EUGENICS: ‘Mein Kampf (My Struggle)’, Hitler’s American Inspiration – Eugenicist Madison Grant (Archive)

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– “…“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase  until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” – Bertrand Russell”:

Eugenics “is the study of the agencies under social control, that improves or impairs the racial qualities of future generations either physically or mentally.” 
-Sir Francis Galton

In the 20th century over a hundred and fifty million people were murdered by their governments.
Russia More than 60 million
Germany  22 million
China More than 60 million
Guatemala 300,000
Cambodia More than 2 million
Turkey 1 million 500,000
Uganda 300,000
Rwanda 800,000+ 

So many deaths on such a mass scale appears to be the result of government leaders on a    power trip.

             “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and          successful in history.”
-David Rockefeller (New York Times Aug 10th, 1973)

China and its revolution have been a prime example of how eugenics can be implemented on a society as whole. As many people know, China has adopted the one child policy. This was due to lobbying from several eugenics organizations including Planned Parenthood and the United Nations. This policy was phased in, in the 1960s. Citizens who do not follow this policy were faced with heavy fines. Later the punishment would become more severe and parents are now being imprisoned if they fail to comply. The combination of forced abortions and the cultural desire for families to have male children has plunged China into an extensive dilemma. There are now 30 million more men than women. All opposes are sent to forced labor camps. Their blood and tissue types are saved for organ harvesting. The Chinese government then sells the organs of its prisoners to buyers on the world market. Elderly and disabled people are euthanized. 

Leaders from hundreds of yrs ago have articulated their yearning to conduct every aspect of their citizens’ lives. Ranging from breeding programs to mass extermination of undesirables. Robert Thomas Malthus, a British scholar, was known for stating that a mass food collapse would be ideal, as it would wipe out the poor. He would later call this imaginary scenario A Malthusian Catastrophe. His concepts would later aid the ascension of a new scientific field that would influence the course of history for the next 200+ yrs.
Charles Darwin, a English naturalist, developed the theory of evolution known as Darwinism. The main approach of this theory is “survival of the fittest”. He was a great admirer of the Malthusian catastrophe concept. Darwin’s theories were pushed for acceptance in the scientific communities in England and then accepted around the world. Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton is known as the father of eugenics. He then applied social principles to Darwin’s theory creating Social Darwinism. This social design theory was so strongly believed that the Galton, Darwin, and Wedgwood families pledged that they were only breed with each other. They had no doubts that within a few generations they well have created super humans. Of course because of inbreeding the families’ experiment had devastating effects. Within two generations 90% of their offspring either died at birth or were seriously handicapped.

Biometrics was also created by Galton in the 1870s. This was applied as a way to track racial traits, genetic histories, and a to decide who would be licensed to breed. In 1904, the Cold Springs Harbor Research facility was started in the US by eugenicist/biologist, Charles Davenport

In 1907 the first sterilization laws were passed in the US when Indiana became the first state to take on these policies. Anyone with mild deformities or low test scores were arrested and sterilized against their will. 
1910, the US Eugenics Record Office was installed and the British had set up their first organization of social workers. Their duties were to serve as informants and enforcers of the eugenics group movement. The social workers would decide who would have their children taken away and who would be sterilized and in some cases who would be murdered. 
In 1911 eugenics is brought to Germany by funding an institute which would later become a central influence to the Third Reich. 
At the 1912 International Eugenics Conference in London, is where eugenics gained great status in the international community. 
H.G. Wells, a best selling sci-fi author, had studied biology under a top eugenicist and was eagerly spreading the word about eugenics. In 1916, one of Well’s many lovers, Margaret Sanger begins her mission to promote eugenics in the US. In 1923, Sanger receives funding. Sanger than wrote to fellow eugenicist Dr. Clarence J Gamble stating that black leaders would need to be recruited to act as front men in sterilization programs aimed black communities. 

In 1924, Adolf Hitler releases his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle), crediting US eugenicists as his inspiration. He also wrote a fan letter to American eugenicist/conservationist Madison Grant praising his book The Passing of the Great Race. Hitler developed his plan for the extermination of Jews and handicapped from Grant. 

By 1927 eugenics went mainstream in schools, churches, fairs and other social functions. More than 25 states passed sterilization laws and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of ruthless sterilization policies.
As Hitler rose to power in 1933, national eugenics laws were passed in Germany models after laws in the US. By 1936 Germany had taken the reigns as the world leader in eugenics by sterilizing and euthanizing thousands of innocent people. Major US eugenicists were said to be sent to Germany to advise the Nazis. Germany had gone over the edge and the Nazis had proven to be an embarrassment to the eugenics movement.

Many eugenics organizations then changed their names. New names began to emerge. Population control, sustainability, conservation, and environmentalism replaced racial hygiene and Social Darwinism.
Thousands of Nazi scientists were then smuggles into the US and put into key scientific positions, ranging from bio weapons to rocketry and all throughout the military industrial complex.

IBM founder, Thomas J Watson was a known admirer of Hitler and his work. He supplied the Nazi death camps with IBM computer punch cards. Tattoos on camp victims were IBM human identification numbers which fed into the computers. IBM had used similar punch card systems as early as 1928 in the Jamaican Race Mixing Study. The first computer is said to be made by a eugenicist for eugenics.

           “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute    something to solve overpopulation.”
-Prince Phillip (Reported by Deutshe Press Agentur DPA August 1988)

The most well known eugenics study in the US would be the Tuskegee Syphilis Project killed hundreds of African Americans and spanned over 40 yrs until a whistleblower exposed the project in 1972. Secret experiments are often conducted. Radiation experiments have been implemented on thousands of unsuspecting individuals. Hundreds of hospitals within the US are said to have injected healthy men, women and children with uranium and plutonium. Dosage levels would vary from non-therapeutic to lethal, killing many of the test subjects. The covert testing of chemical, biological and radiological agents on un-consenting populations continues all over the world today. Aggressive sterilization of men and women continued in many states until the mid 1980s.

The US and England are currently testing pesticides and toxic experimental drugs on thousands of healthy foster kids. Chairman of the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians Joseph Burkett testified before the state house select committee hearing on psychotropic drugs in foster care. What he stated shocked the public. He said that 2/3 of foster children in Texas were placed on drugs because they were “very very sick from a bad gene pool.”   Many die as a result of the experiments. Prisons as well have forced inmates to participate in corrupt experiments. 

            “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase  until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”
-Bertrand Russell

Noble Prize winner Russell wrote about how vaccinations filled with mercury and other brain damaging contents would develop a zombie population.

Hundreds of eugenicists have believed that the elite believe themselves to be a separate, more advanced species then the common man. They have even went as far to say that their true aspiration was not to improve the heredity of the commoner, but to further dumb then down to become more manageable and obedient to authority.

Over a hundred yrs ago, eugenicist social planners said that they’d use mind altering drug to control populations. By 2007 more than 20% of the US population was on some type of prescription anti-depressant. There are now some eugenics pre-crime policies. Fetuses are prescreened based on family histories of crime. Child protective services are enrolling newborn children into criminal databases at birth.

In 1976 the US made third world population reduction, a central national security issue with  National Security Study Memorandum 200. This plan targeted 13 countries where massive population reduction was ordered. It was recommended that World Bank loans be given on the condition that these select countries would begin aggressive population control programs, such as sterilization. Also adding that food could be used as a weapon and instigating wars would serve to reduce population. 
In 1972, the Nixon administration would implement a eugenics policy as well. This was directed by George Bush Sr. who was then US ambassador to the UN. Bush advised China on their one child policy and directed the government to forcibly sterilize more than 40% of Native American women on reservations. Within the draft copy of the UN Global Diversity Assessment it’s stated that we must reduce the human population on earth from its current level of approximately 6 billion down to 1 billion people.
In the 1970s, South Africa developed race specific bio-weapons to target blacks and Asians. Then the technology was sold to Israel in the mid 1980s. In September of 2000, a project titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses in which it is describes race specific bio-weapons as political tools. 

It is said that there is now a aggressive push for a worldwide one child policy. Several billionaires and those in upper class society have donated millions to the population control organizations. Often these actions are often disguised as charitable donations to third world children.

Now that the eugenics movement has been able to move past Nazi allies and negative receptions, it is said to be using people’s natural concerns for the environment as a way to hide their real agenda. There are doing this by recommending and implementing global policies worldwide that further destabilize the progress of third world countries. Invented conservation and environmental groups are the biggest private landowners in the world. They lobby government to take property away from local populations, only to develop it themselves later. Several companies are concocting Tran genetic species hybrids, splicing plant, animals and insects and releasing the new organisms into the wild, while large environmental organizations do nothing about this. 

Eugenics has dominated the 20th century. It’s now morphed itself into the field of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics. The founder of Sun Microsystems, Bill Joy, went public in 2000 warning of a deadly accord among the technocratic elite. He stated that at best man would become completely enslaved by 2030 and at worst; the mass extermination of everyone except the elite would take place. The techno elite are part of a group known as the Trans humanist or Post Humanist movement. Many of its members see only the beneficial possibilities of technology’s rise. Like bringing sight to the blind, sound to the deaf and longevity in life for all. Trans Humanists believe that it is possible to attain the fountain of youth by merging with technology. They said decades ago that if someone does not accept augmentations or enhancements, they may not be able to get a job. 

          “The elite who occupy the commanding heights of digital reality are suicidal nihilists. Suicidal nihilists know that there is no longer any substantial purpose to their willing. But they would prefer to go on willing than not to act at all. They can very happily ally themselves with a notion of nuclear holocaust or perfect exterminism.”
-Arthur Kroker

There is no doubt that eugenics is real, but its promise to improve heredity seems almost nonexistent. There are no cases in which it is verifiable that anyone has benefited from eugenics. It seems that all that’s left is a history of failed, un-consented experiments and mass murder. The true purpose of this project seems shrouded in contention. This concept seems realistic when applied to the animal kingdom, but as for humanity it’s came across as an instrument to control the masses by those in power. While some approaches may be more subtle than others, it’s a dangerous game to play and needs to be more closely monitored. If we are indeed being controlled and directed subconsciously, who is steering us?

*One Child Policy The one child limitation on most families in the population control policy currently active in The Peoples Republic of China. (Pinyin meaning policy of birth planning).
*Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) The US affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) providing reproductive, maternal and child health services.
*United Nations (UN) Founded in 1945 after WWII to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries and provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subdivisions to carry out its missions.
*Organ Harvesting The removal, preservation and the use of human organs and tissue from the bodies of the recently deceased to be used in surgical transplants on the living.
*Robert Thomas Malthus (England  Feb 13th 1776-Dec 23rd 1834) British scholar influential in political economy and demography. He was widely known for his theories concerning population control and its increase or decrease in response to various factors.
*A Malthusian Catastrophe (Also known as Malthusian check, Malthusian crisis, Malthusian disaster or Malthusian nightmare) Originally foreseen to be a forced return to subsistence-level conditions once population growth had outpaced agricultural production.
*Charles Darwin (England Feb 12th 1809-Apr 19th 1882) English Naturalist who established all species of life have descended over time from common ancestry, and proposed the scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process he called natural selection. He published his theory with compelling evidence for evolution in his 1859 book On the Origin if Species. The theory of evolution would then be known as Darwinism.
*Sir Francis Galton (England Feb 16th 1822-Jan 17th 1911) Half cousin of Charles Darwin, he was an English Victorian polymath, anthropologist, eugenicist, tropical explorer, geographer, inventor, meteorologist, proto-geneticist, psychometrician, and statistician. He was knighted in 1909. He was the first to apply statistical methods to study human differences and inheritance of intelligence introducing the use of questionnaires and surveys for collecting data on human communities, which he needed for genealogical and biographical works as well as his anthropometric studies.
*Social Darwinism This term has been applied to the claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution can be used to understand the social endurance of a nation or country.
*Charles Davenport (Connecticut, USA Jun 1st 1886-Feb 1944) A prominent American eugenicist and biologist. He was one of the leaders of the American Eugenics Movement, which was directly involved in the sterilization of around 60,000 “unfit” Americans and strongly influenced the Holocaust of Europe.
*1912 International Eugenics Conference (England 1912-1932) The global venue for scientists, politicians and social leaders to plan and discuss the application of programs to improve human heredity in the 20th century.
*H.G. Wells (United Kingdom Sep 21st 1866-Aug 13th 1946) English author best known for his work in the science fiction genre. 
*Margaret Sanger (New York, USA Sep 14th 1879-ep 6th 1966) One of H.G. Wells’ admitted lovers and American birth control activist and the founder of the American Birth Control League. In 1937 she became chairperson to the Birth Control Council of America. From 1939 to 1942 she was an honorary delegate which included a supervisory role with the Negro project alongside Dr Clarence Gamble. She served as president of Planned Parenthood from 1952 to 1959. During the early 60s she promoted the use of the newly available birth control pill. Sanger toured Europe, Africa and Asia in helping to establish clinics.
*Mein Kampf (My Struggle Volume 1 published in 1925 Volume 2 in 1926) Combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler’s political ideology. He began writing the book while imprisoned for what he considered to be “political crimes”
*Madison Grant (New York, USA Nov 19th 1865-May 30th 1937) American lawyer, historian, and physical anthropologist, known for his work as a eugenicist and conservationist. As a eugenicist, Grant was responsible for one of the most famous works of scientific racism, and played an active role in crafting strong immigration restriction and anti-miscegenation laws in the US. In 1916, he would go on to write an influential book of scientific racism titled Passing of the Great Race. This book would emphasize his theory of “Nordic superiority” and argued the use of eugenics to save the dying “Nordics” from being overwhelmed by other races. Grant’s ideas to create a strong eugenics program and for the “Nordic” population to be masters of the other races were radical at the time and considered extremely dangerous and unethical today.
*Thomas J Watson (New York, USA Feb 17th 1874-Jun 19th 1956) Former president of International Business Machines (IBM) who oversaw the company’s growth into an international force from 1914 to 1956. He developed IBM’s renowned management style and corporate culture, and turned the company into one of the most effective selling organizations yet seen, based largely around punched card tabulating machines. Known today as one of the richest men of his time.
*Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (Alabama, USA 1932-1972) Also known as the Tuskegee syphilis study or Health Service syphilis study, was a clinical study conducted by the US Public Health Service, to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in the African American community. 399 poor sharecroppers were infected with syphilis. They were never told they had syphilis and were never treated for it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the men were told they were being treated for bad blood. The study was to be continued until all the subjects had died and autopsies could be performed. A whistle blower finally exposed this project to the public in 1972. It was determined the study was medically unjustified and it was terminated. As part if a settlement of a class action lawsuit filed by the NAACP, the US government paid $9 million and agreed to provide free medical treatment to surviving participants and surviving family members infected as a consequence of the study. 
*Bertrand Russell (United Kingdom may 18th 1872-Feb 2nd 1970) British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, pacifist, and social critic. He led the British “revolt against idealism” in the early 1900s. A prominent war activist, he championed free trade and anti-imperialism. Even going to prison for his pacifist activism during WWI, he  campaigned against Adolf Hitler, attacking the US for it’s involvement in Vietnam and finally became an outspoken supporter of nuclear disarmament. 
*National Security Study Memorandum 200 Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and overseas Interests (NSSM200) (USA Dec 10th 1974) Adopted as official US policy in Nov of 1975. It was originally classified, but was later declassified by researchers in the early 1990s. The basic concept of this memorandum was that population growth in the least developed countries is a concern to US national security, because it would tend to risk civil unrest and political instability in countries that had a high potential for economic development. Thirteen countries are named. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. All countries are projected to create 47% of all world population growth. The report advocates the promotion of education, contraception and other population control options. It also raises the question of whether the US should consider preferential allocation of surplus food supplies to states that are deemed constructive in use of population control measures.
*Bill Joy (California, USA Nov 8th 1954-present) American computer scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems in 1982. He served as chief scientist at the company until 2003. He’s widely known for his 2000 essay “Why the future doesn’t need us”, where he expresses deep concerns over the development of modern technologies. He was convinced that growing advances in genetic engineering and nanotechnology would bring risks to humanity. He argued that intelligent robots would replace humanity, at the very least in intellectual and social dominance, in the near future. He advocates a position of relinquishment of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics technologies, rather than going into an arms race between negative uses of technology and defense against those negative uses.

These are pictures of influential people to the eugenics movement
Charles Darwin, Robert Thomas Maltius and Margaret Sanger






Urban Soldier Report 2010


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