99% PROOF: 17 Signs Our World Is Changing For The Better – By Katie Wudel and Dana Lo

Source – magazine.good.is

 – Seeking inspiration to stay positive? Look no further than the Infographic below, which describes 17 ways the Earth – and its inhabitants – are moving forward in a positive direction.

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude when mainstream media tends to portray only the negative happenings of the world. But that positivity is mankind’s saving grace, and the importance of remaining inspired – as often as possible – cannot be overstated.

Positive developments are taking place on Planet Earth, even if they are not yet receiving the attention they deserve. For example, a 104-year-old woman recently partook in a street art project and ‘yarn-bombed’ her hometown with color, and an inspiring young woman with Down Syndrome is running her own successful business, even when many people didn’t know how she’d ever hold a job.

If you need more inspiration to keep with the ambition to “do good” and “be the change” you desire to see in the world, just look below. In the Infographic shared, 17 ways the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals are being met are outlined. (You can also see a bigger version by clicking on the Infographic)

Credit: United Nations

Amazingly, these happenings are taking place every hour, every day, and around the entire planet.

As GOOD shares, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations is an audacious to-do list for the world. In 15 years, the UN desires everyone on earth to work together to eradicate poverty, stop climate change, and undo inequality and injustice.

The task of solving the planet’s biggest problems does sound ambitious, but it is a goal that is 100% attainable if everyone capable of doing so works together. 

Surely, reasons to remain inspired and continue contributing to a greener, more informed, and conscious Earth exist. You can “be the change” first, and then share that love with others around the planet who need it most.


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