Benjamin Fulford Update: Oct 26, 2015

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–  Arresting Richard Armitage and forcing him to talk may be final straw to break back of Khazarian gangster rule.

The tale of a solitary specific mobster, Richard Armitage, and of his criminal activity over the years, offers good information into the inner workings of the Khazarian mobster cabal.

It additionally demonstrates how just arresting, or deleting, a few key people would be enough to modify the future of this planet for the better.

As his criminal historical past makes apparent, Armitage is a crucial hatchet-man in Asia for the Bush/Nazionist department of the Khazarian mafia.

The data below was supplied to us by CIA colleagues of Armitage together with Japanese government sources, members of Japanese yakuza crime syndicates and many others.

Armitage was provided a chance, by phone and e-mail, to refute what is published below but he declined to answer, meaning that he is not denying what we are listening to about him.

Armitage is the senior individual in the group that manages Japanese puppet prime minister Shinzo Abe.

The hapless Abe is fearful of being killed and will only read from screenplays he is provided by Armitage and his acolytes. Armitage also handles the right to make and circulate Japanese yen.

The alleged Abenomics, or money printing by the Bank of Japan, is just a cover up for the ongoing looting of this country by Armitage and his partner gangsters.

Acquiring Armitage and forcing him to hand over the codes that permit for the construction and circulation of yen would cut off one of the Khazarian cabal’s Nazi faction’s most essential sources of money.

The White Dragon Society is presenting a 10% incentive, perhaps worth billions of dollars, to any person or group who is able to to catch Armitage and force him to return to the Japanese people the capital he and his fellow gangsters, like Michael Green, have thieved from them.

Golden triangle heroin dealer Armitage first came into prestige in the secret world when he sold out the government of South Vietnam to the communist North for income.

Even Henry Kissinger was ignorant this was the real reason why the South Vietnamese regime flattened so all of a sudden. Quite simply, the most significant defeat in US military history was triggered by a traitor within and not by military defeat.

The next huge operation that Armitage was involved in was the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. The U.S. government was powerless to afford to continue to keep its huge military bases in the Philippines so it made the decision to shut them down.

Marcos, who was a firm U.S. ally, sought to keep the bases so, Armitage and team organized anti-Marcos demonstrations and recommended Marcos to depart the Philippines and go to Hawaii. Marcos was poisoned in Hawaii.

That is how the Bush/CIA gang treats close U.S. allies.

Armitage was also a key player right behind the unsuccessful effort to overthrow the communist Chinese government known as the Tienanmen Square event.

No matter of the rights and wrongs of what took place at Tienanmen Square, later Armitage and Bush started to supply the Communist Chinese government army with U.S. military secrets in return for money.

For instance, based on US military data, they supplied China with assistance systems for their extremely imprecise nuclear missiles.

This shows the utter and total insufficient principles behind the Bush mafia and their operators like Armitage.

Armitage and team were able to take control of Japan’s finances through the killing of Japanese Prime Ministers.

The 2 murdered Prime Ministers which is where the evidence trail is clearest are, Ryutaro Hashimoto and Noboru Takeshita.

These murders were component of a campaign run by Armitage to get control of the Bank of Japan and therefore of the right to issue Japanese yen, based on multiple sources which includes former close associates of Takeshita.

Hashimoto was murdered with a poison injected in his rectum during a hospital stay, Japanese right wing sources state. Takeshita was tormented to death in Alaska, based on multiple sources which includes members of the Japanese royal family.

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