Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution the Scientific Dictatorship (1962)


– In 1962 Aldous Huxley, a Fabian Socialist and author of ” Brave New World”    (published in 1932) gave a lecture at UC Berkely on the subject of a coming “Scientific Dictatorship”, in which a ruling Oligarchy which controls society imposes a dictatorship through societal controls. The tools utilized to maintain  societal control by this ruling oligarchy as outlined by Mr. Huxley in this speech are:

PART1 “Terrorism“. Using terrorism as a means of engineering a population’s consent to their own servitude by the ruling oligarchy. Arranging people in a scientific caste system, and the Brave New World vs. 1984 models of controlling mass populations. Thus far you’ve been under the Brave New World model, after the next staged terror attack you’ll be living under the 1984 model.
PART 2 Psychological Stress and Suggestion. Using Physical and Psychological Stress to imbed (brainwash) ideas into a population, in this case voluntary servitude (slavery), and the use of psychological sugestion as a means of control. After traumatic events human beings are more susceptible to having ideas deeply imbedded into their consciousness than normal. This could be done through mass media, say after a traumatic event like 9/11, where the story line is then deeply internalized via mass media repetition of the official story. Some of you will recognize this phenomena from other similarly traumatic experiences such as a car accident or the Kennedy assassination (for those old enough), where you remember every circumstance of said event in vivid detail. Which is why many can remember exactly where they were and what was going on when they found out about the Kennedy Assassination 40 some years ago, but can’t remember what they had for dinner 2 days ago.
PART3- Pharmacological. Pharmacologically controlling a population through prescription drugs, vaccines, genetically and chemically modified foods. Ritalin, Anti-depressants… many of you are on prescription drugs? Probably about 80% of you. Do they affect you cognitively? I bet they do. That’s not an accident. And the notion that, through suggestion, 20% of the population can be made to believe anything. You’ve seen some of that 20% on this message board, you know who they are and I know who they are. Although this piece of footage may indicate that the 20% figure may be a tad low.YouTube – Derren Brown Controls Shopping Mall Visitors – With sound
PART 4–“Man was a dope addict before he was a farmer”
-” These substances of one kind or another could be used….(to) make a euphoric which would make people happy in even the most abominable of circumstances.. ”

-“….a great deal of control could be used by not (only) through terror but through making life seem much more enjoyable than it normally does, enjoyable to the point….human beings come to love a state of things which by any reasonable and decent human standard they ought not to love, And this I think is perfectly possible.”
Aldous Huxle

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