SACRED GEOMETRY: Quantum Mechanics and the End of Materialism

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– Many people consider the advent of quantum mechanics as the single biggest achievement in science. And there is good reason to believe that since it has revamped our view of the world in a drastic manner. An example in point would be the non-materialistic view of Earth.

Since the inception of the scientific method, the world has been viewed as consisting of tangible things – a cluster of three dimensional bodies. However, the study of quantum mechanics led us to believe that the world is nothing but a wave of material possibilities that manifest before our eyes. In short, we observe our reality and that it doesn’t exist in a predefined, materialistic manner.

Probably, the most concrete experiment that gives credence to this belief is the double-slit one. It exposed the wave-nature of electrons, a seemingly material thing. In the experiment, a beam of electrons fired at a screen replicated a wave like pattern instead of a material splatter. However, most interestingly, when the same beam of electrons was observed by a measuring device it behaved as something consisting of solids! Thus, of all the potentialities of this quantum event, which seem to be represented by the wave pattern, the act of observing makes it boil down to a single one.

However, this doesn’t imply a solipsistic point or view – that our mind is the architect of its own reality. Rather, as further quantum experiments prove, we are participants in the experience of our own reality. That the billions of potentialities that exist, only a single one presents before us depending upon our position in the space-time continuum.

Erwin Schrödinger, the pioneer of quantum mechanics drove this point home in his famed thought experiment. According to him a cat that is sealed in the box and left with a radioactive specimen has equal chances of being alive or dead. So, in essence, according to him nothing is real in this world unless we prove it so by the act of observation.

Schrödinger’s colleague, Eugene Wigner, took it one step further and stated consciousness is the main component of our view of reality. Consciousness determines whether the cat in Schrödinger’s experiment is dead or alive. So, fundamentally, reality is nothing but a chain of conscious beings observing things, concluding in the supreme, primordial observation of a theistic entity.

Another important aspect of a non-materialistic view of reality is a mind-boggling theory known as quantum entanglement. According to it, two objects created at the same instant have some sort of weird connection. For example, take two entangled electrons, one of which is transported to the other end of the universe. If you poke one of them, the effect is translated across the vast space and is replicated by the other electron instantaneously! We know that information cannot be transmitted across space at a speed greater than the speed of light because of the restrictions imposed by the theory of special relativity. This means that the two electrons are somehow ethereally connected. Scaling it up, this means that everything in our reality is connected since the Big Bang! This makes the power of observation all the more irrefutable.

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