RIELPOLITIK: ‘The Mouse That Roared’, Rodrigo Duterte Takes on an Empire

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“…Duterte, who has been criticized by Washington over human rights concerns amid his bloody war on drugs, has called President Barack Obama a “son of a bitch” and told him to “go to hell”,  – “I announce my separation from the United States,” Duterte told Chinese and Philippine business people – Both in military, not maybe social, but economics also. America has lost”:

‘The Mouse that Roared’, Rodrigo Duterte Takes on an Empire 

He’s been dubbed The ‘Dirty Harry’ of the Far-East, a no-nonsense modern day Wyatt Earp, tasked with cleaning up the seedy underbelly of one of Asia’s newest and dynamic economic ‘tigers’. The Philippines is in the throws of massive economic and social upheaval, and leading the charge is a new diplomatic ‘cowboy’ who seems to feed off the provocation & anger he insights in political rivals & foe alike.

It wasn’t long ago that an adolescent America, looked to men exactly like this to “deal”  with the urban plague of rustlers, dredges and malcontent’s, while polite society slept peacefully in their beds in the knowledge they would be safe from harm

wyatt earp

The famed Law Men Wyatt & Virgil Earp, ran rough-shod over the frontier towns of Tombstone, Arizona and Dodge City, Kansas, and later became enduring iconic figures of the untamed wild, wild west. Effectively, the Philippines today shares many of the characteristics of turn of the century America, a nation comprised of over 3000 individual islands, with a multitude of officially recognized languages and local dialects, looking to realize it’s great and unrealized potential.

(Earp Vendetta Ride – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earp_Vendetta_Ride)

... Police Generals, President Duterte Named & Shamed 3 Top Drug Lords

Both domestic & imperial powers have for centuries manipulated the social and political fabric of the Philippines in order to control the vast riches that lies shallow beneath its earth. A treasure trove so unimaginable, that not for the extraordinarily systematic pillage of the national coffers by generational oligarch’s, or via foreign imperial design, the long-suffering citizens of this island nation would be one of the most wealthy and well endowed citizenry on the planet – ah, but alas, another nation ‘cursed by wealth’ like so many before her  – the Congo, Afghanistan – and on & on the story goes…

(Trillion-Dollar Philippine Economic Goldmine Emerging From Murky Pit – http://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphjennings/2015/04/05/trillion-dollar-goldmine-for-philippine-economy-emerging-from-murky-pit/#54abf3a43f26)

(Afghanistan holds trillions of dollars of natural resources, including mineral wealth and hydrocarbons – http://www.groundreport.com/afghanistan-holds-trillions-of-dollars-of-natural-resources-including-mineral-wealth-and-hydrocarbons-said-karzai/)

(DR Congo: Cursed by its natural wealth – http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-24396390)

ARIES028 | PERSONAL BLOG: Introducing Yamashita’s Gold | History

…it has been a matter of great controversy and speculation, that much of this regions Asian gold and dynastic imperial treasures  – going back to the days of the native Philippine monarchs, Chinese Ming and Japan’s Shoguns – were covertly absconded into unmarked underground caverns and protected with absolute ruthless efficiency by a western-dominated elitist order, coveting nothing less then unrestricted global dominance & power – control of the Philippines would therefore prove to be a vital and Geo-politically strategic necessity

(Operation Golden Lily – Yamashita’s Gold – https://2012patriot.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/operation-golden-lily-yamashitas-gold/)

Yamashita’s Treasure:

It is within this historical context that the decisive, and oft-times brutal words and actions of Rodigo Duterte must be measures. A nation systematically raped of its birth-right and plunged into seemingly never ending conflict via manufactured (Abu Sayyaf/CIA) Muslim extremism, or disruptive generational infighting amongst the competing oligarch controllers. This corrupt national elitist fraction, has expropriated the nations vast wealth at will, both as a matter of divine privilege, or at the behest of their oversea financial overlords and military protectors. Today, young Filipino’s still die at a disproportional higher rate than even that of the most sub-developed, third-world nations –  truly an engineering marvel of contemporary state corruption & graft.

(Maternal mortality rates “not making sufficient progress” http://www.irinnews.org/report/83609/philippines-maternal-mortality-rates-not-making-sufficient-progress-)

Walk Through The Slums Of Manila … | World News

Duterte knows better then anyone that you can only provoke a wounded and angry beast so far before it rises to rear its ugly head. Has there been extra judicial killings ? – indeed many, Has there been summary execution? – indeed many. Has this very public venting of reactionary anger resulted in rivers of tear? – yes, indeed it has.

(Will “They” Really Try to Kill President Duterte? –http://journal-neo.org/2016/10/17/will-they-really-try-to-kill-president-duterte/)

…Lest we forget from the vantage point of our blood-soaked, expropriated American homeland, the blessed soil on which our citizens stand today was made possible by the generations of native cultures trampled afoot and laid to waste by the relentless hoof-beats of ‘Manifest Destiny’ – just another name for genocide.

(American Holocaust of Native American Indians – http://csglobe.com/american-holocaust/)

Native Americans and Aboriginals - War and Genocide in Children's ...

Add to this, the nearly daily occurrence of similar extrajudicial killing by America’s hyper-vigilante, militarized police and it would seem, that we as American’s indeed have some soul-searching of our own to do. Between the clandestine ‘Black’ sites in inner-city Chicago to the unprovoked attacks on constitution-exercising, peaceful demonstrators in North Dakota, it would appear that no nation has lost it’s moral compass more than this great nation of ours, remember, he who throws stones…

This in no way justifies the arbitrary use of deadly force as a mechanism or tactic for effective change, but merely to highlight President Barack Obama’s own inability to seriously impact the rising level of state-sponsored violence increasingly prevalent on America’s own streets.

(Amerika’s Killer Cops Are On A Rampage Murdering Everyone In Sight – http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/09/23/amerikas-killer-cops-are-on-a-rampage-murdering-every-one-in-sight/)

(Criminal Cops Continue To Murder At Will – http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/09/22/criminal-cops-continue-to-murder-at-will/)

topics books editor s picks police police brutality warrior cop news

So as America jockey’s for the moral high-ground over the hitherto unacknowledged Philippine people (…who seemingly so quickly have been endeared by the present Washington administration) we are reminded of our long-forgotten legacy in this same small island nation, a history so tragic, it has been effectively and purposely wiped from our collective memories – the American military genocide of the Philippine people.

(U.S. War Crimes in the Philippines – http://www.worldfuturefund.org/wffmaster/Reading/war.crimes/US/U.S.Philippines.htm)

Philippine-American War: Death Toll 1,000,000 – https://espressostalinist.com/genocide/philippine-american-war/

Magnum Force – Walk Tall & Carry a Big Stick…

…’Dirty Harry’ & the similar cast of trigger-happy vigilantes Eastwood portrait during the “hot’ crime-spewed summers of the 1970’s, were massively commercially successful, propelling the likes of Charles ‘Death Wish’ Bronson and Clint Eastwood into Hollywood stardom.

Magnum Force - Dirty Harry

Jonas Alexis 10-18-16… “Rodrigo Duterte to New World Order agents: “I’ll humiliate you”” – Veterans Today)

…Well, just try and think of him as a new action figure, a take-no-prisoner, locked & loaded, high-noon gunslinger staring down the barrel of the once mighty the red, white & blue….

(Rodrigo Duterte says Obama ‘can go to hell’ – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/04/philippines-rodrigo-duterte-tells-obama-go-to-hell)

... Why Third World Pres Just Told Him to 'Go to Hell' | Truth Revolt

(Philippine Leader Duterte Ditches U.S. for China, Says ‘America Has Lost’ – http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/philippine-leader-duterte-ditches-u-s-china-says-america-has-n670066?cid=public-rss_20161021)


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