The Truth Will be Revealed – Part 9

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– Global Effort,

The direction of these dark strategies not only came from the cabal in the United States but from dark regimes around the world who saw their rule as being threatened by increasing public resistance to the Illuminati.

“It is not enough to create a distraction for only the people of the United States simply because this is the country where much of the corruption and deception originated and where now investigations are running deep.

“No, it must be a global effort because individuals with dark intentions, who live around the world, are panicking as they see other governments’ citizens joining the clamor for truth, for peace, for renewable energy sources, for improved health care and education, for just laws and rightful recognition of women’s equality.” (1)

Not only were scientists cooperating with the dark agenda; so was the media, Matthew revealed.

“The newest strategy—the ordering of laboratory-designed, created and released swine flu virus—is, as before, abetted by the controlled media’s part of the plan, to declare PANDEMIC!” (2)

President Barack Obama did not support the pandemics, as his predecessors had, as Matthew reports:

“This new diabolical plan has been done without the US government leader’s knowledge, unlike the previous two pandemic attempts, which were fabricated with the approval of the highest members in that administration.” (3)

ET Intervention against Pandemics

In 2008, Matthew told us that the God of this universe had authorized extraterrestrial intervention against pandemics: “God has authorized extraterrestrial intervention to prevent all … attempts” to destroy Earth’s population, “including the neutralizing of manmade viruses that were intended to create pandemics.” (4)

This is important because galactic intervention would have to be authorized at the highest levels in the universe. Unlike us, the friendly galactics follow the universal laws, including non-intervention in the affairs of other civilizations, unless authorized.

On several occasions, Matthew told us that galactic technology neutralized the vaccines and erased the programming of the nanotechnology that vaccines were intended to introduce into people’s bodies.

“But, just as in the previous flu situations, the technology of our universal family has neutralized the swine flu virus-laden vaccines and will continue to do so as long as the makers persist in their scheme. And please have no worries about programmed microchips being implanted via inoculations—if that is attempted, the programming will be erased by that same technology.” (5)

“This swine-flu situation will have the same result. The technology of our family in other star nations has neutralized the vaccine that is intended to spread this disease, just as they did to prevent the spreading of SARS and avian flu.” (6)

“And those diseases would have caused justifiable panic if their full effects had not been severely curtailed by ET technology that reduced them from the laboratory designers’ expected bang to a whimper.” (7)

He revealed that extraterrestrials planted in the labs often did the work of neutralization: “None of the highly publicized ‘feared’ pandemics occurred because family members working in your laboratories neutralized the toxins in vaccines that were designed to cause illness and death.” (8)

Matthew found it “puzzling … that these dark ones did not learn from their abject failures with SARS and then the avian flu, both of which were widely publicized with the same global pandemic prognosis; eventually the publicity was forced to cease because those diseases caused a few deaths, then totally fizzled out.” (9)

In March of 2009, he told us that the galactics were painstakingly investigating “deliberately contaminated vaccines and laboratory-designed diseases to reduce the world’s population. … This far-reaching [legal investigation] is being accomplished within legal means that require indisputable evidence, an essential but tedious and time-consuming process, and like all legal matters, progressive developments are not publicly reported.” (10)

In July 2009, Matthew found it “heartening to see widespread rebellion against inoculating the populace for a mild form of flu, but at this point we cannot determine if that will derail the vaccination program because the energy of resistance is about equal to the energy of greed and diabolical intentions of pharmaceutical companies’ top management.”

“Yes, indeed they are Illuminati, and they still wield strong influence in clinical medicine, medical research and drug approval bodies—in short, they have been creating diseases by one means or another and manipulating health care systems and medications around your world.” (11)

Thus, our star family is the force that stood between us and our injury at the hands of the Illuminati’s biowarfare efforts.

The full truth of this dark plan to reduce the world’s population by any means possible, including pandemics like AIDS, will come out along with all the other revelations that can be expected when the world’s media throw off their chains.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the relationship between the Illuminati and many organized religions.

(Continued in Part 10.)


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