REALPOLITIK: ‘Covert WW3’, Russian FSB Foiled CIA-Ukraine Terror Attempt in Crimea, Militaries on Full Combat Status

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“…This latest attempt to start a war inside Crimea is CIA’s response to the recent pivot of Turkey towards Russia, most notably, the revival of the Turkish Stream, after Erdogan survived what he believes to be a CIA-instigated coup to topple him”:

(Covert WW3: Russian FSB Foiled CIA-Ukraine Terror Attempt in Crimea, Militaries on Full Combat Status)

Military exercises are conducted regularly by armed organizations around the globe, but not as frequent as they are today, and with increasing realism they have admitted, because there is indeed a real and covert hybrid war that is going on for the ultimate control of the planet.

Just as Vladimir Putin was talking to his “new friend” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on August 7, the Russian FSB thwarted an elaborate terror attempt from the Ukrainian border and into the Republic of Crimea.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) prevented terrorist acts in Crimea plotted by Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said Wednesday that it had prevented terrorist attacks in Crimea prepared by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence services.

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation prevented terrorist acts in the Republic of Crimea, prepared by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s Main Intelligence Directorate,” the FSB said in a statement.

According to the security service, the attacks were set to target the peninsula’s key infrastructure and facilities.

“The goal of the sabotage and terrorist acts was to destabilize the sociopolitical situation before and during the election of federal and regional authorities,” the FSB said.

One FSB officer was killed during the counterterrorist operation.

“As a result of search operations on the night from August 6 to August 7, 2016, a group of saboteurs was discovered near the town of Armyansk in the Crimean Republic. An FSB officer died as a result of a firefight during the arrest,” the FSB said.

Twenty improvised explosive devices, ammunition and other weapons at the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been uncovered at the site, the service added.

Attempts to destabilize the situation in Crimea, where security will be provided in full, are doomed to failure, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said Wednesday it had dismantled a spy ring in Crimea organized by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, which was plotting acts of terror and sabotage on critical and life-supporting elements of the peninsula’s infrastructure.

“Attempts to ‘destabilize the situation’ in the Russian Crimea are doomed to failure. We will undoubtedly provide stability and security in the Republic of Crimea,” the ministry said in a statement.

Commenting on the deaths of an FSB member and a Defense Ministry serviceman during the course of arrests and a counter-espionage operation, the ministry warned Kiev and its facilitators of grave consequences.

“We would also like to warn Kiev and its foreign curators that the damage caused to Russia, the loss of Russian troops, will not remain without consequences,” it said.

Russia has repeatedly pointed out to its partners Ukraine’s unwillingness to seek peaceful solutions, the ministry said.

“We have repeatedly pointed out to our partners that the current Kiev authorities are not interested in looking for peaceful ways to resolve problems in Ukraine, they are not ready to compromise, but seek to resolve emerging issues via forceful, and now terrorist, measures,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry reiterated its call on its partners to influence the Kiev authorities and ward them away from dangerous steps “which could have the most negative consequences.”

Russia is worried by inaction on the part of Ukrainian authorities in the face of rising militant rhetoric and violent actions by the country’s so-called volunteer battalions, the ministry said.

“We are seriously concerned about the inaction of Kiev authorities in the face of growing militant rhetoric and violent actions taken and planned by the so-called volunteer battalions and other extremists.”

After this terror attempt was exposed, Ukraine immediately build its armed forces on the Crimean border.

Ukraine has built up its armed forces on the border with Crimea in accordance with President Poroshenko’s combat readiness order, the country’s chief of the general staff said.

“Divisions and units of the Ukrainian armed forces which are stationed in the vicinity of the administrative border with Crimea are on high alert. A build-up of corresponding groups has been carried out,” Viktor Muzhenko said on his Facebook page.

Earlier in the day, Petro Poroshenko ordered to put all military units near the border with Crimea and in Donbass on high combat readiness.

The move comes a day after the Russian Federal Security Service said it had foiled terrorist attacks in Crimea organized by the Ukrainian main intelligence directorate, and stamped out a spy ring detaining both Russian and Ukrainian nationals involved in the plot. Two Russian officers were killed.

Crimea rejoined Russia after a 2014 referendum in which over 96 percent of the Crimean population voted in favor of reunification. Sevastopol, which has a federal city status, supported the move by 95.6 percent of the votes.

This latest attempt to start a war inside Crimea is CIA’s response to the recent pivot of Turkey towards Russia, most notably, the revival of the Turkish Stream, after Erdogan survived what he believes to be a CIA-instigated coup to topple him.

turkish stream

Turkish-Russian mega-project the Turkish Stream could soon be revived amid improving ties between Ankara and the Kremlin. The natural gas pipeline, which was designed transport gas from Russia to Turkey and Greece via the Black Sea, was originally scrapped in December 2015 by Turkish President Recep Erdogan. He blamed Russian “non-compliance” for the project’s failure: Moscow had refused to discuss the pipeline following the downing of a Russian jet by Turkish forces in November.

“Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a clear-the-air summit in St Petersburg on Tuesday, the first time the pair have met since they fell out over the Russian fighter jet downed by the Turkish air force last November. After more than three hours of talks, the two leaders promised to return their economic relations to “pre-crisis” levels and attempt to put the bad blood of the past nine months behind them.

The visit was also Erdoğan’s first trip abroad since the failed coup attempt in Turkey last month, and in his opening remarks he thanked Putin for his support. “Your call straight after the coup was very pleasing for me and our leadership and our people,” said the Turkish president, who referred to Putin as “my dear friend”.

“It is our principled position,” Putin said, in regard to the coup attempt. “We are always categorically opposed to any attempts at anti-constitutional activity. I want to express the hope that under your leadership the Turkish people will deal with this, and justice and legality will prevail.”

… the failure of its puppet White House’s attempt to subjugate China in the Southeast Asia region, i.e. West Philippine Sea…

“… the military ground forces involved in this high alert comprise two combined arms armies and their subordinate large units and formations stationed in the Trans-Baikal and Khabarovsk Territories, the Amur and the Jewish Autonomous Regions, while the nuclear forces involved are located in the Kamchatka region and have been equipped with Iskander short range ballistic missiles (NATO reporting name SS-26 Stone) that they began to receive last year.

The massive American-led naval fleet prompting these shocking orders to be given, this report continues, is comprised of nearly 50 ships and submarines, 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel from 26 nations that had been involved in the just completed bi-annual RIMPAC 2016 war games in the Pacific Ocean—but who at 9:00 (GMT+3) this morning were placed on full combat status at the same time Japan issued a warning to China that ties between their nations had deteriorated.

This report speculates that this massive US war move was prompted by a breakdown in talks between Chinese and American political and military officials currently taking place in Qingdao, China, where yesterday the USS Benfold (DDG 65) arrived with top Obama regime officials.

With US warships already surrounding what the West calls “disputed waters, this report says, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan has warned his nation to prepare for a “peoples war at sea while at the same time ordering combat air patrols over them.

To understand this conflict between China and the West in its historical context, this report explains, were the Western colonial nations in the 18th century carving up the vast Chinese nation and dividing it among themselves.

For the last two centuries, this report continues, China was unable to assert itself against the breakup by these Westerners of its territory—but now that it is a world power possessing a nuclear arsenal of its own, it is, in essence, reclaiming what has been its seas for over 4,000 years.

There’s now a developing standoff between China and US naval forces in the West Philippine Sea.

Chinese Coast Guard members approach Filipino fishermen as they confront them off Scarborough Shoal at South China Sea. file photo

The Chinese military appears to be dramatically increasing its presence around a key island in the South China Sea, sending a strong message to Washington.

As Beijing continues its land reclamation projects in the South China Sea, Washington has remained adamant about one island in particular: Scarborough Shoal. Located northeast of the Spratly archipelago, it is claimed by China, Taiwan, and the Philippines, and the US has maintained that any attempts to militarize the shoal would cross a “red line.”

According to Pentagon officials, Beijing may have just crossed it.

While China has maintained a small presence of two or three maritime security vessels around Scarborough Shoal, that number has escalated in the last few weeks. US officials familiar with intelligence reports tell the Washington Free Beacon that there are now over a dozen Chinese ships in the area.

On top of all of the above skirmishes, another War of Terror should commence to mitigate the backlash emanating from the recent devastating Wikileaks expose about Hillary Clinton’s arming of ISIS, to distract the American public to the recent Clinton murder of Shawn Lucas and the unexplainable Pentagon $6.5 trillion expenses!

Japan, for its part, has also expressed “deteriorating China-Japan relationship over disputed East China Sea islets, and China’s envoy in Tokyo reiterated Beijing’s stance that the specks of land were its territory and called for talks to resolve the dispute.”

The diplomatic tussle comes amid simmering tension as China builds on outposts in the contested South China Sea, including what appear to be reinforced aircraft hangars, according to new satellite images.

Ties between Asia’s two largest economies have been strained in recent days since Japan saw a growing number of Chinese coastguard and other government ships sailing near the East China Sea islets, called the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.

The flurry of Chinese incursions into the waters follows a period of sustained pressure on China over its activities in the South China Sea, and China’s criticism of what it sees as Japanese interference in that dispute.

The obedient Khazarian puppets in Japan are also actively engaging the Philippines. Japan’s foreign minister made a state visit in the Philippine 2 days ago purposely to talk about the issue in the West Philippine Sea. It committed itself to extending assistance to the Philippines by giving out hard naval assets, among others.

This, Japan is doing, after Philippine President Duterte assigned the task of engaging China peacefully to former President Fidel V. Ramos. China, through its ambassador, has shown interest in building the critical railway systems in the country, as it had already started doing in Luzon more than six years ago, only to be sabotaged by the last pro-US administration of BS Aquino.

Covert WW3: Russian FSB Foiled CIA-Ukraine Terror Attempt in Crimea, Militaries on Full Combat Status

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