COSMIC COWBOY: Seeking Truth Through and Beyond Consciousness Expanding Drugs – By Phillip Kalman

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– Psychonaut – A person who explores, experiences, and studies their subconscious and reality through the use of hallucinogenic drugs.

“Carlos Castenada meets Alan Watts.”

“A fascinatingly adventurous read and an invaluable guide book for the explorer of the inner Cosmos.”

This book decidedly answers the question – “Can the use of certain substances, labeled as drugs in our society, open someone to authentic mystical awareness and transformative, life changing experiences?”

This is more than a book about taking drugs and having extraordinary experiences. This book puts forth a framework of spiritual growth while taking the reader on an incredible journey where the author shares the deepest lessons learned during a 10 year period of devoted exploration while using nitrous oxide.

This book integrates the wisdoms of our deepest spiritual traditions and shows how nitrous oxide, when used with a deep spiritual intention, has the capacity to reveal the deepest truths of who we are, the nature of Oneness and God and why we appear to exist as a “me” in the play of life.
The reader is taken through heavens, hells, and all manner of inner experiences on a passionate quest to uncover truth. The author shares a selection of experiences and illuminations that tie together to form a pathway of spiritual evolution and ultimately draw the reader’s attention back to the essence of the Divine Self.

The ultimate lesson that the author brings back is that the Ultimate State of Being, that to which the mind and personal sense of self naturally surrenders to and dissolves into, is an unspeakable Eternal Love and a oneness of Identity with that.

The reader will learn about traps, temptations and fears as the mind ventures beyond the boundaries of the known on the great adventure of discovery. The reader is guided so as not to get caught up in phenomenal appearances or lesser goals and learns how to navigate fears and duality paradoxes.

The author shares the immense value that was gained from using substances, as well as enormous hardship that developed after ignoring signs to stop. These signposts are not to be ignored and this work sheds important light on that area.

This book is an invaluable map through traps, temptations and challenges. It shares both the upsides and downsides of using substances as well clearly showing the need to eventually transcend the use of substances, for the realization of what was tasted – the higher potentials of human consciousness.


There is a huge difference between taking consciousness expanding substances recreationally versus taking them with deep devotion and intention. The latter can lead to healing, illumination and merging in the Heart.

The path that uses psycho-active substances can also test the psychonaut to extreme levels and also cause drastic damage to the physical and/or energetic bodies. Thus shared information is invaluable to the explorer of the inner realms.

This exciting new book opens the reader to the essence of spiritual work and discovery while guiding the reader to integrate the illuminations and lessons into their day-to-day life, eventually taking the explorer beyond the need to rely on substances to know the Joy of Freedom and Being. This book shares hard-earned wisdom and signposts dangerous areas which hopefully enables the user to avoid hardships and deep regret.

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