NARCO-POLITIK: The Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel Is A CIA Subsidiary

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– America’s greatest National Security threat is from CIA run drug cartels. There are 1.4 million gang members in America. They commit 80% of serious crime. Of these 1.4   million gang bangers 250,000 work for Mexican drug cartels. The Mexican cartels are in the news because they have killed over 50,000 Mexicans since Chapo Guzman was allowed to escape from prison. Chapo Guzman had been convicted of killing Cardinal  Posadas-Ocampo but won on appeal to a friendly court. Guzman goes to restaurants with at least 15 bodyguards armed with AK-47s yet cannot be found by authorities. A Roman Catholic bishop announced he was living nearby but authorities cannot find him. Guzman married an 18 year-old Mexican-American beauty queen who gave birth to a son in a Los Angeles hospital.

Federal court documents revealed that Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel has been allowed to ship cocaine into America 5 tons per trip. Fast and Furious has focused attention on the trade which has sent guns south and drugs north since the Iran Contra affair of the 1980s. But the US federal government  has also shipped guns by the truckload into the American cities of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Gary. The US government has also been shipping heroin in from Afghanistan. The Global Hawk is a pilotless drone version of the U2 spy plane. It has a compartment which allows the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency) to export heroin 3,400 pounds at a time. American taxpayers pay 179 million dollars for each drone to transport the CIA’s heroin. Because the price has dropped this has led to 100,000 deaths a year from heroin overdoses worldwide  This is good for the CIA and their drug cartel allies.  The average age of a first time heroin user in America is now 14.

The current Mexican drug war which has killed between 50 and some say 80,000 was started when the CIA and their puppet Felipe Calderon decided to back the Sinaloa cartel against the 300 other cartels. They are seeking a CIA monopoly on the American drug market. That was the beginning of the extreme violence. Hanging enemies from bridges so morning commuters could see who runs their town. Sewing the face of a dead enemy on a soccer ball is how they show children they are tough. When the Mexican Arny fired all of the Juarez police force, they replaced them with Sinaloa friendly criminals. The fired policemen went into the kidnapping and assassination business. This has spilled over into America. Those Stratfor email releases revealed that the CIA was approving Sinaloa assassinations on American soil.
The rival Zetas gang allied themselves with the Juarez cartel. The  daughter of the Juarez drug gang had a birthday party. 17 high school and college boys were killed. The assassins were let out of prison and given government weapons and vehicles to kill 17 teenage boys. Zetas captured, tortured and killed the man responsible releasing a video of his confession. Zetas beheaded 72 South and Central American illegal immigrants who did not want to work for free for the drug lords who captured them near the American border. The  Zetas were so brazen that they simultaneously attacked two Mexican Army bases using superior weapons and tactics. Please do not be tempted to sign on to a war in Mexico to defend the Mexican people from the narco-terrorists. It would be a lot cheaper to legalize marijuana as the video below explains.

The CIA and the drug cartels could not do what they are doing without the approval of our Banker Occupation Group. Wells Fargo Wachovia  laundered 378 billion dollars for the Sinaloa cartel even leasing them planes to haul drugs into America. A $20 bill weighs one gram. A Kilogram is 1,000 grams so a kilogram of $20 bills is worth $20,000.  So how many kilograms of $20 bills are there in 378 billion dollars? That would be 378 X 1,000 X 1,000 X 5.  Can you honestly say your Banker Occupied Government did not know Wachovia was shipping that many $20 bills around? If you have ever had to do financial transactions since 911, you know that you have to file a form every time you transfer over $10,000. So can you honestly say that your Banker Occupied Government did not know what was happening after they received 20,000 or so forms from Warren Buffet’s company regarding their cash transfers to and from Mexico?

So what is the CIA, the Mexican government, the Sinaloa drug cartel and our Banker Occupied Government planning for your future? Obviously they want to Mexicanize America. They want drug wars in every town in the US. They have been shipping drugs and guns into American cities while restricting the access of law abiding citizens to defensive weapons. They want more violence so we will demand more laws to protect us. Let me rephrase that. We already have laws restricting us to the point where the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta no longer protects American citizens. What they want is to start some nationwide food riots and/or race riots so the general public is too terrified to speak out. They want drug gangs to assassinate policemen, civic leaders, judges, activists and reporters to curb our freedom of expression and our ability to resist just as they are doing in Mexico.

I once explained years ago that open borders means that eventually wages will become equal on both sides of the border. They will be equalized by lowering American wages. You can also conclude that the drug wars will be equalized on both sides of the American borders. The drug gangs will assassinate politicians who do not take bribes. They will kill reporters and these days bloggers who speak out.

How long before this takes place? A generation in modern technology is 7 years. I have predicted that American wages will be cut in half by the summer of 2013. After that happens and no jobs are created for people under 30 or even 35, then it all goes to hell. That is when the real in your face corruption takes over. America will be hell on earth by 2020 which is when Mrs Johnson’s fifth grade class graduates from high school. If their parents do not fight back now, then those of us who remember the United States before the bankers assassinated President Kennedy might all be better off if Israel just blew up the entire world.

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