JAMES GILLIAND: “The people of Earth are being offered a chance to join the rest of the universe in peace”

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– An unprecedented event is unfolding in a small town known as Trout Lake, Washington. This event has the potential to change the course and destiny of Humanity and the Earth. The people of Earth are being offered a chance to join the rest of the universe in peace.

The technologies to end disease, clean up and restore the environment, fuel-less energy technologies, and the virtual keys to Utopia have been disseminated and are waiting for distribution and production. A whole new world is unfolding for those with the courage to accept it.

C5 Contact with spiritually and technologically advanced extra and ultra terrestrial off world visitors which we refer to as the greater family of man has occurred at the home of James Gilliland, known as the Sattva Sanctuary. ABC, Fox News, The History Channel, Evening Magazine, and other cable channels too numerous to mention have covered the ongoing contacts at the Sanctuary. Radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory & Art Bell, Jeff Rense and many others have all covered this incredible verifiable event.

Ultradimensional Contact during the skywatch at the 2006 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference.
Many miracle healings occurred to campers in the field that night.

There have been thousands of eyewitnesses, some of which are prominent scientists and physicists. Astro, nuclear, bio and plasma physicists have all witnessed these events. Aerospace, Air force design engineers, professional photographers and investigators from around the world have come to observe the ongoing UFO activity at the Sanctuary.

There is a long history of UFO sightings in the area going back as far as a hundreds of years in Native American Lore.

Kenneth Arnold who coined the word flying saucers in his 1947 report said he lost sight of the luminous discs as they descended on the western slopes of Mt Adams.

Trout Lake, now internationally known as a UFO hot spot, is located at the base of Mt. Adams.

Dr J. Allen Hynek, Greg Long, Bill Voguel, David Ackers and many other investigators have documented a long history of UFO activity covering events from contacts, sightings of metallic craft and large luminous objects which are inquisitive, follow vehicles and demonstrate themselves to be under intelligent control.

Within these reports were sightings by fire tower operators, forest rangers, and local police. People from all walks of life have, and are continuing to come to witness the ongoing events.

CSETI with Dr Steven Greer, PSI Application with Steve Mareno and two other independent groups were all present when, not one, but four immense triangle ships flew over the Sanctuary along with other brilliant UFOs all of which were filmed by multiple witnesses.

There are large volumes of photos and literally hours of footage of ships hovering, taking off at break neck speeds, making right angle turns, throwing off tremendous energies expanding to several times their original size and responding to the people below showing they are under definite intelligent control.

The evidence is in showing beyond a shadow of a doubt UFOs are real and ongoing contact is unfolding at the Sanctuary.

The purpose of these contacts is threefold. The first phase is to document the events and establish public awareness which is almost complete.

The second phase is to rise to the occasion training ambassadors of peace to inter-phase with these benevolent off world visitors and secure a military stand down. In the interest of national security and common sense it is wise to align with those of superior technology in peace as allies rather than greet them with aggression. Despite the Hollywood movies any conflict with off world visitors with the capability of interstellar, inter-dimensional and time travel would be a very arrogant and unwise decision. UFOs have a long deep rooted presence in the history of Earth and if they were going to conquer, destroy or consider us fine dining it would have happened long ago.

The last phase is to create a template, a Galactic Exchange Center like none other where full inter-phase and exchange of wisdom and technologies can occur. This sharing or inter-phase will assist humanity in a quantum leap in evolution thus joining the rest of the universe, the greater family of man in a bold new adventure.

The Age of Aquarius is here. Love, compassion and service to Humanity and the Earth are now a prerequisite if we are going to continue in our evolutionary process. It is time to live in peace and harmony with each other, our environment and the greater family of man throughout the multiverses.

In the beginning, our ECETI section was aimed at proving the existence of UFOs. Now with the overwhelming evidence occurring around the world it is time to evolve beyond proving their existence and into understanding who they are and why are they here. There will always be debunkers, disinformation campaigns, fundamentalists, and closed minded individuals. This site is not for them.

This site is for the courageous free thinkers, those who wish to transcend scientific and religious dogma and instead make truth the ultimate priority. The contacts with benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced ETs here at the Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake, Washington have been fully documented with photos, videos, and hundreds of eyewitnesses from all walks of life.

Many of these photos and videos have been scientifically analyzed and some of the eyewitnesses are pilots, people in the aviation industry, professional photographers, doctors, engineers , tribal police, etc., etc.,. The list goes on and on.

NASA and SETI are aware of these contacts and have refused to acknowledge them.Why? There can be many reasons. The first is they are under government constraints and anything that falls under the interest of national security, “UFOs”, must be cleared first through the government before being released to the public.

It is common knowledge that the government for various reasons has been involved in a long arduous cover-up campaign. The other reason is the process they are using to contact advanced off world visitors is archaic.

It stands to reason that any advanced race capable of interstellar and interdimensional travel would also be very advanced in consciousness. Like advanced humans now and in our past, these off-world visitors would possess many of the gifts the Masters, Saints and Sages from all cultures used. Gifts like telepathy, prophecy, psychokinetic abilities, clairvoyancy, and other attributes that come with engaging higher consciousness and energy.

High tech and low consciousness is not going to cut it in their world. We need to rise to the occasion.

There are protocols for contact. One must have a high degree of honesty, integrity, and be dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. They must also be committed to their own awakening and healing process. When one has met these protocols they will most likely be contacted and become ambassadors of truth.

We have met those protocols here at the Sanctuary where others our society has chosen to represent us in contacting off world visitors have not.

There is no purposeful good in contacting people of ill intent that would misuse their wisdom or technology. There is also no purposeful good in contacting someone who will twist their message to fit their religious beliefs or foster their agenda above all others.

These benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced beings have transcended all cultural and religious boundaries. They live in harmony and balance in their environment. They have dedicated their lives to serving the Creator in all creation. Separating into structured truths and judging, condemning or warring on others has nothing to do with Universal Peace or Brother/Sisterly love.

These benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced beings are here now to assist their younger brother/sisters in their evolutionary process. They will not interfere in free will. We must choose individually and collectively to rise to the occasion and live by the Universal Principles and Understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment.. We must also hold our political, religious and business leaders to these same principles.. Then we will be ready as a collective for



The Sanctuary is on what’s known as a vortex with a near by portal which makes easy access for contact. The higher consciousness and energy here attracts other spiritually and technologically advanced beings which aids in the awakening and healing process. The contacts are telepathic in nature followed by the undeniable presence and sighting of their ships. It usually begins with the feeling of a powerful and loving presence. The crown of the head and “third eye” feel a pressure indicating their presence and then all one has to do is look up. Many also hear a ringing in their ears which is high frequency communication, guidance from on high fed directly to the subconscious mind surfacing later as needed.

These beings are benevolent. In fact they are our ancient ancestors. They did not have to start over as primitives as we did on earth due to great cataclysms and floods. They continued to evolve spiritually and technologically. Some are thousands, some millions and some billions of years ahead of us in the time flow as we know it. Those contacting us here come from the Pleiades, the Orion Council of Light (6th dimensional beings), Arcturian and the Andromedas. They are the Star Nations which colonized and seeded the Earth long before recorded history.

They are here now because we are at a crucial point in evolution, a shifting of the ages and need their help to get through some upcoming major Cosmic Events, and the tumultuous Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes we are seeing now that will continue to escalate.

We have established a 70 acre mountain retreat that has met the protocols necessary for contact with benevolent and spiritually advanced ETs. They have expressed their desire to share wisdom and knowledge that will assist us in raising our consciousness and cleaning up our environment. Before any landings can occur, we must first implement a “Military stand-down” policy and greet them as ambassadors with the desire to unite with the rest of the cosmos. Until then, it is unsafe for all parties concerned for a physical landing to occur.

Once this stand-down policy is in place and we agree to their assistance as a collective, they will be walking right along side of us in peace.

They are here now because we are at a crucial point in evolution, a shifting of the ages and need their help to get through some upcoming major Cosmic Events, and the tumultuous Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes we are seeing now that will continue to escalate.


The latest contact began with a stream of white light followed by three balls of energy hitting me square in the chest. The next thing I knew I was face to face with a beautiful and powerful female master teacher from Orion named Melia.

She wore a headdress, white in color, with two gold bands surrounding her head. I was told the headdress amplified her consciousness and energy and was used to awaken and inspire.

She was extremely loving, benevolent and yet down to business. I was told I was one of many who have come here for these times and all are being awakened.

It left a burn mark after a beam of white light with three gold balls of energy hit James in the chest. It was painless and the physical proof asked for by James. Has a beam of light coming through a wall creating a spiritual awakening have any precedence in history?

Painting from about 1486 AD by Carlo Crivelli called “The Annunciation” on display at the the National Gallery in London. An intense beam of light is going right through the building and onto the head of Mary.Blaji is a Master/Teacher (Ishrish) from the Pleiades. They are an ancient civilization that has watched over us for eons. They were referred to as the celestial sons of God spoken of in our ancient texts.

Her wisdom, grace and beauty has touched the hearts of many at the Sanctuary.

There is much disinformation concerning those from Orion, Pleiades, and Andromeda. This is intentional on one part along with misunderstandings or reliance on ancient knowledge of when the universe was less evolved and filled with conflicts and struggles between many races.

In one of my encounters there was a humanoid feline which greeted me as if I was family with great love, her name is Baagit. In Ancient India today as well they pray to Narshringa, the Lion People, for protection. Sekhmet of Ancient Egypt was also half lion half human being with great spiritual powers.

We have all experienced many lives, some on other planets with races of beings unlike those of today’s earth humans. Hopefully we will one day find peace and non-judgment between Earth Humans and then extend that out to the rest of the Universe.

Then there is also the abduction phenomenon carried out by the Greys which is now taking on a new light. There are also “black ops” run by elements in various government agencies that are now being exposed for selling out the American people for technology. This is a very small part of the puzzle that needs to be addressed and healed when one looks at the Big Picture, yet now is the time to expand into understanding the rest of the puzzle. The majority of the universe is at peace. There are a few small troubled areas left and one of the most troubled is Earth and the powers that govern her. The majority of people have fallen asleep, allowing a relatively small number of people to think for us. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and now the dark hearts will not rest until they own and control everything, including Mother Nature herself. The path they have chosen for humanity is a downward spiral into physical, intellectual, spiritual and monetary enslavement that cannot be sustained much longer. If we continue on our present course, our environment and civilization will collapse.

Now is the time for change. Drastic change is necessary if we are to lessen the severity of social, economic and physical earthchanges, all of which are happening NOW and are rapidly escalating. Divine intervention is earned. These celestial visitors are that divine intervention, yet we must all do our part. They are inspiring us through higher consciousness and energy, empowering the individual and assisting in lifting the energies holding the grid together as our solar system moves into a new place in the universe.

We are a group bound, not by church or institution, but by our love of all life in it’s infinite diversity here on Earth and throughout the entire Universe, dedicated to researching and documenting the escalating and ongoing sightings and contacts in the Pacific Northwest, the Sattva Sanctuary and the Yakama Nation and now the world. Our only agenda is to educate and assist in the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. We believe contact with benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced extra and ultra terrestrials will benefit all humanity in profound ways we can only dream of. It is to be shared with all humanity, not censored due to the vested interest and ego driven needs of the few. This noble endeavor will take funding for research equipment, travel expenses, the expansion of guest facilities and the dispensation of the information to the public. Now is the time to invest in those that deliver.

We welcome assistance on all levels in completion of these goals.


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