WITH CRIMINAL INTENT: Big Pharma and its Crimes – By Vladimir Platov

Source – therussophile.org

– Today most people are so consumed by their day-to-day problems that at times they tend to completely overlook the danger of certain medicines, vitamins and supplements that Western pharmaceutical companies sell them in order to get some profit. These people are careless, since they are only concerned with dealing with immediate issues without giving any consideration to the health risks a drug can pose. For them it’s of little importance that the majority of modern drugs has not been researched properly, so their safety or efficiency is only assumed, but not proven. Most often it is the case with vitamins or dietary supplements, but same can be said about certain drugs and even vaccines that were produced in the US. That is why the pharmacological market is flourishing, allowing Big Pharma to enrich at the expense of ordinary people.

As shown by studies, medical products kill up to 100 thousand people each year, while additional 2 million people suffer serious illnesses due to their use. In the United States such studies confirmed that doctors prescribe antibiotics to both children and adults to treat viral diseases, when in a half of all cases this measure is unnecessary (e.g. the common cold). Research carried out by scientists of the Department of Medical Harvard University, showed that about 20% of hospitalized patients were taking drugs that had been prescribed by a doctor that caused some serious damage to their health.

In this regard one must note that the word “medicine” comes from the Greek root word «pharmakeia», which has two meanings: “a remedy” and “a poison.”

Thus, the Toulouse University Hospital has recently published a warning on its website against uncontrolled use of drugs against common cold that are being actively advertised in certain drug stores. Those proved to be particularly dangerous for the cardiovascular system of a person. In particular, with the change of weather, it’s a common practice when pharmacists are beginning to offer a wide range of drugs manufactured by Western pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Actifed Rhume, Humex Rhume, Nurofen Rhume, Sudafed, Rhinadvil and others), all of which contain pseudoephedrine. These drugs are a serious threat to one’s health and may cause myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage due to their ability to rapidly increase the blood pressure and, as a consequence – increase the demand for oxygen of one’s heart and brain.

France’s National Agency for safety of drugs (ANSM) has repeatedly drawn attention to the danger of the uncontrolled use of medicines containing pseudoephedrine and recently it has been forced to publicly admit it.

Another example of criminal activities of western pharmaceutical companies is the recent scandal in Africa, where doctors sterilized millions of girls and women under the guise of carrying out the World Health Organization and UNICEF vaccination program against tetanus. Such accusations were put forward by the Association of Catholic doctors in Kenya that found antigen HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in vacines, the very antigen that causes miscarriage in women. As stated by Dr. Muhamed Ngare from Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi, six samples of the vaccines that were sent to the laboratory of South Africa allowed them to confim the presence of antigen HCG. It is said that a total of 30% of all anti-tetanus vaccine in Kenya contains antigen HCG, and there were shipped with the financial support of the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

Brian Clowes of Human Life International in Virginia, while commenting on the scandal in an interview with news channel LifeSite said that international organizations themselves are unlikely to be directly involved in such incidents as they are interested in maintaining their perfect international image. Typically, these organizations allow the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) and USAID to do all the dirty work on their part. When Brian was asked about the reasons for attempts to reduce the population in developing countries carried out by such organization, the first explanation Brian Clovers would come up with was “racism”. However, he did not rule out the intention to seize natural resources of developing countries as a possible cause completely.

According to the vigilant Kenyan doctors, the vaccine against tetanus has previosuly been used in Mexico in 1993, in Nicaragua, and the Philippines in 1994. In this case, the doctor Ngara said that before – in 1990 – the World Health Organization already tried to implement a program to reduce the birth rate in Kenya, but then the Catholic doctors managed to convince the government of the country to stop the implementation of such a program.

As noted in the report of the Association of Catholic Doctors of Kenya, African countries, has been a laboratory for mass testings on humans for decades. Big Pharma studied the effects of mass vaccinations, genetic changes from taking certain medications, reactions to various infections, viruses, and so on here. These “researches” are run by private pharmaceutical companies, Pentagon, the CIA and the well-known Bill Gates Foundation. And these criminal activities must be brought to an end.


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