CROSSROADS: Shifting From a Consumption-Driven to an Ecologically-Sustainable Global Society

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– There is massive propaganda for everyone to consume. Consumption is good for profits and consumption is good for the political establishment.” ~Noam Chomsky

Here are some basic ways in which we can create a shift from being a consumption-driven global society to becoming an environmentally friendly and ecologically-sustainable one:

1. A major shift in the consciousness of global society is needed! We must move from our overriding social focus on needless over-consumption and the accumulation of material wealth – to a new enlightened quest for spiritual wealth, happiness, and fulfillment. Once this new consciousness has been established, consumption levels should be kept within reasonable limits of sustainability, relative to achieving a synergistic balance with the natural resources of the Global Biosphere.

2. Concurrently, global society needs to shift its main focus away from materialism and self-aggrandizement, and begin to develop the subtle-energy and spiritual aspects of the human potential. Once such a shift occurs, people everywhere will be gin to experience new levels of compassion and sensitivity for other humans and biological life forms. This new attitude will serve to generate a renewed enthusiasm for participation in the conservation, regeneration and maintenance of Earth’s natural ecosystems.

3. The biological drive for genetic reproduction should be re-directed into new channels of service, creativity, and consciousness development. Such a paradigm shift could eventually eliminate poverty and social injustice everywhere – insuring the well-being, happiness, and economic independence of present and future generations.

4. We need to abandon our wasteful, polluting activisities and technologies, and make a transition to new “Green” activities and technologies. These new technologies would be designes to function within a framework of conservation, interactive energy exchange, and efficient waste-management programs which would contribute to the health and sustainability of the Global Biosphere.

5. A major movement should be mounted, to bring creativity and art back into science, education, medicine, business, and government; moving from our egocentric positions of territorial Darwinian competition, and into new modes of cooperation and synergistic support. To be effective, this transformation needs to first occur within the collective hearts and minds of Homo sapiens – with the ultimate objective of eventually achieving global sustainability and social justice for everyone on Earth.

Source: “Basic Strategies for Creating a Planetary Shift from Consumption-Driven to Ecologically-Appropriate Lifestyles,” from Transforming the Global Biosphere: Twelve Futuristic Strategies, by Elliot Maynard

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