KILL THE MESSENGER: ‘Murder by Airplane Crash’, Remembering John F Kennedy Jr. – By Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

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– We come to the denouement of this little four-day mini-series on the post-JFK-assassination implications: the murder of President John F. Kennedy’s son, John F. Kennedy, Jr., by “airplane crash, ” the apparent modus operandi in some cases, of how to get rid of troublesome political opponents or potential threats, when you don’t want to murder them in cold blood, and then murder the alleged assassin himself, on national television. For those who don’t think JFK, Jr’s death was a murder, move along, and go listen to Chris Matthews or Rush Limbaugh, for oddly enough, JFK, Jr., a pilot himself, was as is now known, piloting his own aircraft and was on approach to a landing at Martha’s Vineyard when, like Senator Wellstone’s aircraft, his own airplane suddenly and inexplicably nosedived into the Atlantic Ocean. (For an intriguing video outline of the case for murder in JFK, Jr’s death, see The Assassination of JFK Jr. While lengthy, and in some cases making too short shrift of things, and presenting a kind of “Nazi-corporate conspiracy theory” without enough elaboration, this video does point to significant problems and anomalies in the murder and official accounts if one is patient enough to wade through it. One has to be patient with the video to get past the wild blame it all on the Bush family scenario presented at the end. While an interesting scenario, there’s not enough detail and argumentation presented in the video to reasonably sustain it, in my opinion).

I am old enough to remember JFK Jr. I was a boy when the US national news media showed him as a boy, not much younger than I, playing in the Oval Office when his father was President. And I remember the poignant moment in the state funeral for his father when, at the prompting of Jackie Kennedy, he turned and saluted his father’s casket as the caissons rolled by. So when I heard the stories begin to break that his plane was lost at sea and presumed to have crashed, and when the investigation was turned over to the Pentagon, I like many others immediately suspected “the Kennedy curse” – or rather, the “deep state” military industrial complex – at work once again.

In the USA as in many other countries, the supermarket aisles often stock tabloid magazines, and I often glance at these as I am waiting in line to check out with my milk and eggs. One day, about a year ago, I saw a magazine on one of these supermarket aisles titled Secrets of JFK JR’s Life & Death, published by the well-known tabloid publisher The National Enquirer. Curious, I purchsed the little magazine.

It proved to be a glitzy, phot0graph-heavy glorification of the late president’s son, with little political commentary, and little exploration of the possibilities of why anyone would want to murder his son.

Except, once again, there was a common thread that connected JFK Jr’s “murder by airplane crash” with that of Gary Caradori, and Paul Wellstone:

“…(After) the plane’s wreckage was discovered, investigators found that every light bulb, including that in the emergency flashlight, had been bown out on the plan and every circuit board, including those in the engine sensors and other electronic equipment, had been literally “melted.”

“FBI agents on the scene preliminarily concluded that a ‘massive electromagnetic event’ caused Kennedy’s plane to crash. FBI agents also found that the cockpit voice recorded had its battery removed, possibly before the flight.” (Secrets of JFK JR’s Life & Death, p, 39, emphasis added).

Cellphone anomalies in the area during the time of Wellstone’s crash. Caradori’s airplane’s wings “snap off”. JFK Jr’s plane shows clear signs of “a massive electromagnetic event.” (And, for those really paying attention, see my essay, “Exposing the Nazi International: An Analysis,” 218-228 in Secret and Suppressed II: Banned Ideas and Hidden History into the 21st Century, ed. Adam Parfrey and Kenn Thomas[Feral House, 2008] In that article, I point out the allegations of such electromagnetic technology being used to down various aircraft and the allegations connecting it to various famous airline incidents). And of course, we all know of the role of airplanes in 9/11, the deficiencies of the official story (not the least in the physical mechanics of bringing down the Twin Towers by kerosene, or punching 16′ wide holes in the pentagon with 757s)…

One thing emerges from the three crashes I’ve outlined in the past three days: all were convenient crashes that removed significant political opponents to the imperial national security state, opponents that, in JFK Jr’s or Gary Caradori’s case, could conceivably ripped back the veil not only on the techniques of corruption, but on who the ultimate perpetrators and their agendas were. In JFK Jr’s case, there are persisting rumors that he was not only conducting his own private inquiries into his father’s murder, but that he had actually acquired some new information. Some speculate that his trip to Martha’s Vineyard that fateful day was for the purpose of discussing this information with other members of the family. While conclusive evidence for this scenario has yet to be forthcoming, I would like to point out that the scenario makes general sense, for it stands to reason the president’s own son would want to know the truth about the murder of the father that he was deprived of at such an early age.

There is, of course, only coincidence… in this case, the coincidence that another son of another president was at that time running a primary campaign for the GOP nomination, and that this son, locked into a tight race with Arizona US Senator John McCain in New Hampshire’s primary, suddenly and inexplicably disappeared for a few days when news of JFK Jr’s plane crash occurred. A few months later, there would be more scandals, and more very strange and tragic behavior involving airplanes.


…and I’d like to find a bookie, or an insurance actuary, willing to lay odds that it all is just … coincidence.

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