MIND GAMES: Mind Science Kept Hidden, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and the Power of Your Mind

7Source – in5d.com

– The power of our mind and heart have been found throughout science to have a relevant and undeniable presence. This documentary explains the effects our mind. What happens to us physically when we love and what happens when we stress out?

Learn all about your innate psychic capabilities, telekinesis, Einstein and Cosmic Religion, and the understanding of the foundation of the Intellectual design.

Additional topic covered include: Astral Projection ,Remote Viewing, Energy, Dimensions, Universe, Auras, Nervous systems, Biology, Healing, Subconscious, conscious mind, meditation and much more



Scientific Proof That Our Minds Are All Connected – The Multiples Effect

This may seem like a far out idea, but is it possible that our thoughts create fields of information that go into the Global Mind we share? Is it possible our thoughts might create ‘thought fields’ that can interact with the thought fields of others? There is a fascinating phenomenon in science known as the ‘multiples effect’. The multiples effect if when multiple people geographically isolated from one another come up with the exact same discovery at the exact same time. By 1922, there had been 148 major scientific breakthroughs identified to have been discovered in such a way.

Here are just a FEW examples:

  • Evolution (Darwin and Wallace)
  • Calculus (Newton and Leibniz)
  • Decimal fractions – 3 people
  • Sunspots – 4 people in 1611
  • Law of conservation of energy – 4 people in 1847
  • Steamboat – 4 people
  • Telescope – 9 people
  • Thermometer – 6 people

Is it really possible that all 148 major discoveries happened at the exact same time coincidentally by people who were not sharing their ideas with each other? Imagine two people completely geographically isolated from each other working on the same problem at the same time. They are each intently working on the same exact dilemma, with their thoughts floating around in the consciousness field energetically interacting with each other. It’s kind of like the experience we all have with our friends where we know what they are going to say right before they say it.

Consciousness is non-local.

Below is a picture of pyramids build in three separate ancient cultures geographically isolated from one another. There is no possible way these cultures would be able to communicate with one another, yet the pyramids they build are exactly alike. Is this sheer coincidence?


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