KILL THE MESSENGER: Are Russian Spetsnaz GRU Operators Securing Donald Trump From Khazarian Assassins?

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“…If these special operators are indeed fluent in English, and can be embedded in any private security companies duly registered in the US, then it wouldn’t be too farfetched indeed if seven security private companies are now reportedly guarding the incoming US president, some if not all of which are compose of 370 elite troops from Russia”:

(Are Russian Spetsnaz GRU Operators Securing Donald Trump From Khazarian Assassins?)

There are some intelligence reports suggesting that in order for Donald Trump to succeed in his efforts to “drain the swamp” of Washington DC, and neutralized Khazarian agents who embedded themselves inside the CIA and US State Department, he needs to be protected by the best of the best in Special Operations from abroad, i.e. the Ultra-Elite Special Forces of the Russian Military called Spetsnaz GRU.

Intelligence insider, The Saker, conducted an interview with one of these special operators:

The Saker: Please introduce yourself in a few words, tell us which Brigade you served in, what rank you achieved there and what your military speciality was?

spetsnaz_emblem-svg_Ramzes: My GRU Spetsnaz call sign was Ramzes. I was born in Russia. I began service in 1994 and finished service in 1999. I was an airborne cadet for four years and served as an officer with the rank of lieutenant for one year after that. I served in the 16th Brigade of the GRU Spetsnaz based out of Chuchkovo. I was the commander of 25 GRU Spetsnaz soldiers. As the commander of this group it was mandatory that I was proficient and educated as a sniper, explosives and ordnace specialist, radio communication as well as use of the English language. To be a Spetsnaz commander you must be trained in all aspects of warfare employed by your entire unit.

In Spetsnaz GRU there is no platoon structure per se as in regular army units. We operate as a group and although command line is respected, all members of the group are active in intelligence and planning as well as mission execution. In Spetsnaz everybody is aware of the full situation and they all have the responsibility and opportunity to think about what the mission is, and to weigh in at any time, and if needed to think and operate on their own if required. Every member of the group must be able to act independently without needing immediate orders, yet knowing what the full scope of the mission is. They can all address the situation and assess and contribute their opinion on operations. As a commander I listen to everybody and make the final decision. This makes Spetsnaz more effective.

The SakerThere are many elite units in the Russian military, including the SOBR and ODON units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Alpha and Vympel Spetsnaz of the FSB, the 4 divisions and 8 brigades of the VDV, the Navy’s Spetsnaz units, the “Zaslon” unit of the SVR, etc. How would you compare these forces to the 7 Spetsnaz GRU brigades? What makes the Spetsnaz GRU unique and different?

Ramzes: In the beginning Spetsnaz was only GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate). They are the original and some say true Special Forces. During the 1990’s the reputation of the Spetznas was renowned throughout Russia and deeply respected. At this time all the forces created their own Spetsnaz units to piggyback on the reputation and elite status of the original GRU Spetsnaz. The very identity of Spetsnaz became a catch word for the elite unit within all of the various military and security organisations.

Originally the main operational concept of the Special Forces was to execute our missions on the territory of the enemy. Now there are domestic Spetsnaz and all sorts of various Spetsnaz delegations that were not trained for foreign incursions like the original GRU Spetsnaz.

When we were trained all GRU Spetsnaz were educated in one or more several key languages – Farsi, Mandarin, English, Arabic, French. Now they learn a greater variety of languages. For example during the Afghan War our Spetsnaz were fluent in various local dialects and after this experience this practice was expanded.

Now if you say that you are Spetsnaz there is more responsibility to live up to a certain reputation as the situation in Russia is exceptionally more advanced and capable compared to the 90’s.

If these special operators are indeed fluent in English, and can be embedded in any private security companies duly registered in the US, then it wouldn’t be too farfetched indeed if seven security private companies are now reportedly guarding the incoming US president, some if not all of which are compose of 370 elite troops from Russia, among others.

Said Russian Special Forces were flown in through the Monarch Air Group by the privately owned security firm, RSB-Group, in coordination with a Delaware registered company.

RSB-Group in USA

In March 2012 Russian PMS RSB-Group has signed an exclusive dealer agreement with a large corporation ULTRA ELECTRONICS USSI for an exclusive supplying and realization of special acoustic hailing devices of non-lethal action HyperSpike; according to the agreement we can for a dealer network all over former USSR countries and in Sri Lanka. Company ULTRA ELECTRONICS USSI stands as a largest producer of special equipment supplying the goods to the Ministry of Defense of USA, USA coastal guard’s offices, SWAT special task forces, customs and boarder control offices of USA and Royal fleet of Great Britain, and also to the French army.

… On the 5th of April 2012 Russian PMC RSB-Group has signed a first sub-dealer agreement with a company GLAMAX CORP.

The analytics of the PMC RSB-Group evaluate the Central Asia market as the most intensive developing and they think that such equipment would be the most needed by the security, defense and law enforcement agencies, and also by the oil, gas and energetic sectors. We have made a planned the entrance to the Central Asia market and we invite serious companies which work in the sphere of security services, which supply similar systems to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz republic and Tajikistan.

PMC RSB-Group is opened to any forms of cooperation.”

The Russian air carrier involved in these private chartered flights is…

Moscow, Russia Private Jet and Air Charter Flights

monarch-air-group Monarch Air Group provides private air charter in Moscow, Russia. Our clients benefit from top-notch service, unrelenting dedication to safety, wide selection of aircraft, and years of experience in chartering private jets.

A security cordon that is truly independent from the US-based Khazarian criminals is what keeps The Donald at  a certain level of confidence not experienced by JFK in his effort to “break the CIA into pieces,” and that should keep the Cabalist sleepless at night.

Police officers help to install concrete barriers around Trump Tower, the home of President-elect Donald Trump, in New York, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. A day after Trump, against all odds, won election as America's 45th president, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday lamented that the nation proved to be "more divided than we thought" but told supporters: "We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead." (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
Police officers help to install concrete barriers around Trump Tower, the home of President-elect Donald Trump, in New York, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. A day after Trump, against all odds, won election as America’s 45th president, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday lamented that the nation proved to be “more divided than we thought” but told supporters: “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.” (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

No wonder that the mainstream media is already demonizing Trump’s security…

The Trump campaign could be forced to publicly justify its security tactics in June when a New York state court is set to evaluate the evidence-collection process in a little-noticed case brought by a handful of protesters who allege they were assaulted by five Trump security officials during a raucous protest outside the campaign’s Manhattan headquarters in September.

The protesters’ lawyers have asked the Trump campaign to release its contracts for security, its guidelines for use of force, its security team’s personnel records, and complaints against its members ― including for excessive force, assault, battery or “violation of any federal or state constitutional right.”

It doesn’t mean, however, that the enemy is already running out of ammunition, aside from the mainstream media, to confront the global resistance.

As we saw prior to Christmas Day, the genocidal maniacs still can inflict pain on the de facto leader of the global resistance, Vladimir Putin, and his people.

Russia, as most of us are already aware of, was never allowed to celebrate its victory over Aleppo with a world renowned military ensemble. They have to shoot it down from a Ukrainian-based HAARP to fry its electronics.

The Russians celebrated their Christmas with muted agony over the 92 dead souls whose only job was to foster understanding and peace throughout the world.

The Alexandrov Ensemble, many members of which were on board the crashed Russian plane that was headed for Syria, is the official choir of the Russian Armed Forces, but its artists performed for peace in any country.

The most peaceful people died – musicians, singers, who had nothing to do with war, but were just singing patriotic songs with their beautiful voices,” Nina Shtuko, the mother of one of the choral singers killed in the crash, Aleksandr Shtuko, put it when speaking to RT.

Other components of the same Russian Special Forces were also deployed in Aleppo to augment the efforts of the Syrian Arab Army making possible the full liberation of the city from CIA Daesh terror.

This covert hybrid war will continue over the year 2017 and onwards, and at a significantly different level now that a possible Trump crackdown of the real enemies of the United States could begin in earnest.

It’s no wonder, of course, that the poster girl of the Khazarian Mafia has started packing up already. They are now moving their valuables and their stolen loot to a neutral, non-extradition country.

“Nobody can ever accuse the Clinton’s of not planning ahead. They have quietly taken $1.8 billion dollars out of the Clinton Foundation and have transferred the money to Qatar, a country with no extradition agreement with the United States.

See and hear the entire story in the following video.”

… and it’s not only with Qatari banks that the Clintons have stashed their loot over the years, but in the usual repository of the high-profile criminals, i.e. the Swiss Banks. It is also where the Vatican pours in their blessings on their puppets, as the higher gods have full control of the system there.

Hillary Clinton and Secret Swiss bank Accounts

By Patrick Martin
31 July 2015

A lengthy report in the Wall Street Journal Thursday details Hillary Clinton’s actions while US secretary of state, on behalf of the Swiss banking giant UBS. The bank reciprocated by means of large contributions to the Clinton Foundation and a fat paycheck for Bill Clinton to participate in a question-and-answer session with UBS executives.

The article examines the type of exchange of services for cash payment that is standard operating procedure for capitalist politicians and their corporate masters worldwide. The only unusual aspect of the transactions is the detailed record, supplied in part thanks to the publication of US State Department cables from Switzerland by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.

In 2008, an American employee of the bank, working in Switzerland, revealed that UBS had thousands of US customers who had opened accounts to avoid paying US taxes. The bank signed a consent agreement in 2009, agreeing to pay a $780 million fine and give the names of 250 account holders. But the IRS was pressing for a broader disclosure—the names of US citizens who held 52,000 numbered accounts worth an estimated $18 billion.

At Clinton’s first meeting with her Swiss counterpart, Micheline Calmy-Rey, there was a list of pressing issues, several relating to Iran, where the Swiss embassy has represented US interests since 1979. The Obama administration wanted Switzerland to accept some Guantanamo detainees, to curtail business by a Swiss-based energy company in Iran, and to intervene on behalf of a US journalist detained in Iran. The Swiss government, serving as the political agent of the Swiss banks, wanted to curb the forced disclosure of information by UBS.

A deal was worked out. In return for Swiss action on its concerns, the US government agreed to a legal settlement with UBS that limited disclosure to information on 4,450 accounts, less than 10 percent of the 52,000 sought by the IRS.

It was at this point that the arrangement moved beyond the routine horse-trading between capitalist governments, into direct financial kickbacks. UBS began to step up its donations to the Clinton Foundation, from less than $60,000 through 2008 to more than $600,000 in total by the end of 2014.

The Journal report continues: “The bank also joined the Clinton Foundation to launch entrepreneurship and inner-city loan programs, through which it lent $32 million. And it paid former president Bill Clinton $1.5 million to participate in a series of question-and-answer sessions with UBS Wealth Management Chief Executive Bob McCann, making UBS his biggest single corporate source of speech income disclosed since he left the White House.”

The newspaper then adds the disclaimer, “There is no evidence of any link between Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the case and the bank’s donations to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, or its hiring of Mr. Clinton.”

But of course, no such link is required in the elevated circles in which the Clintons move. Rarely is it a matter of cash in envelopes. Actions on behalf of corporate benefactors and expressions of “gratitude” and “support” follow like night follows day.

… By 2012, a UBS-sponsored program it called Elevating Entrepreneurs was listed by the Clinton Foundation as one of its most important projects, featuring 11 appearances by Bill Clinton with former President George W. Bush playing the role of second banana at a number of locations, for an undisclosed fee.

Given the Journal ’s hostility to Clinton and the Democratic Party, there is little doubt that the newspaper’s decision to publish the report was politically motivated and intended to damage the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. The facts uncovered, however, are nonetheless damning.

It should also be pointed out that Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire who owns the Journal and dozens of other media properties, including Fox News, is a longtime practitioner of the tax avoidance that Swiss banks like UBS facilitate. Murdoch has changed his citizenship from Australia to Great Britain to the United States to further the expansion of his corporate empire by taking advantage of favorable tax treatment.

As for Hillary Clinton, the report on UBS is only a further demonstration of her decades of hobnobbing with the bankers and billionaires.

One of the grosser expressions of this was reported earlier this week by, which detailed Bill and Hillary Clintons’ attendance at the 2005 wedding (his third) of billionaire Donald Trump to Slovenian model Melania Knauss, at Trump’s Palm Beach estate.

According to this account, based on tabloid reports of the $1 million celebrity-studded event, the groom wore a black Brioni tuxedo, while the bride “wore a $200,000 Christian Dior dress, replete with 300 feet of satin, 1,500 crystals and pearls and a 13-foot, 50-pound train. The strapless gown reportedly took 1,000 hours to make. The reception and after-party at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion featured song and dance facilitated by Tony Bennett and Billy Joel; lobster, caviar and filet mignon; and a 5-foot-tall wedding cake covered with buttercream frosting and 3,000 roses made of white icing.”

Trump is today leading in polls for the Republican presidential nomination. Ten years ago he called himself a Democrat, praised Hillary Clinton extravagantly and donated to her campaigns. This history only demonstrates the vanishingly small differences between the Democrats and Republicans, both controlled lock, stock and barrel by the financial oligarchy.

Of course, Trump has already won the election against Clinton and the world is looking up to what exactly is The Donald going to do to his murderous friends.

He knows them pretty well and he sure is qualified to hunt them down, if the alternative narrative, i.e. that he is anti-establishment, is valid.

We are keeping an open mind.

Are Russian Spetsnaz GRU Operators Securing Donald Trump From Khazarian Assassins?

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