MIND GAMES: Paradigm Lost, I Spy PSI Spies – By Clyde Lewis

Source  – groundzeromedia.org

– As soon as we switched from the 20th century way of doing things, we assumed that the 21st century way would be far more sophisticated. Fifteen years into the new millennium there are many things that haven’t changed in our everyday lives. However when it comes to modern warfare America is relying on sophisticated technology to give our military and even our local police forces the advantage.

The concept of equipping both the warrior and the policeman with immediate information and superior ordinance against an enemy or the subversive is built on the idea of net-centric warfare. The networks of agencies that work together create an information net of important facts locations and intel that ties to the newly formed surveillance state.

Network centric warfare can trace its immediate origins to 1996 when Admiral William Owens introduced the concept of a “system of systems” in a paper of the same name published by the Institute for National Security Studies. Owens described the serendipitous evolution of a system of intelligence sensors, command and control systems, and precision weapons that enabled enhanced situational awareness, rapid target assessment, and distributed weapon assignment.

Also in 1996, the Joint Chiefs of Staff released Joint Vision 2010, which introduced the military concept of “full-spectrum dominance.” This term described the ability of the US military to dominate the battle space from peace operations through to the outright application of military power that stemmed from the advantages of information superiority.

Full-spectrum dominance is a military entity’s achievement of control over all dimensions of the battle space, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas as terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare.

Full-spectrum dominance includes the physical battle space; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space.

This philosophy not only controls the entire battle space, but also includes the possibility of psychological or psychic espionage or the ability to mentally subdue an enemy or use psychological means to outwit, locate and even kill an enemy through psychological warfare.

This leads us to the discussion of PSI spies, better known as “remote viewers,” or those who take part in extra-sensory spying and locating an enemy or the whereabouts of where the enemy is holed up — or where his weapons may be hidden.

U.S. Government interest in remote viewing dates back at least to World War II, when captured documents revealed some fascinating German experiments in the application of the paranormal to military intelligence. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s, when the U.S. discovered that the Soviet Union was investing heavily in “psychic” research that U.S. Government interest really took off.

Afraid of being left behind in a “psychic arms race,” the CIA funded a research proposal from two laser physicists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). It was these two scientists — Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff — who developed the first protocols and coined the term “remote viewing,” largely to get away from having to use words like paranormal, psychic, and clairvoyance, which tended to make the Government uncomfortable.

While SRI continued to train remote viewers for the Government, many of the day-to-day tasks and training took place at Ford Meade, where the Army maintained a well-documented RV unit until 1995/96. But many other branches of the military and the government — the Navy and Air Force, as well as NSA and NASA, invested in remote viewing. Their programs are less well known.

Remote viewing is frequently described as a “right brain” activity; the less interference there is from the more analytical portions of the brain, the better the results tend to be. Remote viewers typically sketch what they are “seeing,” since drawing a target frequently produces more accurate results than a verbal description.

It is also well known that anyone can be trained to remote view because the brain has many doors that can be open and shut upon training. In the beginning the apprentice starts seeing hazy or blurred targets and later with more concentration and hard work there have been many successful remote viewers who have used their talents to locate missing persons for police departments.

Scientific work on RV has been done by physicists. Quantum physics has undermined many of the old ideas about time and space, and new concepts like superstring theory and M-theories seem to offer clues into what may be going on during a remote viewing session. Theories like the idea that time is not linear, or that a little-understood energy vibrates throughout the universe, connecting everything, like some external force spoken of in the Movie Star Wars. But at this point, it’s all still conjecture. There is much about the human mind, consciousness, and the true nature of reality that science has yet to explain. Remote viewing is one of those things.

The human mind can also be pushed to its limits and this is where psychological warfare and psychic espionage has been known to push the mind into hyper reality and sensory overload.

An unusually high number of those involved in the remote viewing programs of the seventies and eighties died young, of heart attacks and cancer.

Studies have shown that any kind of sensory overload — exposure to constant loud noise or bright lights, for instance — physically stresses the body and can lead to illness. It is possible that “extrasensory” overload can have a similar effect.

It is also true that many of those involved in the various remote viewing programs — even battle-hardened colonels and generals — appear to have become mentally unbalanced by their experiences. One well-known former US Army remote viewer quite publicly predicted that pregnant Martian females were about to hatch from the bowels of the earth. Another suffered a complete breakdown and had to be physically restrained and hospitalized.

In 1998 I was having a conversation about mind control with some friends of mine at a local McDonalds and it was overheard by a gentleman who looked as if he was a transient.

He mumbled through some conversation about how he was on his way to Texas and that he needed some money. He told me that if I paid him a bus ticket he would tell me about how the Canadian government had taken him as a child and trained him with the CIA to become an assassin. He claimed however that it wasn’t typical assassination.

He claimed that the weapon that would be used would be the mind.

He told me that through the use of mind control and things like remote viewing a man could kill another man. He wanted to tell me about some things that were done in Iran and he claimed that he was under orders from both the Canadian government and the US government.

He also told me that he was involved in some sort of mind control experiment in Montreal in the 1950’s and that after he had tried to reveal the activities he ended up destitute and traveled all over the country by train, or hitchhiking.

After checking around and asking several questions of people I knew in Canada, I can only remember that his name did not check out and that perhaps I had been hoaxed.

I was later made aware of a lawsuit that was filed by a man named Robert Logie. He claimed that he was a “human guinea pig” for a CIA drug experiment program called “MK-ULTRA Sub-Project 68,” an experimental program where LSD was used for behavior control and brainwashing. Logie recounted that there was an agency called the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology and that it was a front for the CIA program. Logie would walk around in a daze and slept under bridges not knowing where he was or who he was.

The man I met was not Logie, but his story sounded similar.

These mind-training experiments in psychic espionage or PSI chaos magic have been talked about for decades. The stories have been given by credible individuals and not by lone nut conspiracy theorists out to make a dollar.

In fact there are reports that after the attacks on 9/11 that the US Government had an interest of starting up a new program. The government wanted to create “psychic assassins” that are now being trained at Fort Bragg, and other disturbing developments. All current programs are classified.

Those who are gifted, often described as “natural” remote viewers — usually experience “psychic” phenomena from childhood and thus grow up learning how to control their experiences. Not only are these individuals frequently more successful in their remote viewing attempts, but they also seem to be able to “handle” the experience better. Those who are artificially taught remote viewing seem more likely to become mentally unbalanced by the experience.

The world of 21st-century science, it is interesting to note that while skeptics will say that remote viewing is nonsense, the government and the military see it in a different way. They believe that the body possesses powers and that the minds can sustain discipline to the point of concentrating on what is called “psionics.” Some also call it the “fourth force.”

There are scientists that are reopening investigations into the “anthropology of consciousness” and “transpersonal psychology” and whether or not there is an unseen force that man can control and change with training and discipline.

Some scientists are realizing that tapping into the life force through ritual and use of symbols is definitely linked to better physical and psychological well-being.

This “fourth force” also seems to be an effective tool in combating illness and disease. Theologians call upon this force by using priesthood and priest craft. Witches use it to power sigils. Witchdoctors use it in Voodoo rituals.

The problem with this power is that it doesn’t always act the same way in every instance. Ever sit and wonder why certain prayers aren’t answered and why certain powers affect one person and not the other?

The answers may be in the investigation of the “fourth force” and the introduction of radionics and psionics.

Radionics is life energy that is unique to you. It is as unique as a fingerprint or your own DNA. Radionics studies tell us that every part of an individual; brain, nerves, muscles, sinews, even cells have certain vibrations.

The theory is that illness; injury, infection, stress, environment or poor hygiene can cause the vibrations to become imbalanced. Many other factors cause body life energy to be altered. This altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body and treated by sending messages, with an instrument, to the body in order that the body may heal itself through the restored flow of energy.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it?

Well, keep in mind the old urban legend about the woman who accidentally runs over her small child with her car. While we are told the story is true the focus ia on a frail young mother who during a snowstorm accidentally backed her car over her child and pinned him in a snowdrift.

She heard his screams and got out of the car. She tried to pull forward but the car’s tires spun on the ice. In sheer panic she runs behind the car and begins to lift it. With all of her strength she manages to lift the car away from the drift saving her young boy.

This story has always been a lesson in what adrenaline can do as it shoots through the body of someone in panic.

Adrenaline is responsible for the action and multitasking that is happening in a panicked situation. It may have contributed to the added strength of the young mother lifting the car — but the biggest question is what kept the mother from breaking her bones or ripping muscles and tendons as she lifted her vehicle?

It is the power of “PSI,” or psionics — the same tool used in remote viewing, and the same tool used by those who are well-trained in martial arts to discipline their bodies into becoming weapons, being able to smash huge cinderblocks with their heads, or to use their forearms to bash through a stack of wood.

The US government has been known to shell out all kinds of tax money to explore these mind games. They have poured millions of dollars into radionics studies, mind control, and remote viewing projects.

There are many people who see this and chuckle that the government is once again throwing money down the drain. However keeping the master magicians and psychics near the government has been a common practice from the beginning.

The paradigm has thus been shattered and a new form of mental training can have the mind do many great and wondrous things that can be indistinguishable from magic.


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