RIELPOLITIK: ‘Fear Factor’, Canadian Edition

Source – rielpolitik,com

“…More often the not, those who would seek to exploit this situation are already comfortably positioned within the ‘palace walls, time will surely tell”

‘Fear Factor’, Canadian Edition 

The recent “lone gunmen” attack on Canada’s sitting members of Parliament echo’s so vividly the mid-70, early 80’s European terrorist attacks quickly attributed to vengeful Palestinian extremists. The evidence has since exposed these calculated acts of terror to their true authors – those being a shadowy mix of intelligence agencies, covert operatives, secret societies & their backroom financiers/profiteers.

Though the actual number of bodies on the ground remained small by comparison to the larger wars & military operations that would ensue, they nonetheless had the desired effect of traumatizing an unsuspecting populous who wanted nothing more then a return to innocence, or more appropriately the naive belief, that events in far-off lands were the folly and life-cycle of backwards, barbaric peoples that bear no resemblance to the respect for law & order of a progressive, civil society. Never mind that the long arm of imperial design had seen fit to once again destabilize a country or region for the resources it so keenly covets.

Friendly Fire…

Fast forward in time, and again we see a ripened plum dangling longingly on the vine. Canada with the globes largest supply of fresh water, vast tar sands, & east to west geo-political positioning makes it a prime target of forces that would tip the scales once again on an unsuspecting public. More often the not, those who would seek to exploit this situation are already comfortably within the ‘palace walls’ – time will surly tell.

Democracy 100 & Bill C-51…

As a nation, Canada today is vaguely reminiscent of the country I once revered & remembered, presently shamelessly committed to supporting NATO’s genocidal policies of Imperial expansion & resource expropriation.


With the swift & opportunistic passage of legislation that effectively signals the demise of many hard-won societal safe-guards and freedoms,Canada is now faced with stark telling choices, – do we continue to edge along this this well-troddened path towards isolation, retaliation & fear, or re-commit to working again towards a more just & inclusive global society.




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