DIVINE PRESENCE: Mount Shasta & the Seven Secrets

Source  – omtimes.com

– Mount Shasta is a phenomenal place that most people have heard of, but few have visited. The massive volcanic mountain erupts out of the towering pines of the pristine Mount Shasta Trinity National Forest in Northern California. It has been considered a sacred place since the beginning of time. Visiting there is like taking a pilgrimage to a vast outdoor cathedral. Similar to the wonderful lenticular clouds that often cloak the summit, the mountain itself is shrouded in legends and stories that create a mystique for the entire area.

Here are seven secrets you might not have known about magical and mystical Mount Shasta:

Seven Mount Shasta Secrets

Mount Shasta Secret #1: It is a UFO Hotspot

Many visitors from around the world have reported contact with extraterrestrial beings in the star filled skies of the mountain, while driving along the roads, and in several outlying sites around Mount Shasta. Local residents often see ships passing through the night sky. In the Mount Shasta Museum there is a semi-permanent picture display of the amazing lenticular clouds that appear around the mountain. Some people believe that huge mother ships are hovering within these cloud formations. They say that it is the pure energy of the mountain that attracts evolved life forms to come there from throughout the Universe.

Mount Shasta Secret #2: It is the Home of many Ascended Masters

Drawn to Mount Shasta by tales about the Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, Godfrey Ray King visited the mountain back in the 1930’s. He wrote the book, Unveiled Mysteries, which is about the I AM teachings, as given to him by his teacher, St Germaine. According to his book, the great Master, St Germaine, presented himself at various meadows and caves on Mount Shasta and took him to magical places within the mountain for enlightenment. Many people today have similar visions and encounters with advanced masters like St Germaine. The I AM teachings that originated from Mt. Shasta have been instrumental in bringing a powerful spiritual awakening into mass consciousness around the world.

Mount Shasta Secret #3: It is a Ceremonial Grounds for Native Americans

Mount Shasta rises to over 14,000 feet in solitary isolation, towering above everything around it, creating a massive statement. Since stories can be remembered, the Native Americans have perceived this mountain to hold the power of God. It has been considered to be so sacred that, out of respect, the native people would not live on the actual mountain. It is a place reserved by them for important ceremonies. Imagine going there when it is your time to move on to the next world. It was used in this way: a Native American could go there to die in a ceremonial manner when his time had come. The Wintu, Karuk, and Pit River tribes still use the area for ceremonies. Their use of the land for sacred ways is honored and respected by the Forest Service and other government agencies.

Mount Shasta Secret #4: Telos, the Lemurian city, exists under Mount Shasta

The legend says that when the ancient civilization of Lemuria was sinking, some of the Lemurians transported themselves as Light Beings to Mount Shasta and took up residence under the mountain, in the City of Telos. This may be a real city or it could be a city that exists in another dimension. However, even newspaper articles from days gone by, tell of various occasions when eight foot tall, blonde haired beings would individually walk into Mount Shasta City and buy supplies with coins of pure gold. Another story tells of a gathering at sunset, when a group of people watched as a beautiful, tall Lemurian woman walked past them and laid down in the freezing cold waters of Panther Springs. After being there for five minutes, she got up, dripping wet, and silently walked away back into the forest. Some estimate that there are as many as a million Telosians living under Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta Secret #5: Mount Shasta is a Vortex Energy Center

Similar to a place like Sedona, Arizona, Mount Shasta has innumerable vortices up and down its slopes and in the surrounding areas. The energy centers are not mapped out, as they often are at other locations. This quality of remoteness gives individuals a unique opportunity to be in powerful places for private meditations, performing the deep inner work that is needed in order to have a profound, transformational experience, even traveling to other dimensions. When a person encounters these sorts of vortex energy sites on our Earth, it becomes easy for him/her to have experiences that are energizing, nurturing, and balancing. It is always an opportunity to create a euphoric connection to the Divine. Often seekers will receive clarifying messages, healings, guidance, and a wonderful sense of renewal in the powerful vortex centers.

Mount Shasta Secret # 6: The Water at Mount Shasta is Magical!

The water at Mount Shasta is so clean and pure that it is piped directly from the mountain springs into the homes of the people who live there. Drinking the water is like consuming sparkling energy! Since water can function like a crystal, it amplifies everything. When the energy is as pure as it is on Mount Shasta, it infuses the water with a healing capacity and acts like a liquid light force for goodness, intended for every being in the Universe. At the Mount Shasta City Park, where the Sacramento River headwaters are located, there are always people with five-gallon jugs and tiny bottles, collecting water to drink. The water at Mount Shasta might possibly be the purest and the most energized in the world. Rituals and ceremonies performed near the many springs and waterfalls around the mountain can have a profound healing effect on people and animals. Elemental Beings, such as fairies, nymphs, and undines, often show up to participate in the festivities.

Mount Shasta Secret # 7: Mount Shasta is a Chakra Center of Gaia

Just like our bodies, Earth reportedly has seven chakras, or energy processing centers. It has been established that the first one, the root chakra of our Earth, is actually at the very Mount Shasta we have been talking about! This means that when we are there, the mountain is especially helpful in enabling us to release negative energies. The very first chakra is obviously the one closest to the center of our Earth. Being in this situation allows us to be in the strongest position to act as a conduit for all the healing energies coming up from the center of Gaia. What an amazing opportunity! It is a valuable idea to consciously visit each of the chakra centers of our Earth, at least once in a lifetime. It helps us to be in energetic alignment with the amazing Gaia, Earth Being that we walk upon.

There are countless more secrets that abound in Mount Shasta and they can only be discovered by actually being there on the mountain. Reading about such a place can be no substitute for the direct experience of the wild, universal life force energy, colorful meadow flowers, cleansing mists of the waterfalls, sparkling spring waters, the deep blue sky traversed by clouds full of messages, and the glistening white snow fields of Mount Shasta.


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