GLADIO: The Oklahoma Bombing – Witnesses Allege Government’s Prior Knowledge and Complicity (Archive)

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– Recent reports surfacing concerning the bombing of the Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma City are causing many observers to take notice. The trial of Terry Nichols is just beginning, but the truth of the matter will likely remain hidden under smoke and storytelling.

As the evidence mounts, a picture emerges which does not weigh favorably for government agencies. The surviving witnesses, and some involved in the investigation who are mysteriously dying one by one, reveal that the government had infiltrated certain anti-government organizations. It is said that the government agents encouraged the use of violence against the government and, in certain cases, seemed to take the lead in pushing their “fellow comrades” into the use of violence toward the government. As the smoke begins to clear, there seems to be a trail of evidence indicating the Oklahoma federal building was being set up for a sting operation. Something went very wrong and the building, with its occupants, was allowed to go up in smoke.

With the massive amount of evidence to the contrary, the judge in the McVeigh trial made it plain, he wouldn’t permit anyone to call witnesses or to introduce evidence contrary to the government’s claim of “one man, one bomb”.


1. The Cover-up

In a recent interview with General Benton Partin, The WINDS asked the retired military explosives expert about the county grand jury that is looking into evidence of the government’s prior knowledge in the Oklahoma City bombing along with many other troubling aspects in the case. General Partin’s response was, “With the Grand Jury, I think everything possible will be done to thwart it, to keep them from indicting people, but, hopefully, they’ll go ahead and gather up all the data and have some indictments.”

Partin recently gave six hours of testimony before the Grand Jury. He said, “the Governor vociferously opposed the independent investigation, so Charles Key (State Representative) filed to get an Oklahoma County Grand Jury. The judge turned it down and he appealed it to the Superior Court and the Superior Court remanded it back to the judge telling him he had to do it. Then the judge appealed to the State Supreme Court and a five-man panel unanimously sent it back to the judge and said you have to do it. His only option was to go to the (United States) Supreme Court. But you can see the opposition there, from some of the powers that be. But there’s no question, there’s been a massive cover-up and it’s still going.”

Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key spoke to The WINDS on September 29 saying, “There are some documents (relating to the OKC bombing) that are right at our fingertips, that would be like the smoking gun. It would blow this whole thing open.”

Terry Nichols, Timothy McVeigh and John Doe#2

In all of the smoke, did the whole truth come out at the McVeigh trial? Will the Nichols’ trial be any more honest? Are these trials an accurate representation of what actually occurred on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City? Or was that trial another massive effort by the government to impose the ONE MAN, ONE BOMB story on America? Is the nation in the midst of a massive cover-up with great and sinister implications? The jury in the Timothy McVeigh trial seemed to believe it was just that simple, one man, one bomb, but they made that judgment with only partial evidence. However, there are others, many of whom have invested a great deal of time, expertise, and research into this investigation who believe the evidence paints a far different picture. It would be worthwhile to review some of the original data that was revealed before the OFFICIAL VERSION had been created.


2. The Witnesses

During extensive live coverage, several television news reporters gave an exhaustive running chronology of the disaster. One reporter said, “There were more bombs set to go off, according to Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)”. The Justice Department is reporting that a second explosive device has been found in the A.P. Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma City.” Another stated, “What we were told at the scene a few minutes ago was that in fact two different explosive devices were found in addition to the one that went off, a total of three bombs. You see the utter devastation that the one explosion caused, here’s what we’re starting to learn about the succession, or what someone obviously hoped would be a succession of explosions.

“The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off. It did the damage that you see right here. The second explosive was found and diffused, the third explosive was found and they are working on it right now as we speak. Both the second and third explosives are larger than the first.

“Through the good work of munitions experts and explosive sniffing dogs, further tragedy has almost certainly been averted here.”

Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating in a live telecast stated, “One device has been deactivated, apparently there is another device. Obviously, whatever did the damage to the Murrah Building was a tremendous…a very sophisticated explosive device.” Another reporter said, “They are saying that this is the work of a sophisticated group. This is a very sophisticated device and it had to have been done by an explosives expert.” Other reports revealed “the one and one half-hour delay in the rescue work due to the second and third bombs being discovered.” Firemen wept after having to abandon individuals whom they were endeavoring to pull from the rubble when the area had to be evacuated due to the discovery of additional explosive devices. One rescue worker said the woman he had been trying to extricate from the collapsed building had expired before he was able to return.

Dr. Randall Heather, a terrorism expert, says, “We should find out a lot when the bombs are taken apart. I think it was a great stroke of luck that we actually have diffused bombs. It is through the bomb material that we will be able to track down who committed this atrocity.”

These reports were made during the first few hours after the blast. Given a little time the story was carefully altered. Instead of a sophisticated explosive devise, it was a crude fertilizer bomb. Instead of a sophisticated group with explosives experts, it was a single individual with nondescript skills, acting independently.


3. The Facts

The WINDS asked General Partin what level of damage could have been expected from a 4800-pound fertilizer bomb. He said that “it would have blown in the glass in the front of the building, and it would have taken out some of the flooring in the first and second floors, maybe a little piece of the third floor. I don’t think you would have collapsed a single column.” (Actual damage included the collapse of eight columns).

“Dr. Rodger Raubach, who took his Ph.D. in physical chemistry and served on the research faculty at Stanford University, says General Partin’s assessment is absolutely correct. I don’t care if they pulled up a semi-trailer with twenty tons of ammonium nitrate; it wouldn’t do the damage we saw there”. (New American, Aug.1995).

General Partin said, “My analysis proved conclusively that there were demolition charges in the building. At least four and there were three other (five-gallon cans) of fulminated mercury that were removed from the building that had fuses set to go off with the explosion but didn’t go (off). Three others, and that would have brought down most of the rest of the building.”


4. Strange Practices

Justice Banner outside Oklahoma City Bombing site

An independent investigator based in Oklahoma City has made some interesting observations regarding the handling of the crime scene and the crucial evidence.

“Every time we have had a tragedy in this country, whether it’s a pipe bomb going off, whether it’s a plane going down, or a building blown up, in the past, the precedent has been that you go in there and you put it back together piece by piece, even the pipe bombs, to get a signature so you can understand how it was done, who did it, and if they do it again, you’ll know how to catch them, plus you might be able to head it off.

“Well guess what, in Oklahoma City, they’ve violated every one of those precedence rules, and they still are. They are still not doing this investigation properly. Why does it need to be done? In order to find out who did it and how it was done so we can protect people’s lives in the future. By asking for a proper investigation, you get away from all this conspiracy, anti-government stuff that Clinton and Congress and the press have been throwing at everyone that asks legitimate questions, questions that have always been asked before in terrorist activities. But now if you ask, you’re anti-government.” (Pat Breilly, Independent Investigator).

There were many people who vocally opposed the demolition of the damaged federal building; General Partin was one. “I originally tried to get Senator Nichol’s office to get the National Guard in Oklahoma to do an independent investigation because I knew they were lying about what had happened,” he said. “Then I turned out a technical report, this is while the building was still standing, that (report) was delivered to 75 senators and congressmen, trying to get them to take action to keep the building from coming down because I knew they would bring it down as soon as possible to cover up the evidence. A careful examination of the collapsed column bases would readily reveal a failure mode produced by a demolition charge” as compared to damage from a fertilizer bomb. This evidence would be critical in determining the cause of the damage to the building, therefore, General Partin considered it a very urgent matter to delay the demolition of the damaged structure until a careful examination could be made.

Just five days after the release of Partin’s report calling for a thorough examination of the Murrah building, it was demolished. The primary evidence in this “most deadly terrorist attack” had been destroyed by the government.

One knowledgeable investigator said, “I don’t know who did the damage to the federal building, but I do know who is covering it up.” They not only brought down the building, they cleared out the site, they covered the entire site with dirt. They hauled the 200 tons of building wreckage to a landfill and buried the crime scene evidence. Partin further stated, “I was under the impression that it was laid out for further possible inspection, but we went over to the site and there were guards at the gate; we were not permitted to enter. We were told by people at the site that all of the material was buried.”


5. Federal Worker Testifies

Jane Graham worked for HUD on the seventh floor of the federal building. While viewing a video tape of the original television coverage of the bombing, she noticed men who she had seen in the building the day before and again on the morning of the bombing. They were dressed like the building’s maintenance workers, but she had never seen them before.

On the morning of the bombing at approximately 8:00 a.m. “these two men were coming out of the stairwell on the first floor. Both were dressed in blue pants and shirts like our maintenance workers. They walked by me and I thought at the time they looked so different from our normal people that are employed in our building.”

Jane saw three different men in the parking garage beneath the Murrah building who had what she thought was telephone wiring and a block of solid putty-colored substance. They had plans of the building they were discussing or arguing. Apparently, there was a disagreement because one of the men was pointing to various areas in the garage. They were talking about the plans of the building. “I assumed they were telephone workers. When they saw me watching them, they took this wiring and whatever else was in their hands and put it into a paper sack, behind the passenger’s seat in a…faded green station wagon.”

Jane’s office was on the seventh floor, but she had just gone to the ninth when the blast occurred. “In reflecting on this I want to specify that the first bomb, the first impact was a waving effect, like an earthquake, which lasted several seconds. About six or seven seconds later a bomb exploded; there was an entirely different sound and thrust. It was like it came right from the center up, we could feel the floor move. The last thing I remember was looking up and seeing the roof being blown off.”

These were two distinct events that occurred. The second blast was not only very very loud, it was also very powerful.

Jane gave this testimony as an affidavit. She also talked with the FBI about these incidents, but they showed little interest, only asking if she could positively identify either McVeigh or Nichols.


6. An Operation Gone Wrong

question mark

Lester Martz, the ATF regional director from Dallas who is in charge of the Oklahoma City office, admitted to reporters after the bombing that there was, in fact, a sting operation underway at that time. When asked if it involved McVeigh he said, “I can neither confirm nor deny that.”

Terrance Yeakey, an Oklahoma City police officer was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the bombing. His observations of federal agents’ actions there, his direct interactions with his superiors about the “operation gone wrong”, and his access to documentation dealing with the bombing, led him to make the following statement .

“My guess is the more time an officer has to think about the screw-up, the more he is going to question what happened…. Can you imagine what would be coming down now if that had been our officers who had let this happen? Because it was the feds that did this and not the locals, is the reason it’s okay. The sad truth of the matter is that they have so many police officers convinced that by covering up the truth about the operation gone wrong that they are actually doing our citizens a favor. What I want to know is how many other operations have they had that blew up in their faces? Makes you stop and take another look at Waco.”

General Partin candidly gives his opinion about the scenario.

“There is enough information out there to say without much equivocation the bombing in Oklahoma was a counterterrorism sting screwed-up. If you plan these things and some part of them is goofed up, even deliberately so, you have to cover for what you’ve done.”

Glenn Wilburn an OKC resident who lost two young grandsons in the blast has done extensive research and investigation into the tragedy. He has said, “The truth is they had a sting operation going on here. They (the feds) were aware of Tim McVeigh, they were aware of Michael Fortier, they were aware of Terry Nichols, well before the bombing. They had a federal informant working within this group, no question about it. He (the informant) was working with these people in the weeks and months before the bombing.”


7. Let’s Pretend We Are Anti-government

Andreas Strassmeir is one of the federal informants who was operating inside the eastern Oklahoma community known as Elohim City. “Andy” Strassmeir, a German national who was in this country illegally, has an interesting history with some very mysterious connections. Glenn Wilburn reveals a part of this history.

Some months before the bombing, Strassmeir was stopped in a roadblock near Elohim City. The owner of the towing company that impounded the vehicle said Andy could not produce a driver’s license, had no documentation, his passport had expired, and he was in this country illegally.

He was arrested, taken to jail and his vehicle towed. The next day the owner of the towing service got a call from the governor’s office, from the head of the Highway Patrol, from the State Department, from a general at a military base in the Carolinas, and from two lawyers in a conference call, one from Houston, Texas, the other from Germany. All of the callers told him to release the vehicle immediately along with all of its contents (they were very concerned about the contents of a satchel of documents in the vehicle). Wilburn comments that “if Andy Strassmeir is not protected at the HIGHEST LEVEL, I don’t know who is.” When his identity is revealed we may understand why.

Strassmeir is the son of the former German Secretary of State under Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The senior Strassmeir was responsible for the peaceful transfer of leadership in Berlin during the fall of communism. Andy graduated from military academy in 1989 at the age of 27. Less than two years later, he was living at Elohim City, an obscure, far right wing Christian identity group in rural Oklahoma.


The people of Elohim City were taken in by Andy. Not knowing his real identity, they put him in charge of security for the community which gave him the opportunity to exploit their paranoia. In November, 1994 he spoke openly and vehemently of his desire “to forcibly act to destroy the United States Government with direct actions and operations such as assassinations, bombings, and mass shootings.” Strassmeir proclaimed, “the biggest enemy to be the United States Government. [He] forcibly exclaimed that it was time to quit talking and time to start blowing things up.” (Roger G. Charles- PRIOR WARNING).

Almost all of the many independent investigators agree that the bombing of the federal building was a government sting operation gone awry. Most say the feds were fully involved in the operation which they had instigated through their inside informants-provocateurs. They say the government informants either create situations that otherwise would not have happened, or they accelerate situations when they are working a targeted group.

There was an agreement between Germany’s Kohl government and the Clinton Administration to infiltrate the Neo-Nazi and Aryan Nations movements in this country and in Germany. Strassmeir was apparently brought in on this undercover operation early in the Clinton Administration. He lived at Elohim City for approximately three to four years. During the latter part of his stay there, Timothy McVeigh made many trips to and from the community prior to the bombing, according to investigators.

Andy stayed on at Elohim City for months after the bombing, without arrest, and eliciting no interest from the official investigators. Even after being linked by witnesses to Junction City, Kansas, accompanying McVeigh before the bombing, he has never been mentioned by the government prosecution as a possible accomplice or conspirator in the “most deadly terrorist attack in America”. The Department of Justice has consistently denied that Strassmeir has any relevance to the bombing whatsoever. He was allowed to quietly slip out of the country into Mexico and from there to Germany.

When you add the ATF to the Elohim City connection and you look at the communiques and documents pertaining to Elohim City, and you find Lester Martz’s name appearing frequently on those documents, the pieces fit together. THE GOVERNMENT DID HAVE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE. The government very probably could have stopped the operation, but did not. Therefore, this begs the question, who bears the responsibility for the “deadliest act of terrorism in America”?

A few days after the bombing, Carol Howe, another inside government agent at Elohim City told FBI officials she had overheard Andreas Strassmeir and white supremacist Dennis Mahon discuss bombing federal buildings months before the attack. “Why haven’t the feds gone out and brought these guys in?” asked Rep. Charles Key.


8. The killing of the witnesses

Oklahoma City Bombing victims?

The Oklahoma City bombing has been called the most deadly terrorist attack in America, but a very disturbing series of deaths has continued following the bombing. It is reported that there are eleven such mysterious deaths of witnesses, rescuers and investigators of that tragic event. This could well be the most deadly cover-up in American history.

At the time of the bombing, the rescue workers included police, firemen, medical workers and local citizens. These individuals risked their lives in the rescue work, but some of the most courageous workers were later singled out for special treatment.

The following account focuses on three individuals. A prison guard, a medical doctor and a police officer. The following documentary is condensed from the research and investigation of journalist David Hoffman.


“Gladden was a guard at the El Reno Federal Prison where Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were sequestered. While prison officials denied it, Gladden had worked in McVeigh’s cell block and had spoken personally to the bombing defendant.”

Like Terrance Yeakey, an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department, Gladden had trouble with his superiors regarding corruption in their departments. “Both Gladden and his supervisor, Charles “Chuck” Mildner, were concerned about corruption at the federal facility.

“Mildner was subsequently suspended by Warden Thompson. The well-liked and respected supervisor was getting ready to blow the whistle concerning inside corruption.

“Also getting ready to blow the whistle, it seems, was Joey Gladden. Like Mildner, the seven-year Bureau of Prisons (BOP) veteran had a good work record, and was well-liked by his peers. Gladden had also received a Medal of Commendation for his role during a prison riot in October of ’95.

“Yet, soon after receiving the award, Warden Thompson suddenly switched tracks, instead blaming Gladden for the riot. Gladden was suspended.

“Joey Gladden was frightened. The day before his death, the 27-year-old father of two spoke to his first wife, Shelly Walling, and told her, “If anything ever happens to me, I have it all written down…right here in my book.”

“When she asked him what he was referring to, Gladden hesitated, then responded cryptically: “We don’t need to talk about it right now. I don’t want you getting mixed up in this too.”

“Perhaps Joey Gladden’s diary entry of November 11, 1995, shortly after his suspension, provides a clue:

“What will being persuaded benefit me? I would be persuaded choosing the lesser of two evils…. I will not let pressure from any quarter effect my ability to resist persuasions. I will never make decisions based on fear, anger, or guilt.

“Whatever Gladden was involved in, he obviously didn’t want his family to be hurt. He explained to Walling that his insurance policy needed to be squared away, and to get “the book” in case anything happened to him. ‘The book,’ it turned out, was a lengthy report on corruption at El Reno Federal Prison which Gladden had been writing.

“If Gladden would not speak directly about what he was involved in, his diary entry of October 25, 1995, may provide a glimpse into his troubled mind:

“I have seen the Dragon. Every time I see him his scales glow brighter, his eyes glisten maliciously closer, gaping, fanged jawed demon. I felt his hot breath this time. Faith, heart, and steel saved me from death’s icy grasp….

“On January 14, three weeks before his death, Joey Gladden called his mom. ‘He told me they were trying to kill him,’ recalled a sobbing Sharon Gladden. I said, ‘Joey, honey, it’s just the stress of everything…’ And he said, ‘Mom, the Federal Government has power–you don’t know the power. They could assassinate the president of the United States….’

“I said, ‘honey, things like that don’t happen in real life.’ ‘Mom, just forget it,’ Joey replied. ‘Don’t ask me about it. The least you know about it, the better you are.’

“‘And three weeks later he was dead!’ screamed Sharon Gladden, tears streaming from her eyes.”


One of the first doctors at the scene of the bombing was Don CHUMLEY who operated the Broadway Medical Clinic located about half a mile from the Murrah Federal Building. Shaun Jones, Chumley’s stepson, was assisting him. Jones recalled the scene:

“Chumley, who was working with Dr. Ross Harris, was one of the few doctors who actually went into the Federal Building while the others waited outside. He had helped many people, including seven babies, whom he later pronounced dead.”

Dr. Chumley, like many others, was strongly impacted by the tragic experience. He was a man of integrity and character and, when asked to participate in a questionable and outright deceptive act, he adamantly refused.

An experienced pilot with over 600 hours flying time, Chumley’s skills were never in question. Yet he was killed five months later when his Cessna 210 crashed near Amarillo, Texas in what are called “mysterious circumstances.”

“It’s a pretty mysterious circumstance. There’s no apparent reason–there’s nothing we can think of,” said Jones.

“It was rumored that Chumley was about to go public with some damning information. According to Michelle Moore, who has investigated the bombing, Chumley was asked to bandage two federal agents who falsely claimed to have been trapped in the building that morning. Since the pair was obviously not hurt, Chumley refused. When the agents petitioned another doctor at the scene, Chumley intervened, threatening to report them.

“When Chumley learned of the government’s hastily planned cover-up, he apparently decided to go public. It seems he never got the chance.”


The following are excerpts from an Oklahoma City policeman’s letter to a bombing victim whom he had befriended. Officer Terrance Yeakey was one of the first rescuers at the scene of the bombing. As the letter indicates, he saw many disturbing things and much evidence that is contradictory to the OFFICIAL VERSION of the story.

The letter begins,”The man that you and I were talking about in the pictures, I have made the mistake of asking too many questions as to his role in the bombing, and was told to back off. I was told by several officers he was an ATF agent who was overseeing the bombing plot and at the time the photos were taken he was calling in his report of what had just went down! Luke Franey (ATF agent who said he was in the building at the time of the explosion) was not in the building at the time of the blast. I know this for a fact. I saw him! I also saw full riot gear worn, with rifles in hand, why?

“Knowing what I know now, and understanding fully just what went down that morning, makes me ashamed to wear a badge from Oklahoma City’s Police Department. I took an oath to uphold the Law and to enforce the Law to the best of my ability. This is something I cannot honestly do if I keep my silence as I am ordered to do.

“My guess is, the more time an officer has to think about the screw up, the more he is going to question what happened. Can you imagine what would be coming down now if that had been our officers who had let this happen? Because it was the feds that did this and not the locals, is the reason it’s okay. If I tried to explain it to you the way it was explained to me, and the ridiculous reason for having our own police departments falsify their reports to their fellow officers, to the citizens of the city and to our country, you would understand why I feel the way I do about all this.

“I truly believe there are other officers like me out there who would not settle for anything but the truth; it is just a matter of finding them. The only true problem as I see it is, who do we turn to then? I believe that a lot of the problems the officers are having right now are because some of them know what really happened and can’t deal with it, and others like myself made the mistake of trusting the one person we were supposed to be able to turn to (the chaplain) only to be stabbed in the back.

“I would consider it to be an insult to my profession as a police officer and to the citizens of Oklahoma for ANY of the City, State or Federal agents that stood by and let this happen, to be recognized as anything other than their part in participation in letting this happen. For those who ran from the scene to change their attire to hide the fact that they were there, should be judged as cowards.

“You were right all along and I am truly sorry I doubted you and your motives about recording history. Everyone was behind you until you started asking questions as I did, as to how so many federal agents arrived at the scene at the same time. I worry about you and your young family because of some of the statements that have been made towards me, a police officer! I am not worried for myself, but for you and your group. I would not be afraid to say at this time that you and your family could be harmed if you get any closer to the truth. At this time I think for your well-being it is best for you to distance yourself and others from those of us who have stirred up too many questions about the altering and falsifying of the federal investigation’s reports.

“It is vital that people like you, Edye Smith and others keep asking questions and demanding answers for the actions of our federal government and law enforcement agencies that knew beforehand and participated in the cover-up. Don’t make the mistake as I did and ask the wrong people.

“If our history books and records are ever truly corrected about that day, it will show this and maybe even some lame excuse as to why it happened, but I truly don’t believe it will from what I now know to be the truth. I am sad to say that I believe my days as a police officer are numbered because of all of this.”

Tragically, just two days before he was to be awarded the Medal of Valor for his efforts in the rescue effort, he was found dead. The OFFICIAL VERSION called his death “suicide”. The following facts in the case tell a different story:

“He kept telling me it wasn’t what I thought it was,” said his ex-wife, Tonia Rivera. The story of the reluctant hero was nothing more than a ‘thin veil of truth’ which covered up a ‘mountain of deceit.’ There came a time about mid-year where they were forcing him into going to these award ceremonies; as in, ‘Yes, you could not go, but we’ll make your life hell.’ ‘I’m no hero,’ he would say. ‘Nobody that had anything to do with helping those people in that bombing are heroes.’

“Shortly after the bombing, Yeakey appeared at his ex-wife’s. ‘About two weeks before his death he came to my apartment trying to give me these insurance policies,’ said Rivera. ‘He sat on my living room couch and cried and told me how he had a fight with [his supervisors] Lt. Randall and Maj. Upchurch. He did not tell me what that entailed, but he was scared. He was crying so badly, he was shaking.

“‘He wouldn’t totally voice whatever it was,’ recalled Rivera. ‘It was like he’d be just about to tell me he’d want to spill his guts – and then he stopped, and he just cried. And that’s when he kept insisting that I take the insurance policy. Why would a guy tell you to take a life insurance policy, knowing it wouldn’t pay for a suicide? He obviously knew he was in danger.’

At 9:00 a.m., May 8, 1996, Officer Yeakey was seen exiting his Oklahoma City apartment with nine boxes of videos and files. He then drove to the police station where he had a fight with his supervisors. He was told to ‘drop it’ or he’d ‘wind up dead.’ Driving straight to a storage locker he maintained in Kingfisher, he secured his files. What were in the files? According to one of Rivera’s sources, incriminating photos and videos of the bombed-out building. Perhaps more.

“While it is not known exactly what transpired next, at approximately 6:00 p.m. that evening, Deputy Sheriff Mike Ramsey noticed an abandoned vehicle in a field. ‘Immediately hair stood up on the back of my neck,’ said the deputy. Ramsey came upon the empty car which he immediately recognized as Yeakey’s. There was blood on both seats and a razor blade lying on the dash. Yeakey was nowhere to be found.

“The deputy immediately called for a homicide investigator, and taped off the scene. Police dogs located Yeakey’s body in a ditch, a mile and a half away.

“Dr. Larry Balding, Oklahoma City’s Chief Medical Examiner, quickly ruled the death a ‘suicide.’ Apparently Yeakey had tried to cut himself in the wrists, neck and throat, then after losing approximately two pints of blood, got out of his car, walked a mile and a half over rough terrain, crawled under a barbed wire fence, waded through a culvert, then lay down in a ditch and shot himself in the head.The Oklahoma City Medical Examiner’s report described numerous ‘superficial’ lacerations on the wrists, arms, throat and neck, and a single bullet wound to the right temple.

“If Officer Yeakey’s death was anything more than a suicide, the OCPD didn’t go to any great lengths to find out. While his death occurred in El Reno, the OCPD took over the crime scene, squeezing the El Reno Police Department out of the picture. Although forensics are also standard procedure in the event of a violent or suspicious death, especially that of a police officer, Yeakey’s car was never dusted for prints. No autopsy was ever conducted.

“Dr. Larry Balding, who signed off on the Yeakey report is adamant. ‘I can tell you unequivocally and without a doubt that there was no other ME report.’ YET, another medical examiner’s report – quickly redated and hidden from public view – showed a face that was bruised and swollen; blood on the body and clothes was not the dead man’s blood type; and multiple deep lacerations filled with grass and dirt, as though the body had been dragged a distance. According to Rivera, Maj. Upchurch denied that Yeakey’s throat was slashed at all; yet she was later told by a sympathetic police dispatcher that his throat was indeed slashed – deeply.

“The report also showed another curious thing. The bullet had entered just above and in front of the right ear, and had exited towards the bottom of the left ear. Apparently, whoever held the gun held it at a downward angle. A person shooting themself would tend to hold the gun at an upward angle.

“Perhaps the most revealing evidence was that the wound did not have a ‘stellate,’ the tell-tale star shape caused by the dissipating gasses from the gun’s muzzle. At the close range of a suicide weapon, such markings would be clearly present. And if this weren’t strange enough, Yeakey’s diet-related condition would have made him too weak to walk the mile and a half from his car to where his body was found – especially after losing two to three pints of blood.

“In a letter to Police Chief Sam Gonzales dated September 4,1996, Rivera writes:

‘I have many questions regarding the investigation. What type of weapon was used to inflict the gunshot wound to his head? Who located the body? How could the cause of death be determined with such confidence with the multitude of injuries to his body and how did he walk the distance indicated with the great loss of blood from razor cuts not only to both wrists, but both his forearms as well as two razor cuts to his neck? Not only did he walk this distance, but he struggled with barbed wire fencing to reach his chosen destination to die then inflicted the gunshot wound to himself? I request that a copy of the investigative report of his death be made available to me.’ Gonzales didn’t respond. Their investigation remained sealed. Not even the family was allowed to see it.

“Yet while attending a social function, Rivera claims her sister had a chance encounter with the mortician who worked on Yeakey’s body. She was discussing the strange inconsistencies of his death with someone at the party, when the mortician, not knowing the woman was Rivera’s sister, spoke up. ‘That sounds just like a police officer we worked on in Oklahoma City,’ he said. When asked if that man happened to be Terrance Yeakey, the mortician ‘freaked’.

“When pressed, he told the shocked relative that the dead man’s wrists contained rope burns and handcuff marks. A former FBI agent and police officer, the mortician said that Yeakey’s lacerations were already sewn up when the body arrived from the medical examiner’s office. Dr. Balding’s response to this was that the marks were merely ‘skin slippage’, resulting from the natural decomposition of the body. Apparently those covering up his death had not counted on this particular mortician’s testimony.

“Was Terrance Yeakey tortured? Was he murdered, then made to look like a suicide? Did he know something he wasn’t supposed to know? Like Don Chumley, Terrance Yeakey was one of the first rescuers in the Murrah Building on April 19. Had he seen something he wasn’t supposed to see? Had he heard something he wasn’t supposed to hear? Rivera’s confidential source ‘described in intimate detail,’ the state of the dead man’s car. The seats had been completely unbolted, the floorboards ripped up, and the side panels removed, all in an apparent effort to find the incriminating documents.

“One afternoon, while the family was at police headquarters, an officer who Rivera described as Yeakey’s ‘only true friend,’ pulled them off to the side and whispered, ‘They killed him.’ Yet Rivera’s sources have warned her away from pursuing an independent investigation. They said, ‘two U.S. Senators would go down’ if she pursued it. One of them reportedly told Rivera he wouldn’t pursue it ‘even if his own mother was in the ground.’ (Condensed from the forthcoming book by David Hoffman, OKC Bombing – The Politics of Terror ).

Inside the United Nations building


Today we hear much about global unity, global security, and the global society which we are now entering. The concept is instilled that the horrors of the holocaust, the dark uncertainties of the cold war, the blackness of tyranny will be vanquished by the dawning of the enlightened world society. Tragedies like the Oklahoma City bombing will be forever banished.

Support of the United Nation’s plan, it is claimed, will permit the establishment of world peace. If all the forces of opposition to its full empowerment are quelled, the UN, will in its own benevolent way, secure our future.

But how will such an undertaking be accomplished? The peace which is to be imposed on Americans and the world will come in much the same way in which those in Oklahoma City were brought into agreement with the OFFICIAL STORY by force, coercion, torture and death.

It has been written: “Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory means. That is, by the sentences of death that are necessary to maintain the terror which leads to blind submission. … We execute men in such a way that no one but we of the brotherhood will ever suspect it. Not even the victims themselves know of our death sentence and what is happening. They all just die when required and it appears as if from a normal kind of illness. Knowing this, even the brotherhood themselves dare not protest.” Protocols.

The agenda of the United Nations is founded on the very principles we have seen demonstrated in OKC. As the United States and the world looks to the new millennium, it can expect an escalation of these tactics to be used on an increasing number of “targeted individuals”.

  • In the crushing and merciless force used at Waco.
  • In the clearly calculated “bullet to the head” of the mother at Ruby Ridge.
  • In the deception of the “guardians of justice” that lead to the deaths of 168 – fathers, mothers and children in the federal building bombing.
  • In the cover-up that has been relentlessly pursued by those in charge of the investigation.
  • In the brutal manner in which those who would expose the deception have been dealt with.
  • In the trial that reinforced the cover-up and protection of those in high positions of trust who were responsible for the operation.

In all of this can be seen the true character of the powers that are pushing the world into the scheme of globalism.

“Secure in your wicked ways, you thought no one could see you. Therefore evil and calamity will overtake you, and you will not be able to avert it.” Is 47:10-11.

“Justice is turned away and righteousness stands far off. For truth is fallen in the streets, the City’s forum, and uprightness cannot enter the courts of justice.” Is. 59:14.

Written 10/15/97


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