Was Screenwriter Gary Devore killed over his revelations of the Panama invasion?

Source  – presstv.com

The Central Intelligence Agency might have had a hand in the suspicious death of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore who wrote a script which would disclose the “reason” behind US invasion of Panama, a report says.

Devore was mysteriously killed in 1997 and his skeletal remains were found strapped into his Ford Explorer submerged underneath the California Aqueduct in 1998.

However, no investigation explained why his car could get off the highway and end up in water.  In addition, both of his hands along with the script were missing from the crash scene.

His film, named The Big Steal, would be “the hardest hitting film studios have ever seen”, showing “disturbing details” about the US invasion of Panama, Devor told his friends.

The Daily Mail said that Devore was working with the CIA in Panama. The newspaper cited a White House source as saying that his mysterious death shows clearly that it was a cover-up.

A new documentary, The Writer With No Hands, published the findings which sever as the first testimonies ever aired that give credibility to the theories surrounding the case.

In addition, Producer Dr Matthew Alford told the paper that  “Someone in authority lied. Or made a shocking error”.

“There could be an innocent explanation for the hands but it is as extraordinary as the conspiracy theory and very suspicious,” Alford said.

The Daily Mail, which exclusively had the first draft of the script, said it is the story of American operatives who are robbing a Panamanian bank to cover up for “something much more serious”.

“With good natured suspicion, Romos speculates on US intent. All this to pick up Noriega?” One line reads.

Another line reads “It sounds like the Pentagon planned the bank robbery and the war is just a diversion.”

One week after he disappeared, the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOD sent their people to his home in Santa Barbara, California.

His computer was wiped of information after an official went into his office and his remaining research material disappeared during the same period.

On Dec. 20, 1989, former US president George H.W. Bush sent 25,000 troops into Panama just two weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The operation codenamed “Just Cause” killed thousands of innocent people many of whom burnt and piled up in the streets.


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