Sydney Installs Machines That Offer Bus tickets In Exchange For Recycling


 – New machines have been installed in Sydney, Australia that rewards people for depositing their empty plastic bottles or cans. Each machine can hold up to 2,000 containers before they automatically email the council informing them when it is full. Currently 15,000 bottles and cans are littered or thrown into landfill every minute across Australia. People who deposit bottles and cans in the reverse vending machines will not only be keeping the streets and the harbour clean, they will be rewarded with a small gift or charity donation.

“These are vending machines with a twist that will encourage Sydneysiders to be even better at recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans,” the Lord Mayor said.

The machines, located at Circular Quay and Haymarket, are a fun and easy way to encourage visitors and locals to do the right thing and dispose of their drink containers responsibly. Although these machines will only do a small part to counteract the effect of rubbish on the environment – according to the City of Sydney, around 15,000 bottles and cans are littered or thrown into landfill every MINUTE across Australia – but it’s hoped that the machines will increase awareness about recycling. Currently only about 42 percent of New South Wales’ bottles and cans are recycled each year.

This is not an entirely new concept but it does look like city councils around the world are exploring new and innovative ways to involve the community.  Previously we posted a video of a ticket machine in Moscaow that accepts squats as payment. If you know of any similar projects anywhere in the world, please post more information in the comments section below.

Sources: Credits: TrueActivist

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