REBEL YELL: Hunter Thompson Suggested Coup Behind Reagan Assassination (Flashback)

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Hunter Thompson fingered Reagan assassination conspiracy, but missed Bush-Hinckley connection:

steadman-thompsonA unique voice on the twisted and depraved scene in political life, Hunter S. Thompson became infamous in the late 60s and 70s for his “gonzo journalism” where he injected himself and plenty of weird into already dark scenes of modern American life. The corrupt quest for power in Washington, D.C., is as dark as any of that stuff, and a few of his reported comments on the attempt to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981 are a good example.

Longtime artist and companion Ralph Steadman quoted Hunter Thompson as writing to him in 1981 about the attempted assassination attempt on President Reagan in his memoir on Thompson titled The Joke’s Over: Bruised Memories – Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson and Me (p. 205):

“PPS You no doubt realize that it will be even more difficult to criticize Reagan and his Administration — a weird wave of support will flow over the man now and for at least 12 months he will be bathed in the light of a Saviour — on the 3rd day he rose again — the born-again President.”
“There was Bush miles from anywhere — Haig on the scene and ready to snatch power, pull the trigger, the military move in and Wap! You have a military dictator — but the dumb kid was a bad shot. What a sick place.”

While General Alexander Haig has certainly participated in the larger globalism coup, he missed the hand of George H.W. Bush, who he described as “miles from anywhere.” Bush, as sitting vice president and fierce GOP primary opponent, had the most to gain from a successful assassination.

Perhaps Thompson could not have been aware at that time of the connection between the Bush dynasty and the Hinckley family, both involved in the Texas oil business and connected to global covert options (ref. Hinckley’s involvement in World Vision, and its ties to USAID/CIA activities). Brother of George W. Bush, Neil Bush, was scheduled to have dinner with Scott Hinckley, brother of accused assassin John Hinckley, the next day. Further, John Hinckley, Sr., was a campaign donor to George H.W. Bush’s 1980 campaign.

Thompson did predict a ‘pardon’ for would-be assassin John Hickley, Jr., who was ultimately found insane while committing his deed, escaping life in prison or a death sentence for trying to murder a sitting president. The L.A. Times noted in April of this year that Hinckley is now making frequent visits to his parents home, going on shopping trips and acting ‘normally.’

According to the L.A. Times:

“He shows few of the symptoms that led to the 1982 finding that he was insane, and therefore not guilty of attempted murder and other charges in the assassination attempt.”



Bush 41 And The Reagan
Assassination Attempt
By Michael Shore

George Bush Sr., who was President Reagan’s Vice President, was really the “President” during most of Reagan’s term in office, especially after the failed assassination attempt carried out by John Hinkley Jr.. What never came out in the corporate controlled media is that the Bush family and the Hinkley family were good friends. Bush Sr. and John Hinkley Sr. were both oil men.John Hinkley Sr.helped raise funds for Bush Sr’s unsuccessful attempt to wrest the Republican nomination for President from Reagan…pretty far out!!!
John Hinkley Jr. allegedly fired the shots at Reagan that almost got Bush Sr. into the Presidency before Bush Sr. was eventually elected President.The bullet that entered Reagan’s body came within ONE INCH of hitting Reagan’s heart. Bush Sr.was literally a heartbeat away from becoming the President of the USA.
On the night after the assassination attempt, Scott Hinkley, John Hinkley Jr’s brother was scheduled to have dinner with Neil Bush, who is Vice President Bush Sr’s son. They intelligently canceled the dinner after some of the media picked up on this story.
Would a father sacrifice his son to help achieve the Illuminati agenda? This looks like a good possibility in this case. Members of connected groups to the Illuminati are out to kill millions and possibly billions of innocent human beings, so to sacrifice a son for the “cause” is nothing major for these sick individuals. John Hinkley Jr.appears to be suffering from major mind control that is an Illuminati specialty.The ridiculous reason given of why John Jr. did the “deed” because of his infatuation with actress Jody Foster makes no sense at all, unless this was the inside trigger used for John’s mind to act on cue and shoot Reagan.
The white wash investigation and trial of John Hinkley never asked any questions relating to the Bush/Hinkley family relationship Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out if Bush Sr. was involved in the Regan failed assassination attempt??? Just ask “who benefited if Reagan was successfully assassinated?” and George Bush Sr. is at the top of the list!!!
After this event Reagan was in no condition to run the country, so he just “acted” as president, when in fact, according to many reports, Bush Sr. was the decision making President in the White House. So some of the information provided in the article titled “Planet Reagan” on could really be looked at being about Bush Sr’s relationship with Saddam Hussein and Ossama Bin Laden and not Reagan’s..
Also it was Bush Sr. who was heavily involved in the Iran Contra scandal and the Savings and Loan scandal One of the possible main reasons Bush Sr. started the first Gulf War was to divert attention away from he and his son’s involvement in the savings and loan scandal, which was a theft of over $500,000,000,000 {five hundred billion dollars}. Only one person actually went to jail for this huge theft of the People’s money amazing!!
The Bush family keeps getting away with robbery, violence,mayhem and murder.How is it the American people don’t see this and they continue to allow the Bush’s and the Illuminati to screw them over BIG TIME??? It’s like the people of the whole American Nation are under major mind control.
Oh yeah, one more thing. John Hinkley Jr. has recently been allowed special arrangements to leave the jail he is in, and to go out on visits into the civilian world in the USA. He is technically still in prison, but getting closer to being released. Do the Bush’s have any role in this?
Michael Shore


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