CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: ‘Behind The Scenes’, With David Wilcock & Corey Goode

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“…Our latest cycle ended on December 21, 2012, and we are now in the new cycle. The new cycle is often referred to as the Golden Age. The date is confirmed by the Mayan Calendar, which ended at this date. The calendar has always said it was the end of a cycle and the start of a new, which some have misinterpreted as meaning the end of the world. The Hindu calendar, according to many scholars, also puts an end to the dark Kali Yuga cycle at this time and the entry into the Satya Yuga. Similarly many indigenous spiritual belief systems have 2012 as the end of an era and the official start of a new one”:

(Disclosure Behind The Scenes: A Day With David Wilcock And Corey Goode)

A look into a “Going to record episodes of Cosmic Disclosure” day with David and Corey. Personally, I like these “not on air” videos (prior video by Corey is Here, as they illustrate that DW and CG are indeed human beings… sometimes wonderfully “strange” one, at that.

A few time points (periods) I noted:

0-5 minutes: Intro and discussion of trolls, etc.
7:30: Kp note, I saw a large cloud ship at this point.
” ” : Various discussions (monologues?) by DW.
15:15: Preparing for and dealing with conferences (as Corey prepared for his Mt. Shasta appearance.)
17:30: YouTube funny business, plagiarisms, likely cabal/government connected.
21:05: Illuminati propagation research.


Gene Roddenberry Based Star Trek on Secret US Navy Space Fleet

Rodenberry based Start Trek on US Navy

September 8 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Star Trek science fiction series that began in 1966. There is significant evidence that its creator, Gene Roddenberry, did not simply come up with the idea of Star Trek on his own. Instead he was encouraged to create the series based on classified information surrounding the development of a secret U.S. Navy space fleet that would build a broad extraterrestrial alliance. This led Roddenberry to come up with the idea of a United Federation of Planets, with its military headquarters in San Francisco….

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