NARCO-POLITIK: The Burmese Heroin Pipeline, The Mafia, and US Covert Operations (Archive)

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An Executive Session of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy began it’s meeting. HSCA Chairman Louis Stokes, Representative L. Richardson Preyer, Representative Walter E. Fauntroy, Christopher Dodd and Stewart B. McKinney were there to hear the testimony of Mafia Boss/CIA Assassination Contractor Santo Trafficante regarding his knowledge of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Martin Luther King Jr.

(The Burmese Heroin Pipeline, The Mafia, and US Covert Operations)


Note: The Heroin Pipeline began in Burma bringing the illegal drug to the streets of the US and flooding up to 30 billion dollars a year into the Mafia’s bank accounts which were accounted for by another Trafficante, Giancana and Marcello associate Meyer Lansky. This along with billions in Black Market weapons sales associated with the Vietnam War was vital economic interest to the partnership of the Mafia and US Covert Operations. JFK, MLK and RFK were all threats to the continued success of these operations. They would pay with their lives for their efforts to end it all.

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( April 17, 2008: On a Monday afternoon November 14, 1977 at 2:15 PM an Executive Session of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy began it’s meeting. Members of the House present included Cleveland Ohio Democratic 21st District Representative and HSCA Chairman Louis Stokes, North Carolina Democratic 6th Congressional District Representative L. Richardson Preyer, Washington DC Democratic Representative Walter E. Fauntroy, Connecticut Democratic 2nd District Representative Christopher Dodd and Connecticut Republican 4th District Representative Stewart B. McKinney.

The HSCA Staff present was led by Chief Counsel G. Robert Blakey and included Special Counsel I. Charles Mathews, Assistant Deputy Chief Counsel Kenneth D. Klein, Senior Staff Counsel Donald A. Purdy Jr.,Counsel John W. Hornbeck, Deputy Chief Counsel-Legal Office James L. Wolf, Director of Security Robert C. Morrison, Counsel-Legal Office Jeffrey Facter, Counsel-Legal Office Jan R. Schlichtmann, Consultant and Adviser on Law Enforcement and Organized Crime Ralph F. Salerno, Deputy Chief Clerk Marion H. Wills, Researcher Leslie H. Wizelman, Researcher Ann F. Taylor, Researcher T. Mark Flanagan and Chief Clerk Elizabeth Berning.

The person of interest for the day was the Tampa, Florida Native and former Cuban Mafia boss as well as sometime CIA executive contract assassination facilitator Santo Trafficante. He had been given complete immunity and was represented here by counsel Henry Gonzales and Roger Zuckerman. It was to hear his testimony that this meeting was scheduled in the hope that some revelation would come helping to solve the problem of who killed President John F. Kennedy and in some regard to solve the same for the killing of Martin Luther King Jr.

... Burma's heroin trade and the rise and fall of the drug warlord Khun Sa

After giving his name, Santo Trafficante, and address of 704 Northeast 155th Street North Miami Florida he refused to answer the question of his work with the Central Intelligence Agency by saying, “I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds provided by the 5th ammendment.” He then told the committee that he intended to answer no more of their questions by the same authority. After some discussion of how well the immunity agreement would work for him in that he would never be charged with a crime for anything he told them there that day he changed his mind and said he would answer their questions.

The question of, “During the period of 1960 through 1963 did you have any connection with regard to any business or activity of the Central Intelligence Agency?” He answered, “Yes Sir.”

As the day and the questions drew out Mr. Trafficante confirmed that Mr. John Roselli representing the CIA had first met with him at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami asking for the help of the Mafia in getting rid of the Castro Regime in Cuba. At some point he also met with Mr. Roselli and Mr. Robert Maheu. Mr. Maheu was a business associate of the wealthy Howard Hughes, had been an FBI agent and CIA contract employee and as it turned out had given the contract for the Cuban job to Mr. Roselli who in turn brought Mr. Trafficante in. Mr. Trafficante said that one of those who would help was the former Speaker of the House in Cuba Tony Verona. Mr. Verona would become leader of the Cuban Revolutionary Council late in 1963. Mr. Trafficante further confirmed that Chicago Godfather Sam Giancana was also privy to the assassination plots relative to the mutually beneficial arrangement. The Mafia had lost millions with the takeover by Fidel Castro and were anxious to open up shop again in Cuba.

As it turned out the downfall of this plan came as a result of the President John F. Kennedy order for any CIA and Military support of the Bay of Pigs Invasion to stand down allowing for the killing and imprisonment of most of the Anti-Castro forces.

It is clear from his statements during this Executive Session that Mr. Trafficante was meeting at different times and places where there were other people clearly in the presence and in alliance with the planning of assassinations. On occasion he would say that his only purpose at some of these meetings was that of translator in that he could help when a Spanish language translator was required. It is also clear that Mr. Roselli, Mr. Giancana and Mr. Trafficante were all proficient in the English language which would make it quite unbelievable that his role of translator was needed when the meetings he had with them did not involve other Non-English language speaking persons.

After the end of the effort to dismantle the Castro Regime he continued meeting with usual social contacts but didn’t see the Godfather of Godfathers Carlos Marcello during this period. Later Mr. Marcello would testify that he met with Mr. Trafficante socially at least once a year over a period of over 20 years including the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Mr. Trafficante said that he met John Roselli again in 1967 or 1968 in Los Angeles California. At one point he was asked about his meetings with Roselli and Giancana and he said, “I used to go and bum around with them in the (Fontainbleau) hotel, around the pool or the bar.” This was in contradiction to his earlier and later statements that he only saw them once or twice in 20 years. Although he had earlier said that his first meeting with John Roselli was a business meeting in anticipation of an assasination attempt on members within the Cuban Castro Regime and most especially Castro himself he changed that to say his meetings with Roselli and Maheu were only social and not businesss.

Mr. Trafficante said that he knew Frank Sturgis from Cuba and had a couple of meetings with him. Frank Sturgis sometimes spelled Sturges was born Frank Angelo Fiorini and later changed his name to Frank Anthony Sturgis. Mr. Trafficante said he knew him as Fiorini. Mr. Sturgis would eventually have the unfortunate circumstance of being a Watergate Burglar along with E. Howard Hunt. Photographs were given to Mr. Trafficante with a request that he identify any he could. Of a couple of dozen persons in the photos Mr. Trafficante only identified Frank Sturgis as one he knew.

Mr. Trafficante denied that he had made a statement about President John F. Kennedy that; “He would not be reelected but he would be hit.” It had been reported that the statement had been made to a Mr. Alamon and a Mr. Bruno while discussing the problem the Kennedy brothers had become for the Mafia sometime before the JFK assassination.

Later he would explain that if he had said such a thing he would not have meant it the way it had might have been taken.

“He was kidnapped, he wasn’t deported, he was kidnapped and shipped out of this country illegally.” was Mr. Trafficante’s reply to a question about his conversation with Mr. Carlos Marcello on his return to Miami after his deportation by Attorney General Bobby Kennedy to Guatemala.

Mr. Trafficante was notorious for his ability to mount assassination operations involving high profile and sometimes very powerful people. He, by his own admission, worked with the CIA at times where the operation brought a mutually desirable result. He also provided oversight for gambling, prostitution and the illegal drug trade in Florida through a network of Italian and Cuban mafia soldiers. JFK had dealt him and his friends a fatal blow to all of their business in Cuba which would have amounted to millions of dollars each year for many years. To make matters worse for them he was planning to end the Vietnam War which would have pulled the US Military protection from the Heroin Pipeline. The Heroin Pipeline began in Burma bringing the illegal drug to the streets of the US and flooding up to 30 billion dollars a year into the Mafia’s bank accounts which were accounted for by another Trafficante, Giancana and Marcello associate Meyer Lansky. This along with billions in Black Market weapons sales associated with the Vietnam War was vital economic interest to the partnership of the Mafia and US Covert Operations.

After the Bay of Pigs failure President Kennedy fired Allen Dulles who was a longtime hero of the CIA and a friend of the Mafia due to a relationship of mutual help and respect going back to World War II. The Mafia had been an asset here at home and in Italy eventually providing vital help to the US and the Allies in winning the war. There existed a fear and respect between the Intelligence Community and Organized Crime which often resulted in mutually beneficial operations that were far beyond the understanding of the average American. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was also known to be very uncomfortable with the Kennedy brothers attacks on the Mafia and fiercely opposed to ending the Vietnam War. He and his neighbor and friend Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson also had much to gain from the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

It is in this arena that we find the killing of a President/JFK, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner/MLK and a Senator/Presidential Candidate/RFK with such precision and organization that the killers are never caught, become not just possible but probable and even certain when done with the Mafia, CIA and FBI working together. That is what happened and most Americans, even most people around the world, know that the government’s official position of blaming lone-nut killers for the murders is truly beyond belief, yet we continue to allow the truth to play hide and seek as we walk the halls of history in silent contemplation. So, what do we do and when do we do it; to make this thing that we know is so wrong, to make this thing right?

Audio recording of 1977 (HSCA) House Select Committee on Assassinations Deputy Chief Counsel Robert Lehner asking everyone to identify themselves for the record. He begins; “Everybody, I’m Robert Lehner, Deputy Chief Counsel, House Committee on Assassinations”. The others were; Ed Evans-Chief Investigator, Tom Gannon, Nashville Tennessee Attorney-Jack Kershaw, James Earl Ray – convicted assassin of Martin Luther King Jr., Gary Revel-Special Investigator, Mary Kershaw-Attorney and Louis Seigel. This was an interview held inside the walls of Brushy Mountain Prison in Petros Tennessee. The HSCA was a committee empowered by the US Government to investigate the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To this day most people in America and most informed people throughout the world are not satisfied with the US Government’s official judgement on either assassination as well as the assassination of Presidential Candidate-Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June of 1968.



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