REALPOLITIK: Dr. Steve Pieczenik – “We Did The Counter-Coup Through E-mails And Assange”

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“…The recent outcry about Russian hackers intruding into the DNC is nothing more than another false flag to compel us, taxpayers, to spend more needless dollars on a non-existing threat to our country….Once again, Trump and Flynn are correct in pointing out the one salient fact about the CIA: it is inept! Subsequently, it does not deserve to exist anymore. All of this was basically coded in Trump’s laconic retort: “Russian hacking is ridiculous!”

(Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones, 12-17-16… “We Did The Counter-Coup Through E-mails And Assange”)

I just finished listening to this, and found it very encouraging, particularly about why Mr. Trump has selected various people for his cabinet. Perhaps it will help allay some people’s “fears about the Trump”.

I found it very telling that, during the first part of this video, Dr. Steve Pieczenik was bathed in the light, which is illustrated by the image at upper left. I do feel he is one of the (many) Lightworkers who have come forth at this time to move the world forward. Please recall that David Wilcock has mentioned him several times in his recent “Endgame” articles (Endgame I, Endgame II).


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