Source:, by Sherman H. Skolnick 06/15/01

 – Shackled and hand-cuffed to major financial forces, the moguls of the monopoly press believe the secrets of Timothy McVeigh ended when he ended. And the stooges, masquerading as our leaders, governing nowadays without our consent, are inclined to believe that as well.

What they did not realize is that some of their supposed confidential conversations were not that hush-hush. Were overheard and noted, even apparently taped. What did they know and not tell us? Information confirmed to them as correct but kept from the common people?

[1] That the American secret political police had McVeigh under video and audio scrutiny from at least thirty days prior to the multiple bombings on April 19, 1995, of the Alfred P. Murrah Building.

[2] McVeigh was surveilled in Kansas and Oklahoma in the company of two middle-eastern types, partly disguised. As known to the FBI , the American CIA, and other espionage agencies, foreign and domestic, his two handlers accompanied him in a late model four-wheel drive pick-up truck.

[3] As these agencies corroborated, McVeigh’s supervisors were actually Iraqi military officers, from intelligence units, quietly brought into the United States at the end of the brief Persian Gulf War, 1991. They were part of more than four thousand of the same, supposed defectors, arranged by then President George Herbert Walker Bush. The Elder Bush, many do not know, for the decade of the 1980s, was the PRIVATE business partner of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman. Together, they shared billions and billions of dollars of kick-backs and “protection” funds, from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. A little known Chicago federal lawsuit was brought, in October, 1990, during the lead-up to the shooting war, to keep concealed the related bank records showing the clandestine partnership. The case involved the records of the Chicago unit of Italy’s largest bank, owned in part by the Vatican, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNL. The Federal Reserve Board wanted the House Banking Committee Chairman to agree never to use the records because he refused to sign a secrecy oath.

As the only journalist attending the court hearing, I interviewed some of the participants in the back of the courtroom.I asked and received identical answers three times, to be certain of the crucial data. They confirmed the Bush-Saddam relationship and the monstrous kick-backs from the sheikdoms. Only one publication, a populist newspaper, The Spotlight, penetrated the nationwide censorship and ran my exclusive story, August 19, 1991. The case was entitled People of the State of Illinois ex rel Willis C. Harris, Bank Commissioner vs. the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the House Banking Committee, No. 90 C 6863, in the U.S. District Court, and later heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, Chicago. The three-judge federal appeals court panel was dominated by the infamous Chief Judge Richard A. Posner [(312) 435-5806] [Visit our website for our story “Chief Crook Enters Microsoft Case”.] Posner and his virtual shadow, federal appeals Judge Frank H. Easterbrook [(312) 435-5808], although on the bench, continue to represent reportedly the billion dollar stock portfolio of the oil-soaked Rockefeller’s University of Chicago, were they used to be law professors. [The two judges have reportedly failed to disclose the relationship in their mandatory annual Federal Financial Disclosure Report.]

As part of the cover-up, Chief Judge Posner ordered the Bush/Saddam/BNL case removed from the courthouse. Later, Posner and his shadow Easterbrook, as a reprisal for my reporting the case on my TV Show, unconstitutionally ordered me and a TV program associate of mine, Joseph Andeuccetti, barred from all the federal courtrooms in the 7th Circuit, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. [The U.S. Supreme Court refused a remedy to this blatant First Amendment violation.]

[4] Of the more than four thousand Iraqi military officers brought into the U.S. by then President Bush, more than five hunded reside with their families in Lincoln, Nebraska, and two thousand with their families reside in Oklahoma City and right nearby.

[5] As actual cronies, although little known or understood, the Elder Bush and later as President, William Rockefeller Clinton, arranged for these supposed defectors to have housing, to be usefully employed, and to have other financial and related provisons, for the Iraqis and their families. Jointly, the Elder Bush and Clinton were in a position to know full well that some of these military officers were double-agents, trained in dirty bloody tricks. Little-known, the Elder Bush has reportedly been a major stockholder of a French firm, American LaFarge, which reportedly makes the ingredients for poison gas, supplied to Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi strongman, during the Iraq-Iran War, 1980 to 1988, used the poison gas against hordes of very young Iranian soldiers as well as against Saddam’s own domestic dissidents, the Kurds. A director of American LaFarge has been Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Both the Elder Bush and Clinton knew, as Presidents, what the American common people generally do NOT know about the end of the Persian Gulf War. Namely, tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, mostly conscripts, were proceeding under a white flag of surrender when they were shot from behind, on the ground and from the air, as the U.S. Military had been ordered. Some estimate as many as 150 thousand young Iraqis were thus the victims of these War Crimes. Many still alive, were pushed by U.S. military bulldozers—Nazi-style—into mass graves in the desert. Under strict censorship, the U.S. pressfakers were not permitted to publish or air pictures of bodies, only miles and miles of blown up military trucks, tanks, and other Iraqi military equipment.

In the Islamic world, were the Oklahoma secrets known, they might correctly feel the Iraqis got justifiable revenge in causing, so far, the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Used were domestic dissident patsies and surrogates for Iraq which has been interwoven with the business affairs of the Bush family and Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Richard Cheney.

[6] As confirmed as to contents, by the FBI/CIA/intelligence agencies surveillance of Timothy McVeigh in the company of his Iraqi military officer handlers, McVeigh and his handlers carried around several suitcases. Some of them contained highly effective C-4 explosives. One suitcase contained a lower level sub-atomic device, known as “Red Mercury”. The suitcase nuke had been developed by the Soviets and made available to their client-state, Iraq. The shearing off of the steel pillars of the Murrah Building was NOT done by a fertilizer truck-bomb from in front of the building. Rather, by devices in the parking section of the basement.

As reported by a researcher, “Jane Graham,a sixty year old Federal Housing Services employee, was on the ninth floor of the Murrah Building when she saw, heard and felt the rolling tremor of the building accompanied by a slow rumbling explosion. About 6 to 8 seconds later, she was struck by a much more powerful and sudden explosion that lifted the floors of the building straight up. About 3 hours after the explosions took place she saw and later obtained video recordings of the federals pouring wet concrete into the 25 foot crater in the basement of the Murrah Building. Even though she demanded to testify before the Grand Jury she was not allowed to do so. Nor was she allowed to testify at all concerning any of the proceedings surrounding the Oklahoma City Massacre. Many other witnesses report similar experiences. Most witnesses are too fearful to speak out.” As sent to us by e-mail from Reinhold Sommerstedt, 6/8/01.

Independent persons, with radiation gauges, called Geiger Counters, tried to measure the radiation after the explosions, but were not permitted to get that close. In the past, I have been heckled for my exclusive stories that nuclear-type radiation residue, from tritium, was found and secretly measured by government operatives in the bombsite. Luckily or otherwise, what was discovered were left-overs of tritium. Unlike plutonium, tritium does not have a hundred-year or more “half-life”, the period during which it can still greatly harm. Some contend the half-life of tritium is as little as thirty days.

Critical of the fertilizer truck-bomb theory, author David Hoffman in his book did state: An article in The Nashville Tennessean insists Saddam Hussein has been developing 220 pounds of Lithium 6 a year. Lithium 6 can be converted to TRITIUM, an essential ingredient in thermonuclear reactions.” (Emphasis added.) And in a footnote ” ‘Iraq Also Worked on Hydrogen Bomb’, Associated Press, quoted in The Nashville Tennessean, 10/9/91, as quoted in Charles T. Harrison, ‘Hell in a Hand Basket The Threat of Portable Nuclear Weapons’, Military Review, May, 1993.” The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, Feral House, original 1998 Edition, page 14.

[7] Before and after the apparent death of Timothy McVeigh, several persons, apparently family members of network newsreporters, and some reporters themselves, discussed some items mentioned here, with retired network reporters, Establishment journalists, retired FBI officials, news network bosses, and such. Apparently they did not know they were being overheard and in some instances taped. The conversations corroborate that the top honchos of the news networks in America knew about the FBI/CIA surveillance of McVeigh PRIOR TO THE BOMBINGS and were aware of the FBI/CIA audio/video taped surveillance. BUT the data was censored at the highest level of the U.S. Government and the monopoly press. Further, the discussions showed that the FBI/CIA have closed circuit video showing an Iraqi military officer supervising the one purporting to be McVeigh near the bombsite.

[8] In his heavily documented and detailed book, author David Hoffman raises questions that there may have been others posing as “Timothy McVeigh” and that “McVeigh” was under mind control. That is, that the bombings may have been orchestrated or allowed to happen as an espionage event. Several persons claiming to be “Timothy McVeigh”, all staged apparent events, many miles apart, that someone would remember. All the while the person doing something very odd, emphatically proclaims “My name is Timothy McVeigh”.

For many years suppressed in the U.S. and not allowed to be sold in bookstores had been a best-seller in various languages in Europe. In English, called “Farewell America”, it was written by operatives of the French CIA under the pen-name “James Hepburn”. They penetrated the plot against President John F. Kennedy but because of complex reasons, too many to list here, they did not see fit to warn him. The book shows how the American CIA used several persons, not all of them actually looking that much like Lee Harvey Oswald, staged odd events and commotions to bring attention to themselves, and then loudly and emphatically proclaimed “My Name Is Lee Harvey Oswald”.

[9] Sarcastic sorts even raise the question Was the REAL “Timothy McVeigh” put to death? Or, for that matter, was ANYONE put to death in the death room at Terre Haute Prison on June 11, 2001? They say, if “McVeigh” were given a sedative to put him to sleep, and slumber, then how was it that at the end HIS EYES WERE OPEN?

[10] This item requires a little background. Little-known outside the news industry, the major radio news outlets, linked to the networks like in New York, have available several different news “menus” from the network. They are shown the menus just before the top of the hour so the local outlet news director can select. Sometimes they are ORDERED not to use certain items for their part of the nation. For a long time, during the night, California radio outlets of news networks, would use Menu One items, the best, sometimes revealing news items. Chicago radio stations on the other hand, would use only “soft-balls”, Menu Five or further down than that. Funny thing, that has been recently reversed. For example, CBS Radio News during the night was putting on real hot stuff, about political assassinations and such. Why? The reporters were worried that their daytime bosses would go along with a merger with a foreign firm endangering the older reporters’ pension rights and such. Thus Menu One was blackmail against the editors, against the would-be merger partner.

On the day “McVeigh” reportedly was snuffed, June 11, 2001, on their website put the following sly statement “Media witnesses described McVeigh as having a nearly shaved head, LOOKING OLDER, and thinner than in previous encounters with the public” (Emphasis added.) Did CBS want to raise questions with sharp-eyed sorts that maybe the REAL McVeigh was not the one in the prison death room? Sort of Menu One blackmail? [A division of CBS has supplied equipment and trained personnel to the American CIA and the Pentagon for military and espionage games planning and such.]

[11] In a previous story, I raised some of the questions and answers of WHY. Such as, the Elder Bush and his secret business partnership with Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. Such as, Richard Cheney, a major stockholder of oil patch machinery supplier Halliburton, and recent CEO of the firm, secretly is supplying, through Halliburton foreign units, oil machinery and other items, in violation of national security and violation of the embargo. Such as, White House occupant and “resident” George W. Bush covering up the Oklahoma bombings to protect his father. Such as, Bush Family crony, Clinton, having perpetuated the cover up for various reasons.

So, some in key places somehow thought a lot of the above was hush-hush and not known to more independent sorts. Now they know better


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