MIND GAMES: Terence McKenna, “There Is A Secret, And This Is It” (Archive)

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Ayahuasca: the greatest secret in the universe (DMT) – People around the world have begun to ‘wake up’ and take the journey down the rabbit hole to see what’s really going on in the world and start questioning what this reality is all about:

What is reality and why are we here?

After personally having had multiple DMT, ayahuasca experiences and met many people who have had the opportunity to do the same it is clear that the ayahuasca experience is one of the best kept secrets in the universe.

Although each persons experience on ayahuasca is unique, there are some commonalities that show up again and again.

These include:

  • experiencing pure love and wisdom.
  • entering another realm more real than what we experience day-to-day on earth.
  • realizing we are all one.
  • fear of death eliminated, as you realize this is a temporary existence for your soul to grow and learn.
  • everything is conscious.
  • entering a realm where space and time no longer exist, everything is infinite and in the ‘now’.
  • experiencing unconditional love through every cell of your being, on a level we don’t have words to describe.
  • having access to all information in the universe instantly. Realising we in our human bodies will never fully grasp all there is, reality is far more complex than we could ever imagine.
  • reliving past experiences of your life, first from your perspective, then from the other persons perspective. We get to feel how we made them feel. This is for us to learn, not as a punishment.
  • there is no punishment in this realm, even if your have a ‘bad’ experience. The ayahuasca is teaching you a valuable lesson, it’s up to you to learn from it.
  • digging up past traumas buried deep in our subconscious, bringing them to the surface and helping us face them and get over them.
  • a love for all living beings (people and animals). Many people eat less meat, go vegetarian/vegan or eat more fruit and vegetable following the experience.
  • giving up on the material world, many people change their field of work to one that help others rather than focusing on making money for oneself.
  • realizing that we are not here to accumulate money or physical possessions, we are here to help one another, love one another and grow.
  • during the experience the ego is removed, revealing your true self.
  • you may see complex geometry, moving and flowing in colourful patterns.
  • realizing everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
  • feeling of your pineal gland (3rd eye) being sore for a day or two after, like a muscle worked out for the first time.
  • meeting other beings far more intelligent than any human and being able to telepathically communicate with them.

Many people begin experiencing or noticing synchronicities in their lives following an ayahuasca experience. As if they have been aligned with their true purpose in this life. People show up in their lives, opportunities arise, they see repeating numbers like 11:11 more and more.

It should be noted that taking ayahuasca will not solve your problems, it will merely highlight them and change your perspective on them so you can overcome them. It is a tool.

“You can say you know everything, I’m a smart guy, I was top of my class. I get you high on DMT, I guarantee you will think about everything differently for the rest of your life.” ~ Joe Rogan

How can ayahuasca help heal the world?

Most people realise that the operating system our planet currently runs on is out of date and needs to be replaced with something else, ayahuasca teaches us to make love our core principle.

The overall message ayahuasca gives is “LOVE”.

By love I mean, unconditional love, appreciation and gratitude.

Despite ayahuasca having been used by native tribes in the Amazon for thousands of years to ‘access the spirit world’ and it’s proven cures of both mental and physical diseases it is labelled a schedule 1 drug.

DMT occurs in all living things, your body is producing it right now.

Yet it is illegal. How ridiculous.

Ayahuasca is non addictive, in fact it is proven to cure people of drug, alcohol and many other addictions and destructive behaviours. Ongoing studies are taking place and the results so far are worrying to Big Pharma as it actually cures the problem, not mask the symptom like our ‘modern medicine’ does.

Most people would agree that humanity needs a positive shift in consciousness, nothing can deliver this faster, safer and more natural than ayahuasca can.

Should I take ayahuasca?

If you feel the calling then I would highly recommend you take the bold step.

If you want to explore your spiritual side or try something other than the 9-5 accumulate money till you die mentality then this may be for you.

Find a recommended shaman with many years experience. A good shaman will guide your experience should you need help and will ensure you feel as comfortable as possible.

Whilst ayahuasca is now spreading around the world, it comes from the Amazon, with many people now heading down to countries like Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil to have the ayahuasca experience.

So prepare to have your mind opened and enter a doorway to another world…this may well be the greatest secret in the known universe:

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