KILL THE MESSENGER: “Kurt Cobain was killed by the CIA” says ex-wife Courtney Love

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– In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife, Courtney Love, claimed that the frontman of Nirvana did not commit suicide, but was murdered by the CIA because of his “anti-establishment political views”.

In an interview with the prestigious Californian tabloid, the well-known actress and musician made some surprising comments concerning the death of her ex-husband. Ms. Love explains that she had always known that her husband was being followed and tracked by the CIA. She adds that, for many years, she had believed that the stress caused by the secret service’s constant harassment had pushed him to commit suicide.

“When the Nevermind album came out, Kurt was rapidly hailed as “the spokesman of a generation” and he gained tremendous influence,” she said. “He was almost immediately approached by the Freemasons, the Illuminatis and other secret societies as well as the CIA and other agencies, because all of them wanted to recruit him. Kurt wanted nothing to do with any of them and he told them to go to hell. That’s when they began to seriously harass him. They followed him everywhere, made creepy phone calls in the middle of the night… It made Kurt very nervous, and he began carrying a gun and using more and more drugs to cope with the stress. I had always thought that he had reached a point where he was no longer able to take it and had decided to kill himself.”

Some new evidence, which surfaced over the last few months, finally convinced her that he had not killed himself after all, but had actually been murdered by the American government.

“After the police released some new pictures of the crime scene in April, I began receiving a lot of letters, emails and phone calls from Kurt’s fans,” quotes the magazine. “Among all the fan mail, I received some classified files emanating from the CIA. I don’t know who sent them, but I know they are legitimate. They clearly prove that Kurt was being spied upon, and they designate him as a “target to be eliminated”. I know they killed him, and I will prove it!” 


On April 8, 1994, Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle, the victim of what was officially ruled a suicide by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

The circumstances of his death at age 27, have become a lasting topic of public fascination and debate. Over the years, several theories have arisen, presenting various alternate explanations for his death, but this is the first time that Ms Love herself, shows support to any for these theories.

According to her, the CIA had already tried to eliminate Mr. Cobain in Rome a few months earlier, nearly killing him. They would have then hired a professional killer, who shot him and disguised the crime as a suicide.

“The CIA had already tried to poison Kurt in March 1994, while he was in Italy,” she claimed. “The press had reported that he was suffering from an overdose-induced coma, but he was actually a victim of strychnine poisoning. Kurt refused to make the information public because he was afraid for me and Frances. The papers ta I received, prove that the CIA was behind the poisoning. The government had been trying to kill him for months, and I think they finally got him. Kurt was murdered, and the CIA is behind it!”

This surprising new claim from Ms. Love has little chance of leading to a new police investigation on the death of her ex-husband, since she has refused for the moment, to publish the files on which her theory is based.

Her accusations have already generated an impressive number of reactions on the social media, however. The interview was viewed so many times over the last two days, that the website of the Hollywood Inquirer has suffered some technical difficulties and was periodically unavailable this morning.

3 thoughts on “KILL THE MESSENGER: “Kurt Cobain was killed by the CIA” says ex-wife Courtney Love

  1. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    I lived in Seattle in 1994 when Cobain died. According to his friends and family, he wasn’t suicidal, and there were major inconsistencies in the forensic evidence (the official police report kept changing, as in John Lennon’s shooting). At the time, there were a lot of inconsistencies in the reporting (the police kept contradicting themselves) that raised concerns he had been murdered. A Justice for Kurt Cobain site was set up soon after his death:

  2. i wonder if this is true, or if love is looking for some more publicity because she’s low on funds or something. we live in country where the police are very corrupt, and journalism is very dead. love’s dad was a cop. there are all sorts of cover-ups possible.

    i have no doubt cobain was on all kinds of watchlists, there are a lot of talentless, shiftless ppl in the govt. looking for excuses to get budgets, so they have to pretend all the smart talented ppl are dangerous and “need watching”. i doubt they’d go as far as kill him though. he certainly wasn’t any sort of threat. RIP KC.. would have been good to know ya.

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