SOURCE ENERGY: Engine That Uses Water as Fuel, The Story of Pantone’s Invention

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– If you are against oil this interview might be of huge interest to you.
Paul Pantone is the inventor of the GEET system, which is an acronym for “Global Environmental Energy Technology”.  Fuel pretreater apparatus and method US Patent #5794601 published in 1998.  He is originally from the state of Utah, USA.

He invented an apparatus that can be attached to any fuel combustion engine. Once the apparatus is attached the engine can run on alternative substances to be used as fuel such as water, soda pop, coffee, windex cleaner, and even pure crude oil.  Pretty much any liquid!

Picture2-1To simplify it his technology takes the exhaust of the engine and directs it into a separate chamber where the alternative fuel is located. The heat from exhaust bubbles the alternative fuel, breaks it down into a vapor and pushes the vapor through another tube back into an engine. As it travels to the engine somewhere a long the ways it turns into plasma (which is the forth state of matter). The engine uses this plasma electromagnetic energy to power itself.  Now this is a simplified explanation, it was way more complicated than that.
It is a felony to run an engine off of pure water so Paul says “to be politically correct add 20% gasoline to the alternate fuel”. But from what I gather it can run off of pure water.

For more information please listen to interview below to hear details about his invention, explanation and demonstration of how it works. The second part of the interview is his story of how this technology was heavily suppressed, and Paul allegedly claims that he was set up, framed and unlawfully imprisoned in jail and then shipped to a mental institution where he believes “the powers that be” tried killing him off by gross negligence and abuse by not treating infections for over a couple years (while he stayed imprisoned in the Utah mental institution).

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