NEO-CONNED: Third Side of the Coin, How the Libertarian Rise Exposes US Politics – Daniel McAdams

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– The US Libertarian Party debate will be aired nationally on March 29 — the first time Libertarian candidates will receive nationwide coverage in the mainstream media. Daniel McAdams, of the Ron Paul Institute For Peace & Prosperity, joins Brian Becker on Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear for a discussion of the move.

McAdams, who, despite his allegiance to the Ron Paul Institute, claims himself to be independent non-voter, told Loud & Clear, “it’s been a long time since [the US] heard about a third party, and having a nationally televised debate from a third party will hopefully wake people up to the idea of the limitations of the two-party system.”

Libertarianism is “on the rise among the people who are tired of paying a trillion dollars for an ‘overseas empire,'” McAdams believes. He did agree with host Becker, however, that providing coverage to a third party by an establishment-aligned mainstream channel has more to do with “diminishing or stopping Donald Trump” than an actual rise of Libertarianism.

“The Republican Party establishment, and, to a lesser degree, Democratic Party establishment [are] in terror and panic about people who are coloring outside the lines, and I mean Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. ”

McAdams recalled changes made to the Republican National Committee election rules during Ron Paul’s 2012 primary campaign, that required Paul to have a majority in eight states instead of the original five. “They did it not because they were afraid [Ron Paul] would win; they didn’t dare to allow him to speak at the Convention. You cannot even hear unapproved words… I think that there’s something very rotten in the state of US elections and I think that the rise of Trump, for all the things that we should be concerned about, we could be thankful for at least exposing the evil underbelly of the American electoral system.”

McAdams also suggested that “giving people the idea that there’s another choice would be tremendous,” but he noted that “the media loves the Trump phenomenon, because it boosts ratings to the rooftops. And they are covering it like this is a some kind of sporting event. Nobody’s talking about issues; it’s about his wife and curse words… there’s no substance to it. The media is certainly complicit in turning this whole electoral process into a circus.”

Becker suggested that America’s distaste for war is so widespread that people “won’t stand another war.” McAdams asserted that “Hillary Clinton has attracted a lot of neo-conservatives who cannot stand Trump for whatever reason, and they love her for her foreign policy. The love that she wants to go to war. And Trump understands that American people don’t want a major war. Cruz, on the other hand, is playing a difficult game, as he tries to keep neocons onboard while at the same time he has the impression that he is going to get a lot of Ron Paul Libertarian voters”.

The current two-party political system is becoming undone, Becker said, and McAdams agrees, stating that both major parties “seized the monopoly on power,” and are undergoing some kind of implosion. “The sooner these parties implode, the better,” he said.

“In the case of Trump, if he hastens this on the Republican side, he would probably do the country a great service.”

Fox Business will air the debate on its Stossel program.


Neocon ‘Hissy Fit’ Over Trump: US Hawks ‘Are Afraid of Becoming Irrelevant’

US hardliners do not seem to be particularly happy with Donald Trump’s unexpected rise. Experts say, the hawks “are terrified” of becoming irrelevant should the bombastic billionaire move into the White House following the November presidential election.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.


“The neocons are essentially afraid of becoming dispensable, shall we say, if there is a change in the administration,” former CIA counterterrorism specialist and military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi told the Liberty Report.

Political analyst Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity echoed this sentiment.

“None of us know what [Trump] would do, frankly, [if he is elected], but it seems to me as if the neocons are panicking because they feel that they don’t have a 100-percent certainty that they will be in the driver’s seat,” he noted. “There is a little bit of a question that something might change come election time.”

Giraldi further observed that neocons are wary of Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Donald Trump because both are not supported by their parties’ establishment. It follows then that they could radically change America’s foreign policy – something US hawks strongly object to.

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
© AP Photo/ Tom Lynn
Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

“One of the interesting things about the neocons is that they’ve managed to infiltrate both parties. They stress their relations with the GOP, which, of course, are pervasive. They have basically defined foreign policy for the Republicans for at least the last twenty years,” he explained.

But neocons also hold sway over the Democrats, he added.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the crowd at a campaign rally in Farmington, New Hampshire January 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton, according to Giraldi, is “basically” a neocon and several neocons worked for her at the State Department. “And a number of leading neoconservatives are indicating that they are going to vote for her.””So [neocons] have this bipartisan ability to shape foreign policy. Their trick of course is to have both sides covered,” he added.

Some neocons, like Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US State Department Victoria Nuland or American historian Robert Kagan, will be advising Hillary Clinton, while others will be on Team Trump in the coming months.

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    I agree disruption of the party politic dynamics exposes the tyranny and farcical nature of representative faux democracy. It is Plutocracy plain and simple and Trump thumbs his nose at authority. FOR THIS I will say thanks Donald. I could never vote for you or KILLER E. CLNTON

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