RIELPOLITIK: ‘Big Brother’, Rielpolitik goes to PRISM

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“…All is not well on planet earth, real and viable solutions require information, inquiry & insight. Above all, we require an historically uncompromised road-map detailing exactly how it is we got to this place of structural dysfunction and Plutocratic servitude”:

‘Big Brother’, Rielpolitik goes to PRISM

Followers of this site may have noticed that the article selection as of late has been more archived in nature with precious little recent event reporting since the inauguration of President Trump. This recent change was ostensibly due to electronic interference which affected my ability to edit and post in a manner conducive to maintaining current and relevant breaking news…no one was more surprise by this unexpected development then yours truly. In many ways, I was slightly taken aback that my modest internet offering would warrant such a response…somehow, I had seemingly touched a raw nerve & someone, somewhere wasn’t smiling…

‘Fingerprints of the Gods’…

What was odd about the nature of the interference was that it manifested by way of not so subtle, overt ‘fingerprints’ as to who & how this was all going down. The Internet signal “CIA Surveillance Van” which appeared down the side of my internet connection tab, told me quite clearly, that the site was being monitored…not of course by the CIA, but most probably by the giant eye-in-the-sky PRISM network (…a truly fitting name…obviously chosen with clear intent & purpose), which literally vacuums every electronic fingerprint across the globe – sifting, connecting & archiving this vast electronic haystack for the time when someone like me trips a perimeter wire. As in my case when this happens, up go the flares, and the resulting cyber-tap is usually not far behind.

(PRISM-style surveillance is global, Julian Assange says, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jun/14/wikileaks-australia-surveillance-google-julian-assange)


The Cyber “No-Fly” Zone…*

With Criminal Intent: How banks & the overlords of high finance, enable, profit & procure the illicit drug trade from its inception

The Pedo File: Hidden history of pedophilia & the commanding heights of power

Narco-Politik: Prominent, politically connected individuals/Industrialist involvement with International Drug trafficking

Cover-up: Native Residential Schools, Canada’s Hidden Genocide

Fight or Flight…

The electronic interference (…which persists, how be it with less intensity) escalated further within a month of first receiving notice of my wayward ways. Soon I would see that the “Department of Lasers” was also hot on my trail…enough to make any serious ant-establishment minuteman take to the hills – unfortunately, due to the sudden influx of well-heeled urban refugee’s & their gentrifying ways, even ‘Unabomber’-type hovels in these parts go for major bucks – what’s a pre-apocalypse prepper to do?

The Omni-Present National Security State…

By employing a few simple media filters it had allowed me to remain as I preferred – unanimous. I needed no additional fanfare in my life to feel complete or important, nor was I interested in just “letting sleeping dogs lay’. It was abundantly clear however, that this cyber ‘Psy-op’ was intended to encourage me re-think my time allocation priorities & to not so subtly let me know that Big Brother had taken notice – I must be doing something right.


…The idea that I was being followed in real-time from the outer reaches of space & beamed to a centralized command center full of furloughed brows & big brass balls (…no doubt the hollowed-out, eerily ‘Bondesque’, Mount Cheyenne). Paraded before square–jawed, no-nonsense types on multiple story high screens, searching for any hint of nervous perspiration or sudden twitch that would suggest a deviant, anti-conformist personality disorder – I’ll save you the trouble, I got m’ all….in spades…

(New World Order Surveillance State: Building The All-Seeing Eye, http://beginningandend.com/illuminati-surveillance-state-allseeing-eye/)

What Would Louis Riel Do?…

Having established that all forms of government are at their core quasi-tyrannical in nature (…just push the right buttons and you’ll see*) I decided that the best course of action was to simply persist in the knowledge that RIELPOLITK was an open-source, free-forum of information & opinions (…smacks of Democracy, no wonder they’re pissed-off)

Frankly, it was meant to ruffle feathers…


Co-Creation – Doing ‘Gods’ Work…

…All is not well on planet earth, real and viable solutions require information, inquiry & insight. Above all, we require an historically uncompromised road-map detailing exactly how it is we got to this place of structural dysfunction and Plutocratic servitude. A great concerted effort is required to right the path we are on, but thankfully, there are hopeful & promising signs that this has begun in earnest – be ever vigilant.

…God’s work (…that’s us, by the way) is never easy, nor without consequence – our new world awaits.

(Finally, a heartfelt thank-you to the many who value the site & contribute by way of comment or simply moving the info down through the social media pipeline)

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