ARCHONS, OVERLORDS & MAGIK: The Black Sun, Vril Society & The Secret Space Program – By David Wilcock-

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  • The Nazi’s formed their own splinter group during the early 20th century and made an alliance with the Dracos in the 1930′s. They got UFO tech from them, and there was a German Rosewell with greys inside. Also had telepathic contact [RE: The Black Sun and the Luminous Lodge The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Realization of the Great Work] which lead to a meeting in 1936 in the Himalayas. The Nazi’s wanted to have their own independent space civilization without the Dracos, and got as much tech as possible from them. They went to Antarctica, and found  massive domes for living structures from an ancient civilization, and set up bases there [RE: Are there really Pyramids in Antarctica?]. They also went to the moon, and found ruins of an ancient civilization of beings 70 feet tall. With massive rooms, but no tech because it was plundered long ago. The Nazi’s set up a base on the moon, in the shape of a swastika.
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  • By the late 30′s they were fully into this program colonizing the solar system and beyond, and it stayed that way until the 50′s. They had 2 bases on mars, but they couldn’t build near equator due to massive electrical discharges [evidence of electric universe?].
  • They cut a deal with the US towards the end of the war to continue the program. People below the highest levels didn’t know that. Nazi’s continued to have a dominance in space and tried to strong arm the US by threatening disclosure, flying over the US capitol in 1952. The US didn’t want to give up the tech they found during the war, so they were forced to cut a deal with the Nazi’s and brought them over[project paper clip] thinking they could keep them under US control. But it didn’t work, the US secret space program didn’t evolve out into space until the late 50′s, and the Nazi program continued their activities in the solar system. David knows much of this from Corey Good or Insider GoodETxSG.
  • SOLAR WARDEN FACTION: The first US led secret government program developed[Majestic 12?] was Solar Warden [which turned against the Cabal several years ago and is working with the Alliance of Blue Avians or Sphere beings, more on this later]. The purpose of this group is to be the police force for the solar system. They go out and see who is who out in our local area. There are a lot of ET’s out there.
  • The Nazi’s decided to ally with the ‘toughest group out there’, the negative Draco Alliance called the Dark Fleet.
  • If you could see the dark side of the moon, it looks like Manhattan at night. There have been groups there for thousands of years. 40 different Negative ET groups all inhabit our solar system, and all refer to Earth as “the experiment,” because we have a massive infusion of other types of DNA in our genome, and we have a special aspect of our DNA which makes it more easy to upgrade when galactic shifts happen [Dan Winter’s work reveals that there are many ET races which used artificial tech to speed up their own evolution, Mono Atomic Gold. This tech works by forcing DNA to organize coherently, the so called Spice Melange from the Dune Series. The cost for this is disassociation from their soul group. Although they can maintain a type of immortality within a material body it causes personality dissociation or splitting. Eventually if they do not restore the organic evolution using love and STO modalities, their genetic pattern breaks down, forcing them to resort to cloning techniques. Additionally they can not imprint their soul memory into the Galactic Core. Many Negative ET races have come to Earth because humanity is about to transition into a modality of evolution which they can ‘piggyback on to’ allowing their soul memory to reconcile with ours. Many of these races are trying to ‘have their cake and eat it too, not really changing to STO and using our DNA to fix the problem. This will not work. But those groups who do change can, and our part as humanity is to offer the STO of forgiveness to them. Hence the many channeled works saying our planet is very important to many races].
  • These groups want to take our DNA and infuse it into their own so they can ascend too. BUT if one person ascends and activates their dna, it would be enough to defeat all these negative ET groups, [ala Dragon Ball Z and GT storylines?]
  • These bad ET’s are targeting Starseeds with operatives and trying to get them to embrace a Luciferian philosophy, as an attempt to stop this DNA activation.
  • Solar Warden had tech which wasn’t updated since the 1980′s, and were the underdogs of the SSP’s for many years. But this has changed due to the alliance, more on this later.
  • Huge money launderings occurred during the 20th century to funnel money to the SSP’s: the Korean War, Vietnam, Apollo moon mission, and overly inflated prices of military tech, gas prices, and many other examples.
  • Ronald Reagan became President, created trickle down economics, took the extra money and put into SSP projects. Thats when a huge upgrade to the Solar Warden program took place. All from back engineered UFOs.
  • IPCC FACTION: Inter Planetary Corporate Conglomerate is another group, the manufacturing power behind the SSP Solar Warden program, and began secret negotiations with other races  due to our location in the galaxy being a high traffic area. This group is the corporate infrastructure behind all the Secret Space Programs, much like in the Alien movies.
  • Our solar system is in a very special place in our galaxy, because there is a major portal to other galaxies very close to us, which other races use constantly [Ala Star Trek Deep Space Nine]. The IPCC has been trading with these races (secretly upgrading their tech and leaving the other programs behind) and have some of the best tech in the solar system. The UFO flying disc is an ‘outdated piece of crap.’ The best tech now is in the shape of a ‘dart.’ Smaller and larger crafts that are modular, docking with other craft easily like in Alien.
  • The IPCC has become extremely powerful and it does not share tech with the other human Space program factions.
  • GGLN FACTION: The Global Galactic League of Nations, this was a ‘throw away’ from the big groups, from almost all the nations on earth, africa, latin america etc. They all go to a planet outside the solar system where there is a colony with advanced tech, and beyond from there. [this is a token gesture offered by the IPCC to other nations so they wouldn’t ‘feel left out’, while they conducted their own secret negotiations] This group is also compromised by the Cabal, and are locked out of the solar system by the “barrier.” [more on this later]
  • MILITARY FACTION: Military Faction, provides policing support for the other groups and are on the ground mostly. Much more need to know and compartmentalized then IPCC or Solar Warden. They believe that all the ET’s are ancient, none are new and all left the solar system thousands of years ago. They have been duped into thinking all UFO’s are human, and steadfastly refuse to accept that other ET races are actively involved even today.
  • Because the Solar Warden program has broken off from the cabal, they want to end the babylonian money system (slavery), and want to bring their tech to humanity. They already have the “star trek’ tech available. They use organic materials for replicators, the best is hemp oil.
  • DARK FLEET FACTION: The Draco, Insectoids, Mantis types, Hybrid Groups, half and half mantis, four arms and two legs. Very arrogant, treat the other programs like crap. [these are the fallen ones Dan Winter talks of, who have lost the ability to naturally evolve their DNA using bliss and STO modalities]
  • SMALL FACTIONS: Small groups go out in scott ships, looking to see if everything is ok; reconancence. They have older tech from the 80′s. One of their jobs was to study life that grows in plasma, which are sentient, and feed off magnetic fields from moons and planets. They haven’t been able to make contact yet, as every time the bring the plasma on board for study, the organism dies.
  • Sphere beings showed up in the 1980′s, Re: from Pete Petterson from project camelot. During the time prior to contact, lots of Negative ET’s abducting people, many of awful things happening and then in the 80′s [right around the time the Law of One was channeled], a sphere the size of neptune shows up on the outskirts of the solar system and begins making its way in.
  • This freaked out all our groups. Solar Warden approached the sphere and hailed them. The sphere beings said they were peaceful explorers and told the scout ships to beat it.
This UFO was apparently ‘debunked’ as a Solar Filament,
but gives an impression of the scale of these craft, about the size of Jupiter.
  • In 1999 to 2001 a whole series of spheres come in from the Oort cloud and the portal in the sun. They were cloaked and no one knew what was going on. The Old One’s and Cabal thought this was their dark overloads who promised them resurrection, coming to oversea their plans for 9/11 and the dark occult ritual.
  • 9/11 was planned on the Gnostic day of the birth of Christ, supposedly exactly 2000 years after jesus’ birth. They timed it to the minute as an attempt to gain control of the timeline and move the collective consciousness of humanity into a STS path of evolution [in the law of one the transition from third density to fourth density can either be STO or STS].
  • They asked the lower groups to seed it into the consciousness of humanity in the 80′s and 90′s, even earlier. Many examples in movies. The original 9/11 plan was a devastating attack on 5 major cities, but they argued amongst themselves and changed the plan. This was a major point of conflict all the way up to the event, and the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania was apparently targeting a more influential spot.
  • They first thought the spheres that showed up in 1999 to 2001 was their dark gods, but after the event no change really happened or contact was made. This confused the Cabal at all levels which caused conflicts in their plans developed over centuries.


  • In 2012 strange things started to happen. Now 100 major spheres, the size of planets, even Jupiter began to appear in the solar system. They didn’t respond to hailing signals from the SSP factions.
  • They are known as the Alliance or the Blue Avians and made a treaty with Solar Warden who turned on the other 5 factions, during this time. These beings have been flying their cigar shaped craft in front of SSP installations and the International Space Station. They also have been working with Putin, who is the most knowledgeable member of all these programs.
  • Blue Avians are 8 feet tall, humanoid body type and covered with blue and violet feathers, depending on the individual. The face looks like a bird, with a flexible beek flexible. They speak telepathically, and use hand signals with one hand. This is the same group which identifies itself as Ra from the Law of one.
Thoth depicted over the eye of Ra, who was
apparently a Blue Avian who created ‘Karma’
for the group, discussed  in the law of one as
‘the brothers and sisters of sorrow’.
  • All of them have a names which starts with Ra. Each name means something. In the law of one they describe themselves as the brothers and sisters of sorrow because they made a mess here and now they have to clean it up.
  • In the higher levels of the SSP the law of one is required reading, if you can’t understand it, then you’re not allowed in the program.
  • These beings show up in Spheres at various points over the past 35 years, which blow the IPCC toys out of the water.
  • The Sphere beings worked out a treaty with the Solar Warden since 2012, and has upgraded their fleet, giving them tech greatly in excess of all the other groups, including the Dark Fleet Draco groups.
  • They provided Solar Warden with their non lethal weapon technology which drastically increases the size of metals, such as weapons or blades, so they become useless for a short period of time. [A Highly STO modality of defending oneself from an attacker without killing them or causing major harm, this honors the Sacred Masculine Principle of Self Defence while also honoring the Sacred Feminine Principle of Non-aggression. This is a great example for those seeking to become more STO, which does not mean passivity.]
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  • Solar Warden has been using this tech to prevent cabal activities and nuclear war. Crippling the cabal and their plans. There can never be another massive war, despite the Cabal’s efforts.
  • Indestructible EMP devices the size of a small drones are used to take out Cabal installations if needed..
  • Russians have Onyx missile tech, which can not be found on radar.
  • The Alliance ordered the cabal to make the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still to prepare humanity for what is coming. That the ET’s have tech which will disable all weapons of war.
  • The Cabal knows they’re in trouble, they are extremely afraid. AEGIS was Emp’d[destroyed here?] in november 2014. Putin apparently made it happen.
  • Some of these breakaway Alliance groups wanted to behead the illuminati, but that was decided against.
  • Cabal got really scared when the AEGIS got toasted.
  • A particle beam cannon in Australia, biggest baddest weapon from the programs, targeted a Sphere and fired the cannon in December 2014. The sphere glowed bright red, 1/5 the diameter of the moon, and it redirected the been to Pine Gap where it came from [read more about Pine Gap here]. Almost everyone died and it was considered a massive defeat for the Cabal.
  • “Stasis beings” have been found on Earth, from Atlantean times, beings kept inside a time bubble, intending to wake up at the end of the shift; now. There are about 50 who decided to wait it out for the ascension. They are starting to wake and the Cabal thought they were part of their Dark Gods. One woke up after the sphere was shot by Pine Gap. He was 25 foot tall young humanoid ET which apparently landed here and put himself in stasis along with several others, many thousands of years ago. The cabal was very disappointed it was not their dark god. As a result of this, there was also a massive policy shift in space.
  • The Solar Warden group created a no fly zone over the Earth [much like the Quarantine described here?]. Anyone who tried to fly in or out will be shot down. Some of these meteors we have been seeing, which are very bright, are these craft being shot down.
  • The “rods of the gods” Tungsten bolts that drop from space, which hit the ground with massive force, and can destroy underground bases. In orbit there are several major facilities around since the 80′s but the Sphere beings prevented them from being accessed by the Cabal. They can only access them remotely, but not fire them.
  • All those major weapons have been cleaned out, there are no major cataclysmic weapons left.
  • The Sphere Beings built a barrier around the entire solar system. Stargates still work within the solar system but not outside. Many of the moons in our solar system are mined, and commerce occurs with the other civilizations near the galactic gate. The GGLM faction have an installation outside our solar system for this purpose and are now cut off.
  • All this activity is leading to major disclosure, the end of money, and the beginning of a ‘star trek’ society.
  • Bitcoin was made by the alliance so a system of exchange would be available when the Cabal FRN collapses. [despite the bad press Bitcoin has gotten, it remains largely uncontrolled by the Cabal, which is doing everything in their power to discredit it. It is one of the only major exchange systems that is truly peer to peer, no third party can interfere like in the federal reserve system, i.e SWIFT]
  • Dinar and RV part of the Bush Cartel’s money generating scam.
  • AIIB off shoot of BRICS, is also an alternative not intending to us the Federal Reserve System.
  • The SSP’s that were outside the solar system are stuck outside.
  • This is all building to a massive Cabal arrest and trial like nuremberg, and the ascension shift before 2018. [We have been covering the Babylonian slavery system disclosures of Judge Anna who put forth a call for a mass peaceful uprising against the cabal here: Citizen’s Mass Arrest of the Cabal – What You Need to Know | NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015 issued by Judge Anna von Reitz].
  • Earth is going into 4th Density, which has all the same matter as we do now. The vast majority of people will go to this new layer, but those who chose STS will experience a ‘world ending scenario’. The Dark groups will experience this negative time line, Super volcanos go off, burying everything  40 or 50 feet down. This is for their karmic correction.
  • Top Cabal insiders from 2009, said the shift is not 2012 but 2017. Which is a massive solar event, pushing humanity up vibrationally to fourth density. This is where psi abilities come in, telepathy, clairvoyance, astral travel, etc. [Law of One discussing the 4th density]
  • Some of these high tech groups, have time looking tech and have known about the 2017 solar shift for decades, but these cabal groups don’t know how to make sense of it and think its a major cataclysm. [Daniel from consciousness hugs covered the science of this in depth here. I have been studying the physics of Dewey Larson and his Reciprocal Systems theory, which is endorsed by the Law of One, and it stands as the most accurate physical theory I have ever come across. See this post for more information]
  • Things are supposed to look really bad so we can choose the STO or STS path.[within the law of one philosophy and the principles of Natural Law, as we move towards the nexus point of solar upgrade, our choices which slow our progress will ‘cost more’ (create more instances for karmic learning) so we can choose a path of either STO or STS. While it may seem ‘bad’ it is like the pain experience in life, which draws our attention to something we are doing so we can grow. For example accidentally burning our hand while cooking food so we can become aware of our actions and not ‘get burnt’ again later.]
  • The only thing the Cabal has left is HAARP and Chemtrail tech, and of course the earthly programs of self policing mind control and food, etc. which are already installed in humanity.
  • The people who are aware of this shift are going to have the ‘best seats in the house.’ [I also think all the people who have been bravely seeking the truth, with varying degree’s of success, will experience karmic shifts of a lesser degree, and will help anchor others around them. Each ‘awake’ person will be a guide for others as things heat up’ before the event.]
  • The Cabal is expecting this solar energetic shift could happen as early as the end of summer 2016. [Dan Winter speaks of this as the Rapture, and the Daniel papers speak of this as the quantum leap of the sun. See above links for more on this]
  • David is having dreams of the negative timeline and cataclysms. [I have also been having dreams of post cataclysmic events for years, usually near the coastline, where there are massive city installations floating above the surface of the Earth. I actually just had a dream where I was in a forest with some friends who were working to help humanity. We were being hunted down by a vampiric group of satan worshipers who had normal clothing and looked like regular people. They captured us and were telling us of their plans to enslave humanity and extend their lives using our ‘bio energy’. We escaped from them and found a race of gigantic (50 to 70 foot tall) ancient tree beings (much like the Ents in the Lord of the Rings Movies), who were laying dormant the entire time, waiting for a faction of humanity to realize their STO call and begin taking action. They woke up and began working with us to stop the vampiric group. Amazing similarities to the data david brings forth].
  • The Cabal’s script (per their own myths and legends) is to willingly expose themselves and be defeated so they can be killed and resurrected. They are planning a disclosure, possibly as early as summer 2015.
  • David screwed up the cabal plan for disclosure with his previous talk, the Consciousness Life Expo.


  • The disclosure plan involves an economic disaster so people will get angry enough to want to know the truth. [The karmic corrections and polarization of the STO and STS paths discussed in the law of one.]
  • It will be announced that the US economy will be bankrupt. No major disruptions are intended.
  • Disclosure that the Cabal is the order of the black sun. [Mark Passio spoke of this in his demystifying occult presentation here.]
  • US government is going to try and do “bail in’s”, taking money directly out of peoples accounts. People will get very angry, which will cause a little chaos for a while [this is where those who are aware and brave enough to speak the truth will be invaluable to stabilize the chaos of others]. The alliance has pulled a lot of high level witness for this already. Their testimony will be given remotely off planet when the trials begin, some famous people will be speaking.
  • Leads a guided meditation to end the talk.



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