NARCO-POLITIK: ’50 Years of Deep State’, The Enterprise, Bill Clinton & The Oklahoma City Bombing – By Mark Gorton

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“…The OKC Bombing served at least two purposes. It removed public sympathy for the militia movement that had grown after the Waco attacks, and it destroyed an FBI investigation being run out of the Murrow building that would have exposed certain elements of The Enterprise”

50 Years of Deep State; Bill Clinton and Oklahoma City Bombing  – By Mark Gorton

Bill Clinton & The Enterprise

One part of The Enterprise’s criminal portfolio was drug trafficking. The CIA has had a long history of involvement in the drug business going back to its post-WWII relationship with the Marseilles heroin syndicate. (As a side note, the CIA – Marseilles mafia relationship was leveraged to recruit Lucian Sarti, one of the gunmen behind the grassy knoll in Dallas.) During the Vietnam War, the majority of the heroin supply in Vietnam and the Golden Triangle was controlled and trafficked under the supervision of the CIA.

During the mid-1980’s the primary transshipment point for CIA/military drug trafficking was Mena, Arkansas. Under The Enterprise, George H.W. Bush was the drug lord of the United States and Governor Bill Clinton was the Arkansas state representative of The Enterprise. This criminal alliance between Bush and Clinton provided the basis for Clinton’s rise to national prominence. In addition, a number of financial and oil and gas frauds were run out of Arkansas with Hillary Clinton acting as counsel to several bogus corporations.

From a young age, Bill Clinton had known that the path to power was through winning the favor of the rich and powerful men who controlled the power structure. In 1968, while at Oxford, ambitious, young Bill Clinton was recruited as a CIA asset by CIA London station chief Cord Meyer. Cord Meyer was a very significant figure in the Coup of ’63 when he ran the media cover-up, propaganda side of the Coup. The Cabal was always looking to groom a next generation of members, and from the point of view of the CIA/Cabal, Clinton must have made an ideal target. He was smart, charismatic, ambitious, and he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. That combination of traits made him very controllable.

Clinton’s rise to prominence within Arkansas politics was financed by a network of Arkansas organized crime figures prominent in the illegal gambling and drug money laundering businesses. Many members of Clinton’s inner circle were involved in the money laundering and drug running businesses, and Clinton was easily drawn into supporting and protecting the illegal CIA sponsored drug and gun running based in Arkansas. By participating in these criminal acts, Clinton earned his right to join the Cabal, and he was rewarded by having the Bush Syndicate use their influence to promote him on the national stage. The Cabal transcends any political party. The Cabal is always looking to penetrate and control both political parties. So during the 1992 presidential elections, the Cabal could not lose. Cabal leader George HW Bush had the Republican nomination, and compromised, junior Cabal member Clinton was the Democratic candidate.

Despite his corrupt stewardship of Arkansas and despite his willingness to ally himself with criminal scumbags, when Clinton did attain the presidency, his policies were relatively solid and his administration was not nearly the kleptocracy of the Bush’s or LBJ. However, since both Bill and Hillary had criminal backgrounds in drug running, money laundering, and financial fraud that intertwined with The Enterprise, Clinton was obligated to maintain the large network of people committed to covering up high level government embedded crime by carrying over the appointments of over 1000 Bush appointees who had been placed throughout the federal government for the reason of covering up the crimes of the Enterprise.

Clinton’s administration was indicative of the limited potential for political change in DC without confronting the deep seated problems of the secret government. Under Clinton, marginal management improvements were made within the federal government and new criminal and imperialistic ventures were kept to a minimum, but the fundamental capabilities of the Power Control Group were not challenged, and the criminal structures of the secret government worked quietly waiting for the next member of the Bush Syndicate to take office.

It started for me as a study of the assassination of JFK continued to move forward in time. I had stumbled upon the Watergate Coup while researching George H W Bush’s involvement in the Coup of ’63 by reading Russ Baker’s excellent book Family of Secrets. This discovery sent me on a tangent of researching Watergate that lasted over 6 months. I then bumped into The Enterprise while reading “Defrauding America” by Rodney Stich while tracking down a reference to a CIA recording of J. Edgar Hoover talking to Nelson Rockefeller about the planned killing of JFK.

Defrauding America” is a book that every American citizen should read. I found it painful to read, and in the course of reading it, I had to stop 3 times to take a break because I found its contents so disturbing. Even though I already knew that America had suffered two secret Coups d’état, I still did not understand the level of criminalization of the federal government. I did not understand that significant elements of the judiciary were corrupt too. I did not know that American jails held American citizens as political prisoners. Each of these discoveries was painful for me to accept.

“Defrauding America” led me to the crucial insight that George H.W. Bush was the kingpin of the Cabal, and I got a sense for the sophistication and complete amorality of his operations. By combining what I learned from “Defrauding America” with a bit that I knew about the FBI’s cover-up of investigations into 9/11, I had a hunch that 9/11 was a Bush Syndicate operation, and that hunch led me to spend much of the last 18 months studying 9/11 and a number of other acts of terrorism, and the post-9/11 activity of the Cabal.


The next government sponsored terrorist attack to be falsely blamed on the militia movement was the Oklahoma City bombing. A combination of domestic and international intelligence agencies inserted agent provocateurs into local militia groups. The agent provocateurs managed to motivate the otherwise harmless militia group into enough action that they provided an adequate front for the Oklahoma City bombing. The actual bombing was a professional job that involved wiring parts of the Murrow office building with explosives and packing a truck with military grade explosives much, much more powerful than the crude fertilizer bombs that Timothy McVeighsupposedly built.

The ATF staff located in the Murrow office building in Oklahoma City received advanced word of the bombing and did not show up at the office that day. However, this advanced warning was not passed to the people running the day care center in the building and 19 children under the age of 6 were among the 168 people killed. Timothy McVeigh was the pasty in this attack. The OKC Bombing served at least two purposes. It removed public sympathy for the militia movement that had grown after the Waco attacks, and it destroyed an FBI investigation being run out of the Murrow building that would have exposed certain elements of The Enterprise. Another result of the OKC bombing was that militia movement was so weakened that it no longer could serve as an adequate base for fake terror attacks. [ These relationships with fundamentalist Muslim mercenaries were then put to later use in the mid 1990’s as US Oil giants and the CIA fought to control Azerbaijan for purposes of running a pipeline so that US and Saudi Oil companies would profit from the region’s natural resources rather than Russian companies. ]

[ During this period, a host of players with long histories in criminal government were active in Azerbaijan. Richard Secord, who had a criminal history stretching back to heroin trafficking in Vietnam and who was a senior officer in the Enterprise, ran a mercenary army in Azerbaijan made up of Al Qaeda mercenaries. ]


The Clinton Body Count Conspiracy aka Arkancide

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