tell you. But if they are, guess who’s going to be ready for them? The doomsday preppers, including the US Government. That’s right, the US government have also been preparing for “doomsday”.

In fact, President Obama has his own state of the art doomsday plane… a 223 million dollar doomsday plane to be exact. The plane is a modified Boeing 747 called a Boeing E-4. The 3 level craft is referred to as the “National Airborne Operations Center” (project name: Nightwatch) when in operation, which according to the little information available, is rarely. The last time Nightwatch was deployed was reportedly during the 9/11 attacks.

Nightwatch is designed to withstand the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that accompanies a nuclear explosion. An EMP can shut down electronics and/or cause them to malfunction, which would obviously be a major issue on an airplane. Although the plane is decorated with state of the art technology and direct-fire countermeasures, the cockpit is interestingly simple, relying on analog controls that are less likely to be damaged by an EMP.


The crew consists of anywhere between 48-112 people. This makes it the biggest US Airforce crew on an aircraft in American history. The plane was designed to remain airborne for a full week in case of emergency. The plane can be refueled mid-flight, and only requires a single refueling to last the full week. If the engines didn’t have to be lubricated, it’s possible it could stay airborne for much longer.

With the addition of survival necessities like 100 hot meals and medical equipment, communications technology, defense technology, etc, the Presidential doomsday plane is equipped with everything else you might imagine. Plasma TVs, lounge rooms, sleeping quarters, a conference room, a briefing room, a projection room that displays computer images in both the conference and briefing room, a work space for up to 29 staff members, and much more.

So what is the moral of the story here? If preparing for catastrophes is so insane, why does it make so much sense? Why does our president have a multimillion dollar plane to protect him from the very thing that people dismiss as paranoia? Because it’s a smart thing to do. “Plane” and simple. And looking at the way things are unfolding around the world, if you don’t have yourself a bomb shelter, it wouldn’t hurt to make friends with somebody who does.

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