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– Welcome!,

It is the dawn of The Great Dark Ages – again. The glorious age of ruthless oppression and tyranny, the era when all the wealth and resources of the land and the people were the property of the feudal lords, is almost upon us.

During those glorious days, the kings and lords owned the land and the people. People worked for their lords until they die. It was with the grace of the lord that they had the sustenance to survive to the next day. When they wed, the first night their wives were the property of the lord – Lords loved the tenderness of the virgins.

People owned nothing. Whatever they had was at the mercy of the lords. The lords could block the exit and entry to their shoddy homes – inflicting death by starvation.

The word of the lord was the ‘Law’. And, the lords has the enforcers to establish the ‘rule of law’. The enforcers of the law – the police of the lords, had the license to harass, torture, rape, and kill anyone with impunity. People had no rights – no education, no health care, and no amenities. They lived to serve their lords, and die serving the lords.

After a short respite, back we go to the glorious Dark Ages of The Medieval Times – to faithfully serve the masters again.

The Medieval Times:
Until the later part of the 16th century, the entire western Europe, with the exception of Moorish Europe – Spain, Portugal, southern France and Italy, was in the ‘Dark Ages’ – under the harsh feudal rule, zero tolerance, and extreme poverty, the life for ‘common people was a living hell. Thanks to malnutrition, infectious diseases, lack of sanitary and personal hygiene, and non-existence of health care, the life expectancy of common people was well under 32 years.

The Brief Respite:
With the fall of the Moore Empire in 1492, the door to Knowledge and Science got opened and the Era of Renaissance downed upon Europe. People came to realize that Earth was not flat, and they too were humans – And, with that realization came the era of awareness and unrest in the region. The resulting public awareness forced the lords to bestow some rights back to the people.

It was the dawn of the Golden Age for the West.

People – the subject of the same old lords, were allowed to enjoy their new found ‘freedom’ for almost two centuries while producing more wealth for the masters – and killing each others in millions.

While the people in the West were allowed to enjoy there freedom, the Lords of the Darkness had shifted their loving attention to the East. The rest of the was put under the yolk of slavery. In the world beyond Europe, it was suppression of human rights, freedom, and civil liberties. In the land of lawlessness, the word of the master was The Law.

While the masses all over the world suffer, West had the good times. The West – Europe and the US, were perceived as the “beacon” of freedom, democracy, and human rights in the world – The land of the Free – The land of the Rule of Law, Reasoning, and Logic. The land where the individual safety, security and peaceful enjoyment was guaranteed.

Back to Medieval Dark Ages:
Now, the lords have gotten fed up with the ever increasing demands and self-indulgence of their western subjects, and have decided to put them back into the Era where they belong – The Era of Glorious Medieval dark Ages.

The Wheel of Fortune has been made to make 180° turn. While the freedom and human rights are taking the front row seat in the rest of the world, the West is turning into a suffocating hell of tyranny, oppression, and intolerance.

The process of unraveling, dismantling, and tearing apart the social and civil fabrics of the western society at the seams is in full swing.

The Lords of the Dark Ages are systematically dismantling, and tearing down the mask of ‘civilization and humanity’ from the face of West. The processes are in full swing to usher in the Golden Age of the Medieval Feudal tyranny again – Albeit with one twist, this time around the lords will not be responsible to feed their subjects.

Coming to you is the Fascism married to Feudalism, with the ruthless Dictatorship as the favorite Concubine.

The Pillars Supporting The Feudal Fascist System:

The Police State:
The moment one lands at any of the airports in the West, it is difficult to escape the realization that one has entered into an occupied and hostile region – your life is at the mercy of those with badges and guns.

Police has been fully militarized and acts like an occupation force. Police brutality is beyond description. They shoot and kill people with impunity – it is a force created and trained to terrorize the public. Its task is to protect the interests of the ruling elites. As the US Supreme Court clarified in its recent ruling, police’s job is NOT to protect people, its job is to enforce the ‘law’ – The law of the lords.

Welcome to the Medieval Age of Feudal Lords.

State of Lawlessness:
There is no more Rule of the Law in the West. Laws are made at the whim of those who rule. Judges are selected by the ruling elites to serve the interests of the masters. Any judge who dares to deviate from the given command or directive is “suicided” to make an example. Court’s job is to rubber-stamp the dictate of the lords and guard the interests of the lords – Recall: The Affluenza Ruling in Texas!

The Age of the Executive Orders:
The heads and the figureheads of the governments, on behalf of their masters, rule the nations by way of executive orders. Legislative bodies’ job is, on cue, to simply prompt the executive head to make the EO’s as deemed necessary for imposition of the Medieval Time.

Secret Courts, Secret Laws, and Secret Interpretations:
Beside the rule by EOs, a system of secret courts has been established to prosecute the ‘undesired’ elements. these courts follow the ‘secret laws’ whose interpretations are also secret!

Indefinite Detentions – Guilty until Proven Innocent:
The governments can snatch anyone without ever charging or even acknowledging the arrest. You may simply disappear – like many already have. Government doesn’t need to bring any charges. You have no rights.

Gag Orders:
The accused, if he were lucky to be charged in the first place, can be put under a ‘Gag Order’. You are not allowed to defend yourself – Neither is your attorney. You are gagged!

The Land of The Inhuman Tortures :
Torturing innocent people, snatched and kidnapped by the governments, is an accepted way of controlling the people. Inhuman assaults on detainees, including rape and beating to death are acknowledged practices. Such tortures are deliberately “leaked” to further terrorize the public even more.

Secret trials, gag orders, indefinite detentions, and inhuman tortures – the hallmark of a dictatorial fascist system, are the norm.

Consolidation of Wealth & Ownership:
The Financial collapse of 2008 was thoughtfully created to decimate the public equity, confiscate the wealth of common people, create a population of millions of homeless families, disconnect millions more from the credit system, and, through hyper inflation and mass unemployment, destroy the lives of a very large segment of the population.

Through the real estate market crash and the subsequent foreclosures, the wealth-base of millions of people all over the West was destroyed. Now, the super wealthy class, the new lords of the descending Medieval Age, control almost all the national resources, and own more than 80% of the worthwhile assets. Public ownership is on fast decline

Further to increase the gap between the Lords and the poor public, the working classes are skinned to death with the ever increasing tax burden, cost of utilities, food prices, and the housing expenses. People are practically in bondage already.

Privatization of Public Assets:
All over the West, public assets – from land, water, and food to roads, railways, and airways, have been handed over to the super rich. Public is at the mercy of the lords again. The Working class owns nothing; neither money nor assets.

Dwindling Income and Rising Cost:
Vast majority of people have been forced work on meager wages insufficient to sustain and maintain even the basic essential for living. With the ever increasing cost of living, they are forced to survive on government ‘dole outs’ – An old tactic of the feudal lord – keep them hand-to-mouth – always looking for the mercy of the lords.

Education Beyond the Reach of Public:
The entire education system, the pride jewel of the West – built over a period of centuries, has been hollowed and dynamited – serving the needs of the lords by stamping out the faithful servants of the masters. Further, the cost of higher education has been inflated so much that it is beyond the means of ordinary people.

For the most, education is not required – actually, made prohibited by virtue of exorbitant cost that they cannot afford. Like the Golden days of the Feudal system.

Through planned inflation of the cost of education, housing, and all the other major necessities of living, an economy of debt has been created – A society made ready to fall prey to the feudal lords.

Suppression of Freedom of Speech:
No Freedom of Speech here – unless it is approved!

You have the complete freedom of speech, as long as you toe the line of the masters. Selective protection of the “Freedom of Speech”, while targeting and prosecuting the ‘undesired Freedom of Speech’, is the rule – The doctrine of Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply to the likes of 70-year-old writer, publisher and civil rights activist, Ernst Zundel or the British cartoonists, Stephen Whittle and Simon Sheppard or the French comedian Dieudonné. Freedom doesn’t fit the model of Medieval Feudal system.

Dumbification of the Masses:
Free thinking and intelligent public doesn’t belong in the Medieval times. The populace, therefore, has been ‘dumbified’ to such a degree that they are incapable of analyzing the fact and making rational decisions to protect themselves and their communities – A collection of sheeples ready for the butcher’s block of the Feudal Lords – Thanks in great part to the shows like ‘Kardashain’s’ and Duck Dynasty’.

Legalization of Drugs & Prostitution:
Drugs are already being legalized across the board. An intoxicated population is easy to dupe into serving the the lords – Recall: The ‘Opiumization’ of China. It has come full circle – the roosters have come back home to roost.

Prostitution, already ‘Legal’ in many places, is next in line to be legalized and promoted as ‘essential service’ – Remember Russia of Yeltsin era? Wives, even the wives of generals, had to do the ‘street job’ to supplement the husband’s meager wages. It is coming to you too.

But here is the Silver Line: As an acknowledgment of the dedicated service, the Lords, as a favor to their subject, will do the promotion and marketing for the prostituting wives, sisters, and daughters of the subject for free!

Prostitution is going to be an important sector of the economy – an integral part of GDP. The wealthy Chinese will have a good time while you will be able to put loves of bread on the tiny table.
Mass Surveillance:
A system of mass surveillance has been imposed in which no one has the right to privacy. From your phone calls and emails to the details of your shopping, very thing is monitored. You are a state property. Even your thoughts belong to the lords – Like the old days

Private Security and Mercenary forces:
On the lines of the old Medieval Feudal system, provisions have been made into the law for the major businesses and super wealthy to hire and maintain their own private ‘security forces’, with power to arrest and detain the citizens who may be perceived as posing a threat to the interests of their masters -The dawn of the era of Feudal Fascism.
Welcome Back to Medieval Dark Ages!


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